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Friday, October 3, 2014

Sleek Makeup iDivine Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette - Ultra Mattes V1

This purchase was by accident.  I was on Amazon looking for the Acid palette and accidentally ordered this one instead.  I really wanted the Acid palette for the neon green color, but I said, "eh, this will do," when I received this palette in the mail.

I am happy with the palette but not ecstatic.

Here's a little shadow-by-shadow breakdown...

Pout & Sugarlite are somewhat patchy.

Floss & Pow are somewhat chalky.

Dragonfly & Cricket both leave behind a pretty intense stain on the skin.

Crete is somewhat disappointing, not a lot of color pay off in that one.

Bolt is a good color, good pigmentation, not patchy.

I love Bamm, Strike, and Chill.  Strike is probably the best of the bunch, not patchy, not streaky, not chalky, just pure smooth color, the most similar to what you see in the pan.  Bamm and Chill surely need some building up to get the color you want, but they're worth it and look beautiful.

Pucker and Pout are too similar in my opinion.

Overall, I would recommend this palette, but don't be expected to have your socks knocked off.  Even with the help of a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil or another base, the majority of the colors do need some packing on to get the great color you see in the palette.

Thanks for reading!

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