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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 26 - 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 26 - March 4-10

Our baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016!

#nomakeup haha 

I think my bump is always lopsided. If I look down it looks even, that's a big deal. Lol. Even my dad commented on it one day. But it is growing sooo fast! Seriously, everyday it looks so much bigger than the day before. Haha.

Maternity Clothes:
Been wearing my jeans at least twice before throwing them in the wash lately. Hopefully I can keep up on this for the next three months and not have to buy more. Thinking about giving up on this one pair of under the belly jeans. They just stab me under the belly. Maybe this is another short torso pregnancy problem.

Going good.

Almond butter is the greatest invention ever. Delicious. OMG!
And... I've had a salad every freaking work day forever now! I'm pretty sure I've had one at least four days a week since I found out I was pregnant. I'm so tired of salad. Never thought I'd say that because I really do like salad, but holy crap I've had enough damn salad. But it's good for us. Some days the idea of having salad for lunch again makes me want to run away. Haha. 

Sleep & Dreams:
It can be hard to fall asleep because of heartburn/indigestion. That sucks. My throat just kills me sometimes. It's off and on good/bad sleep lately.
Dreamt that I was a player in a video game set during the Revolutionary War. I had a gun and could fire as many times as I wanted and didn't have to "reload" and the whole time I was like, this is stupid, guns weren't like this in the 18th century. To "reload" or I guess just get more ammo, you just had to fill your pockets up with lead balls. I don't play video games, I don't know why I've had two dreams now about video games.

I had hard times waking up on time this week but I also had hard times falling asleep, so I'm sure it has to do with just crappy sleep overall.

I can feel myself getting crappier at this. But honestly, it is getting harder. I don't feel up to many workout videos these days, and walking makes me feel so tired and achey some days. I know it's a horrible habit to get into! I keep telling myself it will get better once the weather breaks. I hope so.

Physical Symptoms:
My belly button has been sore or tender to the touch on a couple days, not constant.
My nails have been so awesome looking pretty much since the beginning and they are continuing to look awesome. They are growing so fast. I hear stories of them becoming brittle and horrible after baby comes though so I gotta live it up for now. :)
Felt my first Braxton Hicks contraction. It just felt uncomfortable and weird because I didn't quite know what it was at first. It maybe lasted a minute.
Backaches are not an everyday thing, but when they come, it sucks. Sometimes I'll just be cooking dinner and walking back and forth in the kitchen will make it hurt, but other days I'm doing the same thing and it's fine.
Round ligament pain caused by a sneeze occurred again this week, that hadn't happened in awhile.
More acne. Had one terrible pimple last week and two mediocre ones this week. Will they ever go away? Also, just because I haven't mentioned it in awhile, I'm still having issues with scalp acne even though I've taken extra care to wash my hair more often than before.
Everyone talks about how wonderful their hair is while pregnant, but I really don't see any difference thus far. It is growing fast, but my hair typically does grow pretty fast, plus the vitamins can't be hurting it either.

He really likes to kick in the ribcage vicinity, which is not cool. All I can say is holy cow this little boy is strong. Haha. I guess this is where the whole being short and having a short torso thing gets kind of sucky in pregnancy. Yay! Only three more months to go! Haha. 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Sunday morning Justin had his hands on my belly and Calvin kicked many times right on his hand. Justin asked if he didn't like his hand there lol. That was awesome because it wasn't a moment when I told Justin to feel him, he just so happened to have his hand there.
Painting the rocking chair with Justin was a good time. He brought it up into the nursery when we were finished and we just sat on the floor and Justin said something along the lines of, in just a few months our lives are going to be changed forever. Very true, my dear.

Baby Purchases:
Didn't buy anything but we painted the rocking chair for the nursery, which was our last big project for the nursery. All that's left in there is to create and hang his name decor and put up a couple little picture frames for his hand and foot print, etc. After that, we're just waiting on the baby shower to start organizing, doing laundry, and all that good stuff. We live in a two story, so I want to get a little basket to keep a diaper changing station type kit downstairs too. I wish we were having the baby shower like right now. I am a planner and I hate waiting! Especially for something this big!

What I Miss:
Wearing skinny jeans without having my legs feel claustrophobic. Having more than like three options of pants in general. And having pants to wear on the weekends. I wear jeans to work, so I can't sacrifice them on weekend time lol.
Also not having a new zit every week. And not having the oiliest skin ever. Lol.

Random Thoughts:
Sometimes I think about giving birth and it's scary, but other times I think about it and I almost get excited for it. Reading stories of ladies who feel so tough and empowered by their birth stories really makes me look forward to the experience. Of course, I still have worries that our little Calvin could come too early, I try not to let that get to me. At this point, viability is on our side at least, and I try to see that bright side. When I think about giving birth, I try to tell myself, it's just one day of pain and then you get a precious little baby out of it! This is my first so it's really hard for me to even imagine what it's going to be like, not to mention that everything about pregnancy is different from woman to woman, so there's no way to tell just how good or bad that day is going to be. I just want to be positive about it.

Thanks so much for reading!
Alaina and Little Calvin

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