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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Stay at Home Mom/YouTuber Life

What's it like to be a stay at home mom/YouTube content creator?

I film whenever inspiration strikes AND I get a free moment. Most of the time I can plan ahead. I take notes on my phone or on a couple notepads and plan video topics and talking points. Then when I actually get a minute, like everyone seems to be having a good day, no moody kiddos, everyone's been fed or is napping, then I'll sit down to film the video. 

Editing is almost always a weekend night thing. My husband likes to spend one night of the weekend playing video games online with his friends, so I take that opportunity to do my Youtube work. 

It's hard to put an exact number on hours I work. I just wait for inspiration to strike. Editing is really what takes up the most time. I'd safely say I spend about 3-4 hours on editing each weekend. And editing is not something I can do with the kids around. I have to be totally focused on it. I spend about equal time on brainstorming and filming, maybe only a couple hours each week. So let's say I put in eight hours each week. If I could just have one day to myself without the kids, I could get all of my work done in that one 8 hour day. However, my approach isn't like that. I don't feel comfortable filming when I'm not inspired. I don't want to feel forced to film. I have to wait for the stars to align to get my work done. I churn out 4 videos a week (3 on this channel, 1 on my beauty channel) and I'm currently something like six weeks ahead. I don't always get a chance to film each and every week, so I like to have a good buffer or backlog of videos saved and ready to go. But this is just how it all averages out.

I don't make a lot of money. And there's not really a good way to tell you how much I'm making anyway. And I've been doing this for YEARS. I started my beauty channel in the fall of 2012 and I have made over 800 videos between my two channels. I do this because I love it and it's my hobby. And yes, because I hope that one day it will pay off and actually bring in some kind of income for my family.

LainasLife (mommy channel):
lainamarie91 (beauty channel):

WAHM Balance
It can be very frustrating when I come up with a video idea, write out all my talking points, and am so ready to film, but the kids are in bad moods that day, or even worse, they were in perfectly fine moods until I turn on the camera to start filming and then shit hits the fan. But that's all of momlife, isn't it?


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