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Sunday, August 20, 2017

6 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Aug 8, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

This week hasn't been fun, even though it was my birthday week and it was supposed to be a good week. I experienced some spotting and called the doctor's office. They had me come in two days apart for blood work. The waiting sucked. I was nervous the whole time. And I didn't hear back from them at all in this week.

what's in calvin's mouth?

Feeling a little more bloated this week. I had to retire one pair of my regular jeans.
I treated myself to a couple maternity items since it was my birthday this week. Went to Ross and found a cute pair of jeans with some embroidery on them, a shirt that says "mom life is the best life," and another cute top with some floral details. :)

I have definitely gotten more snotty this week, getting upset over little things, and overall just having an attitude. I try to tell myself to take a breath and calm down.

Fatigue is definitely here. I want to nap every day.

Physical Symptoms:
Experienced another moment of spotting, so I called the doctor and made an appointment to get some blood work done.
Some c-section spot aching. This is different from cramping. It almost feels like your abs the day after a hardcore ab workout. Like the muscles are sore, but super low in the abdomen, where my scar is.
Peeing in the middle of the night. Every night.
Sore gums one morning.
Stuffy nose, cold-like symptoms one day.
A few headaches this week. Nothing too terrible, but they would just attack all of a sudden in the evenings usually. Perhaps my body trying to tell me to rest a bit.

Had my first aversion. I was starving to death so I made myself a piece of leftover blueberry croissant breakfast casserole but I totally didn't even want to eat it once it came out of the microwave. Like the juicy blueberries were totally grossing me out. Haha.
Also had my first craving. I wanted cottage cheese before bed and we had none and I even texted my sister who lives down the street and she had none either! 

Sleep & Dreams:
I had a couple dreams I had a miscarriage, that was sucky. Otherwise, I've been sleeping well.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Calvin was tired and rolling around all over, refusing to sit still because that meant he might fall asleep. So as he was trying to scoot away from me, he slid down my belly to get off the couch and paused for a second and it looked like he was hugging my belly and I said "aww, he's hugging his baby brother or sister." :)

Least Favorite Moment of the Week:
All day leading up to my first doc appointment to draw my blood I was so nervous and afraid. First of all, I hate getting my blood drawn. And I'm prone to passing out. Secondly, just the uncertainty and perhaps seriousness of it all. When I was in the hospital with Calvin, I was worried about him of course, but I didn't worry that he wouldn't live. I worried he might be in the NICU, but I didn't worry that he wasn't going to make it. Right now I worry for my teeny tiny unborn baby because they're so little and helpless at this stage and there's nothing we can really do to help them.

What I Miss:
Not going to lie, I was only 5-10 pounds from my goal weight and I miss working on losing the weight (not that I've been trying very hard the past couple months lol). It would have been nice to have been within 5 pounds of my starting weight with Calvin, but instead I'm about 10 pounds heavier.

Random Thoughts:
Why don't my boobies ache? I don't want to jinx myself but I've heard from so many breastfeeding moms that they had to stop nursing when they got pregnant because it hurt so bad. I have had some nipple sensitivity but really not anything more than like around ovulation or my period. I just wonder when it's going to strike!

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

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