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Monday, July 22, 2013

Review :: LUSH Whoosh Shower Jelly

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LUSH Cosmetics

When I smelled this stuff, I knew it would be the perfect morning shower product, it just smells so invigorating and I could tell it would really wake you up in the morning!  Although this scent doesn't last long on the skin, it's still really nice to wake up to.  I also think it's a great scent for both guys and chicks.

And a little goes a looong way, plus it's shelf life is over a year, so you don't have to worry about it expiring, like other Lush products.  One downside for me is that it's a little difficult to get a chunk of this stuff out of the jar, it's almost like you need a spoon to scoop it out because it just wants to stick to the rest of the jelly.

About a teaspoon size blob of this product will make enough lather to cover your whole body and wash your hair.  I take that amount and put it in my shower pouf and squish it around till it lathers up lol.  I put it inside folds of the pouf so it doesn't slip out and fall down the drain.  I personally didn't like using it as a shampoo, it made my hair feel really stripped, which is strange cuz it didn't make my skin feel that way.  After my previous experiences with products such as Alkmaar Bar Soap & Twilight Bath Bomb, I assumed all of these natural things really didn't have the moisturizers I was so used to and really wanted out of my bath products, but I'm glad I tried the Shower Jelly because it is even more moisturizing than my typical BBW Shower Gel, that I used to use everyday.  It doesn't leave your skin feeling tight like a typical soap, it gives it moisture and it just feels nice, the way I want to feel when using a shower gel type product.

To those who are like, "this is my first visit to lush, where do I even start?" I would say, pick up one of these, (along with a bath bomb because you just have to try the bath bombs because they are pretty much the signature item there). They are a great price; this 3.5 oz jar was $6.95 & the 8.4 oz was $11.95, which is honestly on the cheaper side of Lush stuff, in my opinion.  I just wish they had more scents in these Shower Jellies!

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