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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kat Von D Chrysallis Eyeshadow Palette

When I saw that this was on sale at Sephora, I knew I had to pick it up. It caught my eye a little bit back when it first released but it takes a lot to get me to purchase high end makeup. 

As it was right around my birthday, I justified this purchase as a birthday present to myself. When I shop at Sephora, I typically head straight for Kat Von D anyway, so I knew I would enjoy this little guy. It has a nice mixture of color and neutrals, but not just typical boring colors that you can find in any brand, so that's something I like about it.

I took a look at this palette online and fell in love with the first little third of it. That deep matte raspberry and pretty shimmery fuchsia shades totally caught my eye and screamed FALL to me. And once I got the palette at home, I fell even more in love with the whole thing. 

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful packaging. 
Gotta love Kat Von D's packaging, for sure.
This palette has a really nice weight to it. It seems to be made of cardboard or some sort of paper product, but it's surprisingly weighty and well made.
It has a magnetic closure and the lid folds right over, so it doesn't prop itself up in anyway.

Now let's do some swatchy-poos!

Top row: Lifelike, Lunar Lights, Lucid
First trio: Hybrid Moments, Mezzanine, Transition
Second trio: Glasswing, Melancholia, Black Milk
Third trio: Graphic Nature, Entombed, Tornay

 Hybrid Moments, Mezzanine, Transition
Lifelike: This is a perfect matte highlighting cream shade on my fair skin. And I am so glad that it's a large pan because I think that a really good matte highlight will always be the first shade to hit pan on.

Hybrid Moments: This is a matte raspberry with a bit of a neutral brownish undertone. It's very unique in this way because it can work as a neutral defining shade or a pop of color without going overboard.

Mezzanine: This turns out to be less bright and fuchsia-y on the skin, but it's still a really great way to add color to a look without going overboard.

Transition: This shade really surprised me. I didn't think I would like it so much but it is so creamy and buttery and just a gorgeous light pink shimmery shade with a depth to it that makes it go really well with the other pinky shades in this part of the palette.

Lunar Lights,
Glasswing, Melancholia, Black Milk
Lunar Lights: A white shimmer shade with almost a metallic silver-like finish to it, this one would be great for those who love a shimmery highlight, but I've somewhat strayed away from that in my makeup routine the past year or so. 

Glasswing: This is an excellent transition shade. It is a nice medium warm brown that works great on my fair skin. It may not work as a transition for those with deeper skin tones though.

Melancholia: Another smooth as butter shade. This is a medium silver shimmer and it is just beautiful.

Black Milk: This is a light grey eyeshadow. I don't really know what I'm going to do with this one yet. I feel like it's a little light for a transition in the crease, but not dark enough to define the lash line. So I think I will have to experiment with this one a bit.

Graphic Nature, Entombed, Tornay
Lucid: This is another surprising shade for me. I think it's somewhat unique. It's a light pale pink but it's not too cool-toned pink. It also seems to have a matte base with little shimmers in it. 

Graphic Nature: I love this one. It's a beautiful graphite lead color with a bit of a sheen, but a lot of depth. It's a nice buttery one again.

Entombed: This one reminds me of the blue from my Kat Von D Beethoven palette I got for my birthday a few years ago from my best friend Shroomy. It has a lot of depth to it, but a really pretty navy blue sheen on top. 

Tornay: This one looks almost black when swatched, but in the pan you can see that it's a deep dark matte navy blue. 

Overall, there is not a disappointment in the palette. I am very impressed and can't wait to play with this some more!

Thanks for reading!

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