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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

37 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending March 13, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Like seriously, can you even believe we are at this point?! After everything, we made it. Thank God we've gotten this far.  

Like every day Justin asks if my belly has grown lol. Well our little dude is supposed to be gaining an ounce each day, so yes, the belly is growing every day. And it's so itchy, I cannot tell you how itchy it is. I do not remember this much itchiness when I was pregnant with Cal.

Doctor Appointments:
At MFM, fluid levels were around the same as last time. 20-23 after measuring several times. Didn't get an estimate on Eren's size this week, but he looks pretty squished up in there, we didn't get any good pictures of his face or anything. He passed the BPP ultrasound great. And I only had a couple contractions on the NST, so we officially survived the last NST before full term! Yay!
At my regular OB, it was a pretty quick appointment, I didn't have any questions really, we covered a lot the week before. My belly is measuring 40 cm, Eren's heart rate was at 138 bpm. She told me to keep taking the Procardia until 37 weeks since I'm still having plenty of contractions. And that's pretty much it for that appointment. 

Napped while putting Calvin down for his nap this week. That was actually kind of nice. I napped, he played on the iPad. When I woke, he went to sleep. Justin's been having me put Calvin down for bed lately so he can work on finishing the basement. Justin puts Cal down to bed 99% of the time on a daily basis. It's nice spending time with Cal before bed knowing it's going to be way harder when I have little Eren to nurse to sleep too. It's nice just having these last few weeks with Cal, not knowing what day might be his last as the only one around here. 

I've been starving and eating all the things lately! Not healthy things either. I've been bad.

Sleep & Dreams:
I've been having a lot more dreams lately, several each night, every time I get up to pee in the night I had one, but can't remember it. 

Physical Symptoms:
Hairline zits seem to be appearing more often. I think overall they weren't as bad as my pregnancy with Calvin though. 
I'm at that point I can't freaking sneeze. I can't get a deep enough breath to even make a darn sneeze happen! It's terrible. I need to sneeze, I try to take that initial breath in, then it goes away because I can't take a deep enough breath, there's just not enough room in my lungs I guess. Dumb. I remember this happening way earlier with Calvin though, so at least I'm glad it's taken this long to be an issue this time around. 
Some days I feel like death and want to lay around all day, then other days I am pretty good to go. I am having sooo many contractions it's not even funny. I can have 7-9 per hour no problem for many hours, then some days I'll have maybe 1-2 an hour, like wtf?! But they aren't painful or too intense. I have them a lot more at work than at home because I sit at a desk all day at work. I don't know if it's just gravity working directly on Eren or what, but that upright position can cause me to have sooo many contractions. Once I head home and lay on the couch, they'll go away. Even when I sit at my desk at home to edit YouTube videos, I can have several of them, so it's just the position that's making them worse, in my opinion. 
Some nights I have been having a couple contractions laying in bed, which is unusual for me. Usually I don't have contractions when I'm laying down like that.
Backache and cramping Saturday night and lost some more mucus plug a couple days. Started to worry that Eren was going to be that silly baby who comes just days shy of "full term" just to make me mad lol.
Driving is so uncomfortable. I have to be far enough away from the steering wheel to fit the belly, but I drive a stick and need to be able to reach my foot all the way down on the clutch, plus I'm short to begin with. I have contractions a lot when I'm driving because of the awkward posture and having to scrunch up over my belly to look both ways at stops and whatnot, it's just a pain in the butt. 

Natural Induction Plans:
We have the okay to have sex again at the end of this week. Not that I'm like super excited to be having sex at 37 weeks pregnant haha, but I want this baby out. I know my husband was hoping we'd make it to this point, seeing as once baby's born, we've got another 4-6 weeks without sex ahead of us lol.
Also plan to take walks everyday. And plan to go grocery shopping, with lots of walking. Since 31 weeks I've been told to limit walking.
Maybe I'll feel like nesting and cleaning. Cleaning can totally wear you out, so maybe it will help.
I told my husband I will only sit on the yoga ball until he comes. At the dinner table? Yoga ball. Watching TV? Yoga ball. We'll see how long that lasts haha.
Walking up and down the stairs, squatting, hot showers. I remember when I was in the hospital with Calvin, my doctor told me no hot showers because it would cause nipple stimulation and could start contractions. I am also contemplating trying to use my breast pump to see if nipple stimulation does anything.
I hate pineapple, but a lot of people say eating pineapple works. I don't know what the science behind that one is though. We'll see if I actually try that one. Maybe if Justin likes pineapple, we can split one. 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Went shopping with my mom and sister at Hobby Lobby. Mom is making us a dockatot type lounger for Eren and we got to pick out fabric for that and I also got some scrapbooking stuff for Eren's baby book scrapbook. My sister let Calvin roam free in the store which is not something we usually let him do so I'm sure he had fun.

Random Thoughts:
Can't I just start maternity leave now? I think about starting it at 38 weeks but then I don't want to take one week away from Eren, if that makes sense. If I only take 8 weeks total and take one before he's born, then essentially I'm taking one week away from him. Can't decide. Should I just take 9 weeks and take off a week before she'll perform a c-section anyway.
It's weird not knowing Eren's birthday. I know that doesn't really make any sense because most people don't know the baby's birthday until they arrive, right?! I just wish I kind of had an idea at this point haha, I don't know why.

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

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