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Friday, November 8, 2013

Review :: Flower Beauty About Face Foundation - SF3

Picked this up because I am, well, obsessed with Flower Beauty.  I have loved pretty much every single item I have picked up from this line and every time I'm at Walmart, I just have to stop and stare. :)

This foundation will not last you all day perfectly, like others such as Revlon Colorstay, but we can't really compare everything to Colorstay all the time. It's awesome, everyone knows that.  Anyway, this foundation will last a good portion of the day but you can tell it starts to break down after about 6 hours and you will need to touch up with powder or at least blot.  I have oily skin so that can also be a big factor as well. 

This foundation definitely needs to be set with powder, whether or not you are oily, it doesn't dry down, it stays wet-looking and -feeling on the skin.

They really cater towards the fair skinned ladies!  Usually, in most drugstore foundations I am the second lightest shade, but with this one I was third lightest! That may sound dumb to some, but if you have very fair skin and can't seem to find a good drugstore foundation, I would say at least go check these guys out. 

Doesn't have a strong or bad scent.  It doesn't smell chemically like some foundations do.

About medium coverage. 

Blends in easily and looks great.  Probably one of the most blendable foundations I've tried lately.  But it's not so blendable that it will disappear or totally blend away.  The consistency is a nice balance between thick and thin and I overall really enjoy applying this.  I find that some foundations are going to look their best using different methods such as your fingers, a sponge, or a brush.  With this foundation, I find that it looks great with all of these methods.  I try not to use it with my beauty blender because it is water-based and the beauty blender will just suck up so much of the product, I don't want to waste it.  I actually quite enjoy using my fingers to apply this foundation, which I normally don't like doing.

The finish can depend on what powder you use to set your foundation with, of course.  I use one of two powders to set this.  Milani Multitasking Face Powder for a little extra coverage days, or Neutrogena Shine Control Powder for any regular day.  I have found that the Neutrogena powder can look cakey on top of other foundations, but it looks fine with this one.

Overall, I enjoy this foundation for everyday use and I would definitely recommend it!

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I really hope this was helpful in some way for you guys!
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