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Thursday, April 28, 2016

32 Weeks Pregnant : Third Trimester Pregnancy Update, Symptoms, etc.

Week 32 - April 15-21

Our baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016!

Here's a little explanation of this week's picture. I went in to the hospital Saturday morning (usually the day that we take our weekly pic). If you want to hear about what's up and why I'm in the hospital, click here

Doctor Appointment:
This week's appointment went so much better than the last one, thank goodness. My uterus measured at 37 cm (still huge, but doctor's not concerned anymore). Calvin's heartbeat was at 138.
My doctor did tell me I was gaining too much weight, she asked me what I typically eat, said I was eating reasonably, and then pretty much said that's just how it is sometimes. Lol. So that's that. I know I've been gaining a ton of weight this pregnancy, but at this point, what can you really do about it? Calvin will be here in two months.
She went over the ultrasound a little bit with me again and said Calvin was in the 67th percentile for his size and she said they don't really even worry until they're in the 90th, so she isn't calling him a big baby anymore. He just must have had a big ole growth spurt from 28-30 weeks. She did say my fluids were on the high end of normal, but she isn't concerned about that now. So everything looks pretty good at this point, so yay! :)

Woke up Monday morning and said, holy crap, this bump is getting big. Lol. Some days it just feels like he's sitting so high up and my belly is uncomfortably close to my boobies, and other days he's being a good baby and laying low. 

Maternity Clothes:
So you guys know I've been hating pants for awhile now, well I got a new hate this week: shoes. Yep, these chunky little feet can hardly fit into anything haha. I don't feel that they are bigger in terms of how long they are, but they are definitely swollen and just plain chubbier on top lol. I am down to one pair of slip on shoes I bought mid-pregnancy in a half size bigger than usual (that are comfy, but definitely not cute), my converse (they're more flexible in the laces area than my other tennis shoes), flipflops, and just about two pair of slip on flats that are still working (problem is, they're brown moccasins or leopard print, nothing black to just match everything haha). I can still tie my laces, although it's totally not comfy to do so.
As of Tuesday, I'm saying, "yep, I'm done with these pants" about the Old Navy ones. Since I also abandoned the Target under the belly pants last week, I'm now down to one official pair of jeans to last me two more months.

Not gonna lie, I felt on the edge of a breakdown Tuesday. I was so freaking uncomfortable it's not even funny. And I was stuck at work, Justin brought me and I had no car and I just felt like shit. I just wanted to lay down but there's nowhere to lay at work. I hated Tuesday, it was super shitty.

As I've said before, I seem to go through spurts of starvation all the time, and less starvation all the time. This week seems to have been a less starving feeling. I almost feel like I can eat "normally" again and still feel full. Except for Tuesday. I felt like crap on Tuesday and I felt better when I was snacking, so I snacked a lot that day. 

Sleep & Dreams:
Justin told me he dreamt that right before I went into labor the doctor told us we were having twins!
I typically get my 8 hours and usually a little more, but this week, I've been right at the 7 1/2 hour mark most days. I do feel less comfortable, but overall sleep is still good. Last week must have just been a weirdo off week.
I'm going to describe my sleeping position as best I can here. I like to sleep with one leg straight on the bed and the top leg angled with knee sticking out to support the belly, usually with a pillow or the snoogle under my knee. I've always loved sleeping like this when I sleep on my side, even before pregnancy. However, this week we have hit a milestone, the belly is officially getting too big for this to be comfortable. :(

Woke up Monday super easily and ready to go, but perhaps that had to do with the fact that I woke to Yuna the cat on the bathroom counter reaching up to the shelf on the wall to steal my hair bands! I could hear the little dish where I keep them moving about. So I had to holler at her before she knocked everything off that shelf and then I said, well I might as well get up now.

Went for about an hour long walk Saturday yay! My back didn't hurt either! And that's as good as it gets this week.

So far this entire trimester I've tried extra extra hard to eat well and not snack all the damn time on junk, but that is not helping. Seriously?! I know this is all "almost" over and there's not much I can do about the weight gain overall at this point, but holy crap guys, it just sucks trying so hard to behave and eat well and it not even making a difference from snacking and eating whatever I want all day long. :( I'm still gaining about two pounds per week, like I have been since the start of the second trimester. I snack on fruit and veggies instead of chips and cookies, but I'm still gaining the same amount.

Physical Symptoms:
Pelvic pressure has begun. It's not constant, but when I sit certain ways I can definitely feel some pressure down there some days.
My back was good for the majority of the week.
I've had a suspicion of this for a few weeks now, and after reading a little article about surprising pregnancy facts, I am convinced it is true! My nose is even chubbier! Yep, my nose is bigger than usual. Not cool, pregnancy, not cool.
Had a middle of the night calf cramp again, haven't had one of those in several weeks since I started taking magnesium. It wasn't nearly as intense as the ones I've had previously, but it still sucks to awaken to that in the middle of the night!
I just realized that I can no longer touch my thumb and middle finger around my wrists! I haven't checked this in awhile, so I don't know when it happened, but that's definitely a tell tale sign of the weight gain.
My legs look all purpley and pale and weird sometimes. Maybe I should try to go outside and get a teeny bit of color to them!

Tuesday I woke up and just knew it was going to be an uncomfortable day. It felt like Calvin was as high up as possible, like he had snuggled up into my rib cage. And on that same day, it's like he was having a party in there too. He was moving around soo much! This week he is definitely moving the entire belly a lot when he moves. And I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I watch him and it makes me feel queasy haha, it kinda has begun freaking me out, if I'm being totally honest with you guys. 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
I snuggled up next to Justin with my belly pressed on his back so he could feel Calvin going nuts. Later on, Justin said he thought I was going to kill Calvin by squishing him. I wasn't even pressing on him!

Baby Purchases:
Just gathering stuff for the shower (May 1)! Thanks to my older sister Lindsay for stepping in and helping me plan. :)

What I Miss:
I feel like this section should be becoming "what I look forward to" because we're getting close to the end here. Anyway, I look forward to my skin hopefully returning to normal once Calvin comes. I have always had oily skin but holy freaking crap is it oily now!? It is literally, definitely twice as oily as before. Didn't know that was possible and cannot wait to get my "regular" oily skin back. Haha.
And this is probably TMI, but Justin mentioned how he looks forward to having regular sex again. Not gonna lie, pregnant sex can be awkward. Lol.
I can't wait to sit with my legs crossed or just sit without my legs open!
Can't wait to lay on my belly, duh, that one is the big one!
Can't wait to not be carrying all this water weight and not be swollen everywhere all the time. To wear my rings again! To wear different shoes!

Random Thoughts:
I feel like I'm never going to get my body back to normal after Calvin comes. I know I'll have to continue eating plenty while breastfeeding in order to keep up my milk supply. I even read that you will need more calories to breastfeed than you did during pregnancy. I'm super excited to see what my body does naturally, but I keep feeling like I'm going to be disappointed in the end. I've read too much about ladies losing all the weight by doing nothing, but I've gained a ton of weight, and I just know I won't be the same as these ladies. I shouldn't let this get to me, I shouldn't focus so much on my body, but looking back at pics and my YouTube videos from just a few months ago makes me so sad. Sometimes I look at pics of me from last summer and think, holy crap, I thought I was getting chubby? I was so skinny. Sometimes I even feel like I was too skinny, like my face just looked so thin. Haha. And I look at myself pregnant from just a couple months ago, and I felt big then! But then I look in the mirror now and it's like crap, I still have two months. :( It makes me sad, but honestly I feel like my body is just built to gain a bunch of weight. However, I really do want to work harder next time to stay active throughout my pregnancy. I didn't exercise at all in the first trimester, kept a decent little schedule for the second, but now here in the third, I'm just like f this, I feel too tired and achey most days to do anything (and I know some of that stems just from pregnancy, but the other half has to be because of all the extra weight too!). And I know in my heart if I had kept up on exercising throughout, I wouldn't be so uncomfortable here at 32 weeks, right? That's the idea anyway. As far as food is concerned, I know I snack a lot! Haha. I do eat a lot, but I feel like I'm starving to death if I don't snack on something every couple hours. I try to keep those snacks whole foods though, like strawberries, grapes, watermelon lately. Anyway, perhaps there are things I'll change next time around.
Reading through some boards on various pregnancy websites, I came across this quote "the stretchmarks aren't cute but baby will be!" and that made me laugh. Something to keep in mind when you're feeling down about the stretchmarks. I hated them at first and they've only gotten worse and I know the excessive weight gain is to blame, but I am trying my best not to let them get to me. :)

Why Tuesday Fucking Sucked:
I apologize for the language, but it sure gets my point across. Tuesday sucked. Justin took me to work and picked me up, so that there tells you I'm stuck at work all day and no escaping. I honestly think I would have gone home halfway through this day if only I had a vehicle. On the ride in, it felt like Calvin was literally all up in my rib cage, just as high up as he could possibly be. I felt like all my insides were being squished right up into my boobs and my lungs. I felt miserable just an hour into the damn day. My Old Navy jeans were freshly washed (aka tight). The belly band on those pants gets so uncomfortable halfway through the day, even the second day I wear them and they've had time to stretch a little. I was fucking itchy as shit because I forgot to apply lotion EVERYWHERE, like seriously, the belly was bad, but just my whole torso was itchy too. I think Calvin gained five pounds overnight because I needed to pee every half hour! How he was all up in my lungs and pressing on my bladder at the same time, I don't know, but that's the case. Restless legs popped back up again, perhaps being caused by the pants being too tight. My back was hurting after like 3-4 days of it being really good. And I felt like I was getting sick, my stomach didn't feel great and I just overall felt yucky. And lastly, Calvin was having a damn party in there and moving around like twice as much as he normally does. So overall, Tuesday just felt like everything was fighting against me, trying to make me miserable. And it's days like that that make me want to fast forward to June. Holy crap. Pregnancy has been so great, but those days make everything suck! If I felt like that every single say, I would totally understand everyone who says being pregnant sucks. For those of you who feel like that every day, I am so sorry.

Thanks so much for reading!
Alaina and Little Calvin

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