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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review :: Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask :: First Impression

I must say, I picked this one up because it smells so absolutely awesome! It really smells good enough to eat, so I had to have it.

After just one use, I found that this mask definitely reduced my natural redness and somewhat irritated looking skin.  (I also noticed that my pores looked smaller as well, but I'm not too sure if that is directly related to this mask since I have been using another product lately which I believe is also helping in that area.)

The mask still smelled as awesome on my face as it did in the pot.  It contains oatmeal, bananas, ground almonds, and vanilla, among other things, giving it the great smell that drew me to it.

The mask was not abrasive even though it contains ground almonds, which in other Lush products, I have found are very noticeable and do create an exfoliating effect.  I didn't particularly find this mask to be a great exfoliate, it has a nice smooth texture.

It didn't dry to a hard finish like some face masks.  It did become less sticky as I wore it for 20+ minutes, but it didn't make my face stiff or unmovable.

Afterwards, I didn't feel that my face was too moisturized or oily looking/feeling, it was just perfect.  I expected since this mask was directed towards those with dry, sensitive skin, it could have possibly added a bit too much moisture for my oily sensitive face, but that was not the case after all, it was just awesome.

The mask was somewhat difficult to remove, so I had to go in with a damp washcloth to get all of the pieces off of my face, which didn't bother me.

Although straight out of the fridge, this mask can be stiff to apply, it absolutely melts onto the skin in a minute or so, you can really feel it moisturizing the skin.  So if you really wish, you could of course warm it up between your hands or fingers before applying, or simply let it sit out a few minutes beforehand.

Overall, after the just one use, I am definitely in love with this mask and would recommend it to anyone out there looking to try out a Lush fresh face mask, no matter what your skin type!

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