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Monday, May 6, 2013

Kat Von D Beethoven Palette Review + Semi-Dupes

      I love this palette!  My bestest friend bought this palette for me cuz she's the best. :-p  It is such a great palette for travel or everyday use because it has 3-4 great shades to do a traditional brown smoky eye, plus a few great colors to really bring some pop to any look.  The only thing it is really missing is a matte highlight shade, but that isn't a big deal since it's not really necessarily meant to be used all on its own, plus who really wants a ton of palettes with exactly the same stuff in them?  The color payoff is wonderful and the shadows don't fade throughout the day.  There can be a little bit of fallout, but it really isn't bad, especially compared to other shadows.  This was my very first high end palette and I am very impressed.  I love that the brown and black are matte since they are both great for grounding a look, having the mix of matte and shimmer/satin is wonderful.

     The very first day I had it, I had to go through my Coastal Scents 252 Palette to see if I could find any dupes for these colors, since I think that's always really helpful for those of you looking to purchase a new palette.  I know I always want to know just how unique the colors are before I want to go spending a good chunk of change on new shadows.  So below you will find some "dupes" for some of the colors.

     As for the colors, there are quite a few that are totally unique compared to the makeup collection that I have.  I only went through my Coastal Scents 252 Palette to look for dupes, not any of my singles or tiny palettes because I feel that it just makes things a lot easier.

Leather - Deep Roast is slightly darker and has more of a red undertone, whereas Leather has almost a grey undertone.
Sinner - The mixture of Vintage Burgundy and Violet Echo almost matches Sinner, but it has a more purple-red undertone whereas Sinner has kind of a brown undertone, but that of course would change depending on the mixture every time.
Tequila - Tequila is a beautiful yellowy white gold kind of color that is just wonderful.  Honestly, Polar Bare and Vanilla Sky are very similar but I really don't think they are as good as Tequila.  Tequila just has a beautiful look I can't even explain, but I think the dupes from the 252 palette are not nearly as gorgeous.
Speed Blue - Tanzanite is darker and doesn't have the same sheen as Speed Blue, but they give a very similar effect when used on the eye.
Lucifer - It's just your typical matte black, there are lots of matte blacks out there. Incognito seems a little darker, but Lucifer has a nice charcoal undertone, whereas sometimes you can find blacks that actually have a slight green undertone, like Incognito.  Overall, they work the same in an eye look, but Lucifer has less fallout and a truer matte finish. 

Galeano - I really thought I had a dupe for this.  As soon as I swatched it, it looked very familiar, but I really couldn't find a true dupe for it.
Rad Purple - This is a gorgeous darker purple color with pretty pinky/purply glitter and I definitely could not find a dupe for it in my collection.
Razor Gray - Although I figured this would be easy to find a dupe for, I did not find one.  It looks like it has a green undertone in the palette but when swatched, it really doesn't show up that way too much.  So when I looked for dupes, the colors either had too much of a green undertone or not enough of it, so I couldn't find a dupe either. 
I really hope this was helpful!
Thanks for reading!

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