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Friday, September 21, 2018

Vegan + Meat Eater Monthly Meal Plan for September 2018

The last time I showed our monthly meal plan was for JANUARY!
I started my journey to veganism on Memorial Day. We meal plan every month. But this is the first time I am coming at you with our vegan/meat-eater meal plan, so let's hop right in!

I'm vegan, my husband eats whatever he wants.

This plan isn't set in stone, it just helps me figure out the shopping list. We switch things up occasionally. 

If you're interested in how I keep myself and my husband happy, check out this post HERE where I show you meal ideas for vegan/vegetarian and meat eating families. 


This is the schedule we tend to stick to:

Mon. – easy, minimal prep
                Grilled cheese
                Breakfast for dinner
    Taco salad (w/ leftover meat)

Tues. – leftovers from Sat.

Wed. – more prep
                Beef & broccoli w/ rice
                Teriyaki/orange chicken w/ rice
                Philly cheese steak w/ fries
    Baked spaghetti w/ garlic bread

Thurs. – medium prep/other
Crockpot chicken, potatoes, carrots 
            One pot veg pasta
            Spaghetti w/ garlic bread

Fri. – fun meals
            Flatbread pizza
Burgers w/ fries
Fried chicken w/ potatoes
Sloppy joes w/ fries

Sat* – big meal w/ enough for leftovers
                Mexican casserole
                Lasagna w/ garlic bread
                Chili w/ red lobster biscuits
                Potato soup w/ red lobster biscuits (still haven't tried this one veganized yet, if you have a recipe suggestion, let me know!)

*I only plan one meal for the weekend and it goes on "Saturday" on the menu. It's not always made on Saturday. Sometimes we eat with other family, go out for dinner, attend parties, etc. Aside from the one big meal of the weekend, other meals tend to be "whatever sounds good in the moment."


I hope this was helpful in some way! I love meal planning and always knowing what's for dinner, but still being flexible if we decide to go out or want something different.

I love you guys!

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