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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The First Half of my First Pregnancy Milestones Overview

Here's a little week by week breakdown of some of the milestones and events that have taken place so far in my pregnancy! We're "halfway" there!

Screenshots from 5 Weeks Pregnancy Update video.

3 weeks, 5 days - First true positive test!

4 weeks, 4 days - First doctor appointment

5 weeks - Morning sickness appears, begin slathering torso with body butter, feeling bloated, fatigue
5 weeks - Told Justin's parents!
5 weeks, 1 day - Told my younger sister & nieces!
5 weeks, 2 days - Told my parents and older sister!
5 weeks, 3 days - First new bra

6 weeks, 3 days - Peeing all the time begins, first mention that I feel baby is a boy
6 weeks, 6 days - First ultrasound! Already hating regular pants

...a lot of the same random symptoms going on, but nothing too exciting...

Week 11 - morning sickness is done, back to the gym, giving in to maternity pants

Week 12 - Harmony test taken, one baby name chosen, round ligament pain really begins!, less peeing at night

Week 13 - extreme hunger begins, acne appears everywhere, super oily skin, cleared out the nursery-to-be, second name picked out, +7 pounds from the start

Week 14 - Harmony results came in 10 business days

Week 15 - Bump officially "popped," gender reveal

Week 16 - First comment on the bump from a stranger, energy definitely back, strange bout of morning sickness a couple days, itchy belly, another boobie growth spurt begins, finally can feel my uterus, think I felt him moving

Week 17 - heavy breathing, knee pain, definitely felt first kicks

Week 18 - less starving feelings, feeling movement like crazy

Week 19 - another comment on the bump by someone who didn't know, stretchmarks appear on the thighs and hips, light-headed-ness, boobie growth spurt confirmed, thought I felt him from outside, wedding band is freaking tight, shoulder pain

Week 20 - anatomy scan!, noticed uneven bump, belly button is changing, feeling kicks above belly button, +23 pounds from the start

Here is my pregnancy updates playlist if you want to hear more in my weekly updates.

I hope this was helpful or entertaining for you! I know it will be cool to look back on!

Thanks for reading!

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