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Monday, September 30, 2013

Review :: LUSH Angels on Bare Skin

I have oily skin, not super acne prone, just a zit or two every once in awhile.
I wear makeup often, but I do not use this to remove my makeup, after I have used something like Lush 9 to 5 or Lush Ultrabland to remove my makeup, I will then cleanse with this product.  I use both morning and night pretty much every single day (excluding days I am lazy and just use a makeup removing wipe :-p)


The scent is great.

I love that the oils in it leave your skin moisturized afterwards, not tight.

The ground almonds give the gentlest exfoliation; great for everyday use.
All of the tiny little acne bumps that were under my skin that I can never get to go away have gone away with a few weeks use of this stuff! Awesome!


Can be a little messy, especially with the lavender bits.

I haven't seen a reduction in my oiliness.

Overall, I would recommend this, even if only because I have seen those little under the skin acne bumps clear up, something I've never been able to accomplish fully with any other cleansers I've tried lately.  I realize it isn't made for oily skin, so I'm not upset that it hasn't reduced my oiliness, but I bet it would be just perfect for those with normal skin! :)

I hope this helps!
Thanks for reading!

Also, just FYI, in case you were wondering... when you order online, it does come in the black pot, which you can then recycle towards the free Fresh Face Mask when you accumulate five empties.  Whenever I bought cleansers in the store they just came in clear plastic containers which don't count towards the free Fresh Face Mask.

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