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Friday, May 20, 2016

36 Weeks Pregnant : Third Trimester Pregnancy Update, Symptoms, etc.

Week 36 - May 13-19

Our baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016!

Robe sent to me by PinkBlushMaternity

Everything is still going awesome and we finally have an induction date! Thursday night May 26, so Calvin should hopefully be here on Friday, May 27, at exactly 37 weeks. So exciting! 
My fluid levels are still awesome, very consistent, even though I'm still leaking fluid. Things really are looking great.

Growing so big with every week. Latest ultrasound from last week had Calvin estimated at 6 lbs 8 oz. All the ultrasound techs just say how my belly is all baby. Everywhere you touch is like directly touching Calvin lol. 

Maternity Clothes:
I know if I were out in the real world right now, my clothing supply that still fits would be dwindling. One up side to hospital life is that I can wear yoga pants, pajama pants, and other very comfy stuff all the time and don't even have to worry about looking good or civilized, just comfy lol.
I know I only have one week left but I just wonder how long it's going to take to get back to fitting comfortably in things afterwards too. Even still things are getting tight on me, particularly the only two pairs of pajama shorts I thought I could wear til the end. I'm going to need these shorts afterwards and they're already not comfy! So I hope at least some of this thigh/hip weight is water weight and won't take too long to go down so I can live in comfy PJ's for my 8 weeks of maternity leave lol.

I have actually been feeling more snippy lately, like little things are driving me crazy and making me mad. Perhaps it's just the stress and suckiness of being stuck in the hospital all the time. 
I also feel like things are starting to get to Justin. He's been stressed at work and I know this whole hospital situation isn't helping. And I just feel so bad because I feel like there's nothing I can do to make him better. I really have never seen him like this, he just seems very disconnected and somewhat distant. And it's not just with me, I've noticed it when he talks to his dad too, for example. I do think things are just starting to get to him. 
This just isn't how we imagined our last month just the two of us and I really think that's starting to get to us both.

Appetite is still smaller than my usual pregnancy appetite. Again, who knows if it's just due to the crappy and repetitive hospital food options.
Also, do I have morning sickness again? For a couple days this week I felt so nauseous when I knew I was hungry. I wanted to eat but just didn't feel like eating because I didn't feel well. Eating fixed this, but it was very strange to me because this sounds like what I experienced months ago with morning sickness. Is this a thing? Is it possible to have morning sickness return this late?

Sleep & Dreams:
Weird dreams are back but I'm not super great at recalling them. Nothing apparently pregnancy related though. I gotta tell you about one I can remember though. I dreamt that Bernie Sanders owned a pet store and it was connected to a gun store! Haha.

Physical Symptoms:
Lots of stuff going on this week. 
My breasts have started leaking! Last week my nipples had been sensitive so I kinda knew this was coming. I definitely thought when I first saw my breasts producing milk that it would freak me out, but I was actually so happy when I saw it!
Acne is crazy this week! Two zits on my chest. What the heck? And the hairline scalp acne has been crazy. A couple zits on my face. 
Also my nose has been so stuffy this week. 
Darkened armpits. I've thought they were getting darker for a few weeks now and while watching other pregnancy vlog updates and seeing ladies mention it, I knew I wasn't losing my mind and they're really darker haha. I really hope that goes away afterwards... it always looks like I have stubbly armpit hair haha. 

I can't decide if Calvin's dropped or not. I feel like I am peeing more often, like he's on my bladder more. All my bottoms are annoying below my bump, but I don't know if it's because he's lower or my bump is just bigger. I don't feel like I am breathing any easier, but one thing that really does stand out to me are my sneezes. I can finally sneeze again every time. For a long while there I would feel a sneeze coming but not be able to get the deep breath before the sneeze, therefore probably 2/3 sneezes ended up not happening lol. I know that may sound strange, but it's definitely a change that's happened this week. 

Still doing well. I'm very happy Calvin has been a good little baby in his movements, he's never had me worried, throughout the pregnancy. 
Sometimes it feels like Calvin is literally trying to crawl out, there will be so much pressure down there it feels like he's pushing right up on my cervix. It usually tends to be in the evenings and when I'm sitting up. 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Seeing all his hair on the ultrasound. And, of course, getting an induction date!

Baby Purchases:
No new purchases, but I'm starting to worry if we have all we need. I worry about how much stuff to have Justin bring to the hospital for next week when Calvin comes. I had him bring a manual breast pump just in case Calvin has to be in the NICU and I need to pump to feed him breast milk. Justin's in charge of picking out his coming home outfit. Can't wait to see what he picks. Calvin has so many super hero items, I'm sure this is a big decision for Justin to pick which one to represent lol.

What I Look Forward to:
Seeing Calvin! Showing him off to everyone, and especially seeing Justin's reaction to him (just remembering the look on his face when we saw him at our very first ultrasound when he was just a little blob, I can't even imagine his face when he sees him come into this world), and seeing how my two young nieces react to meeting him. Seeing how much hair he has (I hope he has a ton)!
Getting out of the hospital and going home to sleep in my own bed (in small intervals due to the whole having a newborn thing lol), and seeing my cats. Seeing how the cats react to Calvin. Speaking of cats, I can't wait to be in charge of the litter boxes again! And I can't wait for my skin to go back to normal hopefully! It is so unbelievably oily and the random zits are so so frustrating! 
I'm so tired of wearing pads constantly. It's been four weeks of it! Plus I'm going to have to wear them for however long after Calvin comes too! They are so uncomfortable and I feel like I'm wearing a diaper all day every day and it sucks.  
And I know there will not be time or energy for makeup when I get home but I really can't wait to do my makeup in good lighting again! The hospital room lighting sucks sooo bad! And there are a ton of other things I look forward to not just because of Calvin coming, but just the fact that I'll get to go home and not be stuck in the hospital forever.

Random Thoughts:
Wow, this pregnancy has truly just flown by. I know that most women still have a month left at this point, but I'm here with one week left and I really cannot believe it's already almost time to meet our baby boy! I like to say I'm really not fearful of childbirth at this point, I just can't wait to meet him, but I know there's still that fear in the back of my mind that I can't get rid of. I'm excited to meet Calvin of course, but I'm so excited just to get to go home finally! When labor sucks and I feel overwhelmed like I'm going to die I don't know which I'll use to motivate myself: meeting Calvin or knowing this is my ticket out of the hospital lol.
I used to get so very nervous before any public speaking, like giving presentations in school, that was my biggest fear ever. I just wonder how the anxiety about childbirth will end up comparing to public speaking haha.

Thanks so much for reading!
Alaina and Little Calvin

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