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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Important Pregnancy Update

Well it looks like our Calvin Lee will be joining us much sooner than we anticipated. I am currently 32 weeks, 1 day pregnant and this morning (Saturday, April 23) I headed in to the hospital.

I woke up with my 6 am alarm on Saturday morning and as soon as I stepped out of bed I felt a gush of water leaking. I walked to the bathroom and noticed it was totally clean and I even smelled my underwear to find that it had no real scent and definitely didn't smell like pee. My first words honestly were "no, no, no, no, no."

Justin was at a friend's overnight and wouldn't be returning until late Saturday, so I was all on my own. I called my doctor's office after hours line and was instructed to have someone take me to the hospital. Now thank goodness my sister lives right down the street from me and my mother in law lives right around the corner too. So I immediately called my sister, but she didn't answer. Then I tried Justin and he also didn't answer. So I called my mother in law, her husband answered, gave her the phone, and she was on her way over to get me. Thank goodness one of them was able to pick up!

We went to the hospital I had planned to deliver at, but they would only keep me if I was over 35 weeks and needed to deliver. They did however do a test to see if the fluid indeed had been amniotic fluid. That came back positive. But I was also checked for dilation and my cervix was closed, so that was good news. They put me on an IV and gave me antibiotics and a shot of steroids to help Calvin's lungs mature.

Now Justin's mother was with me and we still could not get ahold of Justin. I had texted him a couple updates so he'd have an idea what was up once he got to his phone. She had called him 9 times. I was actually supposed to attend a church event with my other mother in law, Justin's step mom, that morning and I had to message her to cancel. So Justin awoke to a missed call from me, 9 from his mother, and one from his dad. Apparently his phone was on silent lol.

So finally, after a couple hours, my husband walked through the hospital room door. He looked so handsome, not gonna lie lol. But the look on his face was just like "holy crap, what's happening?" I did get tears in my eyes as soon as I saw him. I was just so worried for our baby boy.

So due to the fact that I was only 32 weeks, I had to be transferred to another hospital, and I chose one where my regular doctor did not deliver. I would get a new doctor. Once meeting with him and having an ultrasound, I think Justin and I are pretty happy with the way things are sounding at this point. It looks like Calvin's doing well, moving properly, good heart rate, practicing his breathing. His fluids are good and I'm not in labor. If all continues to go well my doctor wants to keep me pregnant for as long as possible, it sounds like 2-3 weeks right now. That puts us in the 34-35 weeks range. Although he'll still need to be in the hospital once he comes, our doctor really made me feel optimistic about the whole situation, much better than my "no, no, no" moment this morning.

In the meantime, I'm on bedrest in the hospital until Calvin comes. So you're not going to see videos from me for awhile now and I do apologize for that. But if you follow the blog here, you'll know what's up. I am praying for our little boy and I hope he's in your thoughts and prayers too. Thank you all so much for your love and support.

Alaina and Calvin


  1. Wow! You have been through a lot over the last week. I'm so glad that Calvin is still inside of you doing well. I'm praying that he comes at 35+ weeks so he can immediately go home with you and your hubby.

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, that's what we're praying for too! So far, so good. 😊