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About Me

I am currently embarking on a brand new journey in my life. I graduated from college in May 2015, the same month that my then fiance and I moved out of our parents' homes for the first time and into our very own home. We got married a month later on June 26, 2015 and decided to begin to build our little family!

I love makeup, beauty, and fashion (as you'll see if you continue to read here), but my life is also changing too! So this blog is just a big giant melting pot of my life and I truly hope you enjoy it!

My Makeup Story

I am a very shy person in the real world but I am honestly so proud of myself for how much I have grown through this awesome journey in the online beauty world (if you've seen my old YouTube videos, you probably understand). I only started my channel because I fell in love with the entire world of beauty here online.  I have learned so much from all of the lovely people in the community and I just wanted to share my own ideas too.  This is my makeup story...

I was never exposed to makeup as a kid.  My mom didn't wear it.  She had a couple items that she used for special events like weddings or whatever, but she definitely was not a wearer of makeup.  I remember my older sister had a little caboodle of makeup but I don't really remember much else.  I had to discover makeup on my own.

I have loved colorful makeup since my middle school days.  I remember watching Austin Power's Goldfinger where Beyonce wore golden eyeshadow.  I immediately went into my mom's tiny makeup stash and luckily she had a Covergirl quad that included a gold shadow that I just needed to wear!

My best friend Shroomy and I would walk about a mile or two up to our local Walgreens where the brand Wet n Wild became my best friend.  I used to use a stick concealer all over my eye lid as a primer and pat this awesome lime green shadow right on top.

Another of my favorite looks included icy blue eyeshadow. Yep, I thought I was cool.

As I started to get into my "goth" days, I would rim my eye entirely with liquid liner.  I thought I was awesome but I can only imagine how bad it looked... ha! It was just cheapo liner and I'm sure it flaked badly.

I was only into eye makeup.  I didn't start getting into the full face deal until I started discovering the YouTube world in college.  YouTube changed my life as far as makeup is concerned.  I became obsessed.

So because my beginnings in makeup always involved color, I truly enjoyed learning how to pair different bright colors together.  When I began my YouTube channel, I wanted to stick to colorful, fun stuff.  I saw neutral looks as boring and repetitive.  It's only just recently that I've realized how neutral makeup can make you feel just as awesome as fun colorful stuff.

My family is full of creative people.  My mom works with stained glass, does pottery, makes glass beads, among so many other things.  My sister draws and paints and is always doing something creative.  I was never really into any of that stuff but when I discovered makeup, I found it fun.  And with the help of learning from YouTube, I now acknowledge makeup as a true art form, just the same as my mom and sister's hobbies.



  1. Hi Alaina! Do you have an email that i can contact you with? Thanks :)


    1. You can email me at lainamarie91@gmail.com :)

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