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Saturday, July 18, 2015

OUR WEDDING PHOTOS! Reception Day June 27, 2015

Here are our wedding pictures taken by our good friend Noah at UWish Photography. I love these pictures and I hope you enjoy them as well. They were all taken at my parents' house, a location that was not only just perfect for the backdrop of our wedding photos, but also a location that has more sentimental value than anything as it is the place where I grew up.

This one has to be my very favorite photo. :)

We had a few shots in this location, but this one is my favorite. The sky might look awfully gloomy to you and that's because it did sprinkle for a little while during the reception. I like this shot so I can remember that it was a little rainy that day but everything still worked out so perfectly in the end. :)

Justin had to remove an eyelash from my cheek. :)

Genuine laughter brought on by my silly sister talking to us the whole time. :)

These two with the sun behind us turned out so beautiful!

As you may have noticed, Justin wasn't wearing his ring for many of the pictures. :p He only remembered to put it on about halfway through. 

We took a lot of rings shots, but this one is certainly my favorite. I love how you can see the black and white of our outfits along with my bouquet out of focus in the background.  

I just love this shot of the back of my dress!  

I love Justin's genuine smile in this one. That smile was one of the first things that made me fall for him.  

I know the dock looks like it's about to sink here, but I love the reflection shot! 

 My sister Ryann was trying to keep things upbeat by saying stupid (and sometimes humorous) things to us, so we ended up with some nice genuine laughter and smiles.

 I just love the shots showing off the back of my dress!

(we weren't looking too exciting in this picture, but I just love the side shot of my dress here! lol.)

 With my parents and Grandpa.

 My sisters and nieces.

With Justin's siblings. 

With Justin's mom and Grandma. 

With my bestest friends! 

 With my sisters.

With Justin's mom and stepdad. 

With Justin's siblings and nieces and nephews.

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