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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wet n Wild Cosmetics Limited Edition Collection Silver Lake Color Icon 6 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes

Found these on a lower shelf at my local Walgreens!
I wasn't on the hunt for anything Wet n Wild but these little guys really caught my eye!
I skipped the neutrals palette because honestly, I soooo do not need another neutral palette. Also skipped out on the green/blue one because it just didn't seem to jump out at me.

I chose "California Roll" because of the matte corals.
I chose "Thrift Store Chic" because I had been on the hunt for the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette earlier in the day and pinks were just on my mind, I think. :)
And finally I picked "Embrace Obscurity" because I just can't pass up a blue palette, I have always loved blue shadows.

(all swatches with no primer)

Thrift Store Chic

Top row:
Shimmer cream is smooth and buttery, but shimmer light pink is a little too glittery without enough color base to back it up,
Middle row:
The two medium pinks in the middle row are decent, no complaints.
Bottom row:
Deepest two colors are both pigmented and smooth.

California Roll

The green half of this palette is spectacular! All buttery and smooth, no fallout/glitter mess at all.
Shimmer cream is smooth and buttery as all of the other super light colored shimmers have been. The two matte corals are somewhat patchy, but actually have good pigmentation and perform so much better with a primer. (keep in mind all of these swatch pics are without primer of any kind)

Embrace Obscurity

Top row:
Light shimmer blue was a bit to glittery for me, kind of messy, but shimmer white was buttery and great like all of the other light shimmers.
Middle row:
Matte blue and purple are both patchy, but perform much better with a primer, still have great pigmentation though.
Bottom row:
The two bottom glitter shades have a good mix of glitter and color, unlike some of the lighter glitters from this bunch. The glitter blue is more even, whereas glitter purple is somewhat patchy.

Overall Thoughts

Mattes were patchy overall.
Light shimmers were gorgeous.
Glitters were a little too glittery and not enough color overall.
In the end though, I can't complain at $3.99 a pop.

California Roll is the best of the bunch, in my opinion, because those greens were so smooth and delightful!

These are just my first swatches! I can't wait to play with these colorful little palettes! Have you seen these and are you thinking of picking them up?! Let me know because I am ready to fall back in love with Wet n Wild!

Thanks for reading!

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