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Sunday, February 17, 2013

G&G Circle Lens Review

Naturally, I have very dark brown eyes, they pretty much look black.  This picture was taken with flash and you can actually see the color in my eye, but trust me, it's usually looking pretty black lol.  So I haven't had too much luck finding circle lenses that really pop on my dark eyes.

A21 Grey
Comfort: 3/5
Color: 2.5/5
Diameter: 14 mm

These lenses are so uncomfortable and I don't understand why because the other two pairs of G&Gs are fine, actually pretty awesome as far as comfort goes.  These I can honestly only wear for filming a tutorial or OOTD or whatever, I hate wearing them to class, even though some days I only spend 3 hours in class, they are uncomfortable just for those 3 hours.  The color is alright though, they do show up lighter than the other pair of grey lenses I have (Geo Fresh Grey, they show up more black than grey).  And I do like the light grey look, but it's not super noticeable for everyday.  Overall, I would not recommend these, event though I haven't really found a grey lens I do like, I'm sure there are better ones out there than these.

GBT Blue
Comfort: 5/5
Color: 4.5/5
Diameter: 14 mm

These lenses have awesome color and are super comfortable too.  The one downside, they look soooo fake lol. It can be creepy up close, but even from far away, they look pretty cool. They are a darker blue probably due to my dark eyes, they don't look natural since blue-eyed people tend to have light blue eyes that have a lot of depth to them up close.  These definitely look blue, but they don't so much look like a natural blue. I do like them though because they are the first lenses I have had that actually significantly show up in all types of lighting (well except in the dark :-p). I can wear these all day to class and they are super comfortable.  It's great that they have both comfort and color because sometimes you get stuck with one or the other and that's never good.  When I first wore them, I did notice that I could see a little bit of blue in my vision when I looked certain ways, but I don't know if I just got used to it or what, but I don't notice it anymore.

BT02 Green
Comfort: 5/5
Color: 4/5
Diameter: 14 mm

These lenses are pretty interesting.  They show up pretty well outside.  They are the first lenses that my boyfriend said he could actually tell I was wearing lenses and he could see the color, which is always good, since boys don't tend to notice much of anything when it comes to cosmetics, beauty, girly things, etc. :-p  They come off as a really dark green (again most likely because of my dark eyes) but I still like them.  And they look relatively natural, but I think that's because green and brown go better together so when you see the transition from green to brown around my pupil, it seems more natural since those colors aren't as much of a stark difference like blue and brown.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the blue and green lenses, but NOT the greys, they are just not comfortable, but honestly, I have relatively sensitive eyes, so it may be totally different for you.  I really hope that seeing these lenses on super dark eyes has helped you see if they would work out for you.

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