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Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Hard Candy Stuff : Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette, Brows Now Pencil, & Plumping Serum Lipstick

When I saw this lipstick in store, without having touched it or swatched it, just by looking at the lipstick in the tube, I thought it would be matte and very opaque.  However, when you use it on your skin, the heat of your body warms it up and it no longer looks like that matte, opaque lipstick I thought it would be.  This formula is very buttery, smooth, and comfortable on the lips.  I would compare it to a lip-butter instead of a lipstick.  However, it has plenty of pigmentation, it just wasn't what I was expecting. 

I really enjoy this brow product.  It is a cool toned brown, not warm or red.  I hate red-toned browns for my brows.  It is also very creamy and can actually be used to fill in the eyebrows completely.  You don't just have to use it as a final step to set your brows, you can pretty much paint it onto your brow hairs or skin and you're good to go with just this one product.  It's not waterproof and can smudge away if you happen to rub your brows for any reason.  It can be a bit splotchy, so be sure to go back through with a clean spoolie brush to help the product distribute evenly throughout your eyebrows.  The highlighter end of this product is decent.  Not waterproof, once again, however, it isn't too shimmery and performs well as a highlight in the inner corner or under the brow.  However, I purchased this product for the brow gel, the highlighter was just a bonus.

These eyeshadows are an improvement over the last couple of hard candy shadow purchases I have made.  A couple are powdery, but overall, I really enjoy this palette.

Let me know if you have tried any of these new products!
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  1. That lipstick is to die for! Actually need in in my life now that I've seen it :)