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Saturday, April 16, 2016

31 Weeks Pregnant : Third Trimester Pregnancy Update, Symptoms, etc.

Week 31 - April 8-14

Our baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016!

I feel like the bump reaches all the way up to the boobies, even first thing in the morning (previously I didn't feel so uncomfortable until the end of the day). I feel like my ribs are so strained some days, like they're stretching. I keep getting things on my bump, like food. I'll look down and see a dribble of something or crumbs or whatever. Lol. :)

Maternity Clothes:
Why do my pants keep getting tighter and tighter?! And the belly portion of my Old Navy pair start to feel so tight on the center of my belly about halfway through the day. It's slowly inching its way down my belly lol. This band is annoying me, maybe it's time to try the under the belly pants one more time? O maternity clothes, why isn't there a one size fits all for all nine months? Haha. Well, that's where dresses come in! Trouble is, I don't always feel comfortable wearing super girly stuff like dresses to work. I am the only chick at my workplace and most of our customers are dudes too, so I always feel awkward in a dress.
But, I was thinking, at first (when I was stockpiling maternity clothes before I even had a real bump) I thought I picked up too many "winter" maternity things like a couple big sweaters and a sweater dress and I thought, "I'm not gonna get my fair share of wear out of these items!" But in reality, the weather has been strangely cooler than usual and I feel like I've actually gotten decent wear time out of these items, so that's awesome! However, I only have one pair of Bermuda jean shorts and one pajama pants shorts that fit now lol.
Anyway, I made a couple purchases this week. Went into my local Ross and they have greatly expanded the maternity selection, which kicks ass because it was freaking tiny before. So I had to take advantage. Got one pair of black capris that are super comfy and feel like pajamas, and a white tank top with black polka dots and a red bow on the back. So cute, couldn't pass it up. :) Tried on some shorts, but I'm just not a fan of my legs and thighs at this point, so I think I'm just gonna avoid the shorts and hope that May and June don't get miserably hot.

Everything's going good.

Craving broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots mixed frozen veggies with Parmesan cheese. I'm just so over salads, so I guess I gotta get those vitamins elsewhere. Also still love fried rice. I've been very into that a lot this pregnancy. Still love flavored drinks, I'm currently a tea lover this week. 

Sleep & Dreams:
Dreamt that a Youtuber I watch all the time was pregnant. Haha.
In other news, sleep may be getting stupid. Sometimes I'm uncomfortable, but mostly it's because I just can't turn off my brain. And it's not like I'm worrying about Calvin or anything directly related to the pregnancy or becoming parents. It's just that I can't stop thinking and shut off my mind. It doesn't feel like it's worrisome thinking, it's just thinking in general. And that has happened all too often this week. Didn't fall asleep until 11 one night, midnight the next, 10 the next (I'm usually passed out by 9 at the latest). Tried sleeping in all directions, tried the couch, and let me just say, the cats are super annoying at night lol. They have to lay right up in my area, as I toss and turn, and they bug the crap out of me! Haha.

Not the best, but that's probably caused by the whole not sleeping thing. I've hated waking up in the morning this week.

Terrible. I think I got zero workouts in this week.

Physical Symptoms:
Heartburn and indigestion at bedtime (not helping with the whole not being able to fall asleep thing).

I think he gets hiccups pretty much daily now. 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
My sister Ry got to feel him for the first time. She's the only other person besides Justin. She described it like if you had your hand on your cheek and moved your tongue along the inside of your mouth lol.
I hung out with Justin while he replaced some parts on my car and it just got me thinking about once Calvin arrives. I think about how smart and lucky our little Calvin will be. He'll be raised by and with the two awesomest guys I know: my husband and my dad. They're both so handy and smart when it comes to fixing things and street smarts, being reasonable. They have all of the qualities that I think are essential for dads to have. Not to mention Justin's stepdad Tony, who lives right around the corner from us. These guys are going to raise up the best little dude ever! It makes me feel so proud and blessed to know these are the male role models our little Calvin will have in life. I can't wait to watch him and Justin in the garage fixing things and building things together. It will be so sweet to see him hanging out with his daddy like that, and watch him year after year learning more and more. The image of the two of them like this is something I look forward to soo soo much.

Baby Purchases:
Got a cute teddy bear for Calvin. I think I want to take his monthly pictures with it, perhaps in the rocking chair in his room. You know, just some more Pinterest inspo. lol.

What I Look Forward To:
Sleeping normal.
Getting to wear my rings again! I feel so nakey without them. Not to mention the fact that I totally feel like a heathen walking around pregnant without any rings on, people always assuming I'm younger than I am. They probably think I'm a pregnant teen. Great.

Random Thoughts:
I wonder if/when Justin or myself will have a freak out moment before Calvin comes. Like one day, we'll just stare off into nothingness and go,"holy shit, we're going to be parents!" Lol.

Thanks so much for reading!
Alaina and Little Calvin

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