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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review :: Flower Beauty Glow Baby Glow Blush Bronze Duo - BD3 Shimmering Goddess

    These are so pigmented! You really need to be careful with them. This particular duo in Shimmering Goddess is the darkest of the bunch and I think would look absolutely gorgeous on darker skintones.

    Since they are super pigmented, they are going to absolutely last you FOREVER!  A good deal for about $10, I must say. :)

    The blush is matte and the bronzer seems to have a satin-like finish.  I have found that the bronzer can come off somewhat patchy, but I think it's totally workable as an all-over bronzer instead of using it in targeted places to specifically contour your cheeks.  I use it with a larger duo-fiber brush to warm up my complexion and it's just great.

    Used together, these two products give a really natural sun-kissed glow to the skin, almost like you've truly been out in the sun and have a teeny tiny sunburn-look due to the dark pink/red color of the blush. (I realize that may sound super horrible to some of you, but that's just what it reminds me of!)

    These last all day with great pigmentation and staying power.  I love that neither are shimmery, I prefer more matte cheek products day-to-day anyway.

    However, I can see how some might find them to be overly-pigmented, but I think they are great and are a really unique addition to my collection!

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