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Monday, January 27, 2014

Olay Pro X Cleansing Brush Review + bonus Fekkai Hair Products

As promised, after 1 month+ of use, I have a review here for you guys on the Olay ProX cleansing system.

Exfoliating Cleanser:
This does not make my skin feel tight or "squeaky clean" afterwards, but you can definitely tell your face is clean.  I have learned to hate cleansers that make my skin feel that way, so this one wins on that front.  It is also an excellent daily exfoliator, I never had any issues with it irritating my skin or feeling too harsh, it's super gentle.

Age Repair Lotion:
In all of the anti-aging moisturizers I have used, they always give warnings that you may experience slight irritation when applied directly onto super clean, freshly washed skin.  They recommend to wait 20 minutes or so after cleansing to reduce this irritation.  I must say, you definitely need to do the same with this lotion.  It definitely makes my skin feel super sensitive when I use this directly after washing my face.  I thought at first that it was the entire system that was making my face feel this way, but once I cut out this moisturizer and started using regular ones, the sensitivity was gone.  It has SPF in it which is great for daily wear, but I also find it to be thick and moisturizing, so great for nighttime too.

The Cleansing Brush:
I must say that on any days where I happened to skip using this brush, I would get a zit the next day.  I usually only have about one pimple a month and only rarely is it a really bad one.  I would feel one coming on after skipping using this for a day, then once I went back to using it again, the zits would fade away.  My pores have definitely shrunk!  I have looked for cleansers and moisturizers that would shrink them down, but was never satisfied with any products I tried.  The thing here though it, I'm not sure which step in this kit has made that transformation for me, or if it is just a combination of all the products used together.  I truly feel like this has helped my skin in the acne department, not that I have severe acne problems though.  I used the cleanser and lotion that came with it for the first 2 1/2 weeks and when I switched to using another exfoliating cleanser, I did not feel that my skin worsened or got any better.  I believe this device will work great with whatever other products you would like to use it with. I just can't say if I'm totally in love with this little system or not.  Yes, it helped my breakouts, but those little "under the skin baby pimples" did not disappear or diminish at all. (Lush's Angels on Bare Skin has been the only product I've tried that has reduced those little pimples)

- reduced pore size
- reduced breakouts
- did not reduce "under the skin baby pimple/bumps"

Overall, I will continue to use this little kit and will keep you updated if anything happens to change.  For $20 on clearance after Christmas, I believe this was a good little investment.  I don't own any other cleansing brushes, such as the Clarisonic, so I don't have much to compare this to.  Still I hope this was somewhat helpful.

Thanks for reading!

Bonus Fekkai Review:
I love these products!  They definitely leave my hair shiny and silky.  However, the only downside is that I would not recommend you using them every single time you wash your hair, I felt that all of the oils that left my hair shiny and pretty also weighed down my hair after using them three times in a row or so.  Used all together, they give a beautiful result, but even when I just used my normal shampoos and conditioners, then topped off my clean hair with the Glossing Cream, my hair still looked super shiny and pretty.  It was definitely an awesome added bonus to get these products here in this little kit.  I believe I paid $20 for this on clearance right after Christmas, so it was a great deal!

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