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Monday, July 10, 2017

Geffen Baby Hemp Flats Comparison : Hemp Jersey Flat & Hemp Fleece Fladdle

I know, I know! I have enough diapers. I have an overnight solution that works. Why would I need more?

Well because hemp is the best! And so are flats! So I thought these would be awesome. I really really wanted to try out some more hemp for overnights. Everyone makes fun of Calvin's giant fluffy bedtime butt, so I wanted to see if there was a more trim solution out there.

I prepped these in about 6 washes with other diapers and regular clothes, line-drying about every other wash, and I think the absorbency was perfect.


Both available here.

Both can be a little stiff after line-drying, but they don't feel rough or uncomfortable.
They definitely dry overnight in 12 hours (I haven't tried drying them during the day, so I'm not sure exactly how long it takes to line dry). As far as absorbency is concerned, hemp is just the best! And I was pleasantly surprised with how soft they were! They are both super soft for any sort of material when tumbled dried, much less hemp! I guess I was just expecting the hemp to be rough, but it totally isn't!

Jersey flat pad folded
Hemp Jersey Flat
This is a small flat. I think it would suit a newborn really well, but it's too small for my one year old, almost 25 pound boy. I can get it to work in a kite/airplane kind of fold, but it's cutting it close. So pad-folding it is! However, you can get a two pack of Thirsties hemp inserts for pretty much the same price as one of these. So in my eyes, the money is better spent on the inserts, unless super fast dry time is a big deal for you.

Fladdle in Jo fold
Hemp Fleece Fladdle
This is a good size, maybe a little smaller than other flats we have. It's hard to snappi on the fuzzy side though, I like to fold it so the other side is showing and it's a little easier to snappi.
In an Origami or Jo fold, this will last 12 hours overnight for our one year old average wetter but it is soaked come morning. So we add a Thirsties hemp insert to boost it up a little just in case. That combination still makes for a much trimmer option than our usual overnight combination.
It may seem stupid to pay this much for one single flat when you could get a half dozen of GMD birdseye flats for the same price, but I honestly think it's worth it to have one or two of these on hand.

Fladdle on bottom, Jersey flat on top

Overall, I'm glad we have both but if I had to narrow it down for you, I'd recommend trying out the bigger Fladdle over the smaller Jersey flat! Get one or two for overnights or long car rides and I bet you'll be super happy with your purchase!

Thanks for reading!

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