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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Polish Review - Wild Violets & Fresh Linen

Wild Violets
This polish is very opaque and perfect after two coats.  The first coat is very streaky and crappy, but two coats is just great with this polish.  I absolutely love this color! It is a dark dark purple, almost black.  It makes it look like you're wearing black nail polish from across the room, but when you look close, you realize it is actually super dark purple. It also has tiny shimmers in it that can help enhance the purple hue when in the sunlight.  It is just a beautiful nail polish!

Fresh Linen

This one took three coats to get it opaque and I honestly went back later on to apply a fourth coat.  That kind of sucks, but this polish is beautiful.  It's a pretty off-white pearl, but not too pearly.

In conclusion...

While applying these, they don't smell as strong of a traditional nail polish, but when the polish is still wet, it doesn't smell as great as the scent will once it's dried.  The scent is perfect on the first day, but it does fade quickly after that.  It's just a subtle scent that, with these two polishes, almost gives off a scent like you just freshly washed your hand with a scented soap.  They are both nice, fresh scents.

These polishes also last awesome on the nails!  After 7 days, there are still no chips an hardly any wear.  Love!

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