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Thursday, March 12, 2015

NEW Loreal La Palette Nude 1 & 2 Swatches, Photos, Comparisons to Maybelline the Nudes & Blushed Nudes

 OMG! These palettes kick Maybelline's butt! They're also about $5 more and you get two fewer shades, so you have to keep that in mind too, but I think it is so worth it though. Not a dud in the bunch! The purple toned shadows are unique and they are all so well coordinated to go together in this palette. I am in love! Even the palette itself feels more luxurious, it has a nice weight to it and feels sturdy. You also get a little dual ended brush/sponge, which I guess is a step up for most eyeshadow palettes at the drugstore, but still not something I would really get too excited about.

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La Palette Nude 1
Shade 1 - buttery texture, decent pigmentation, white gold shimmer
Shade 2 - super buttery texture, great pigmentation, light bronze/gold shimmer
Shade 3 - buttery texture, great pigmentation, cool toned medium brown, slight rosey tone
Shade 4 - less smooth texture, but still good, decent pigmentation, gold shimmer
Shade 5 - smooth texture, good pigmentation, light/medium warm brown
Shade 6 - less smooth texture, but still good, good pigmentation, warm chocolate medium/dark brown
Shade 7 - less smooth texture but still good, good pigmentation, bronze shimmer
Shade 8 - less smooth texture but still good, decent pigmentation, shimmer cool medium brown
Shade 9 - buttery texture, decent pigmentation, shimmer medium taupe
Shade 10 - less smooth texture, okay pigmentation, shimmer champagne (if there has to be a dud, this would be it, but it's really not too bad, just compared to all of the excellent shades in both of these palettes, it would have to be the least excellent)

La Palette Nude 2
Shade 1 - buttery smooth texture, great pigmentation, perhaps a tiny bit flaky, shimmer pink champagne
Shade 2 - smooth texture, great pigmentation, darker than expected from the pan, shimmer bronze/pink
Shade 3 - so smooth texture, great pigmentation, matte taupe/purple
Shade 4 - smooth texture, great pigmentation, matte chocolate brown neutral
Shade 5 - still smooth, less buttery, decent pigmentation, satin taupe
Shade 6 - smooth texture, great pigmentation, dark chocolate brown warm
Shade 7 - less smooth texture, but still not bad, decent pigmentation, warm brown shimmer
Shade 8 - smooth texture, good pigmentation, light pale pink
Shade 9 - buttery smooth texture, great pigmentation, matte medium plum purple
Shade 10 - buttery smooth, so pigmented, matte deep purple/eggplant

My final thoughts?
Yes, the color schemes are similar to the new Maybelline the Nudes and the Blushed Nudes palettes, but overall, these Loreal palettes are unbelievable!
Totally skip out on the Maybelline palettes and go find these Loreal ones!
And Loreal La Palette Nude 2 would be my pick if you can only choose one!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you for the swatches!! Ahhhh I need 2 in my life asap!