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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Flower Beauty Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit Review & Swatches

I am typically a big fan of Flower Beauty products. I love their About Face Foundation and BB Cream, for starters. However, this little concealer kit was a disappointment for me personally. 

First Impression:
The primer gives a nice brightening effect.
The lightest concealer may be a tad light for me
The darker concealer is too dark for under-eye concealing on my skin tone. 
It looked super dry and settled right into my fine lines around my eyes in just a matter of seconds after application. 

So let's get into a break-down on the shades we have here. 

The first is a "primer" which has a silicone-like texture, similar to a the typical face primers you may come across lately. It also gives off a white appearance which can be used for brightening effects under the eyes on super fair skin. Anyone darker in skin tone than me would probably find this primer to be a little too white. 
Fair Concealer
This concealer is a very thin consistency. It may look creamy in the swatch below, but I assure you that it makes the under-eye area look drier than dry. I cannot begin to explain how bad it makes my under-eyes look. I have oily skin and have never experienced what it's like to have such a dry place on my face. At this point, it is also a little bright for my skin since it is getting warmer out and I have gained a little bit of color from the sun.
Medium Concealer
This concealer seems to have a different texture than the Fair Concealer. It has a thicker consistency and doesn't settle as badly into fine lines. However, it doesn't look perfect on the under-eyes and it is also a bit dark for my skin at the moment as well. It seems as though I am stuck in between the two skin-tone concealer shades in this palette.
Green Color Correcting Concealer
This concealer is not what I would call the "traditional green color correcting concealer" which is gaining popularity in the beauty world these days. It is an olive green color, whereas most other green concealers on the market tend to run a little more on the mint green side of things. To me, the deepness of this shade does not work with my fair skin.

I feel like this palette needs to be available in different skin tone ranges instead of just this one option. To me, these shades do not go together well. The fair concealer is for fair ladies or light skin-tones as a brightening concealer. The medium concealer would be great for medium skin-tones, but to me the green concealer would be best suited for medium or darker skin tones because it has such an olive-y darker tone to it.
I am perplexed by the shade range in this palette, not to mention the consistency of the fair concealer and the fact that it makes my under-eyes look terrible and ages me 10 years. 

Even when using the "primer" underneath, the concealer sunk into my fine lines under my eyes almost immediately. 

Overall, this little palette was a big disappointment for me, even though I am generally a big fan of Flower Beauty products. 

Thanks so much for reading!
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