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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three New Videos Up Today! + Random Rambling


   I feel like I just spent my whole life on YouTube!  But it was really just my entire day, essentially.  These 1080p videos take WAY longer to upload than the 720s man.  Just filmed and edited these yesterday and uploaded today.  I'm actually really proud of myself because it took FOREVER!  I guess this is what you do when school is finished and it's Winter Break. 
   So my last final is tomorrow (Friday).  It's a Soc final and it isn't cumulative, so it's not a big deal.  Then I have 3 weeks all to myself.  (Yes, I am in college, and Yes, Winter Break is longer than 3 weeks, but I'm taking a couple J-Term classes because it's 4 credit hours FOR FREE, what idiot wouldn't take advantage of that...)
   Anyway, kinda just wanted to brag about how much work I put into getting these videos up and I hope you check them out.  The Sister Tag is HILARIOUS and the Bloopers are great too.  Not gonna lie, the Random Questions video doesn't even compare to the other two lol. 
Thanks for reading everyone!

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