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Monday, May 28, 2018

Vegan For a Week Challenge : Meal Plan w/ non-vegan Husband

Over the last couple years I've gone through spurts wondering if I could go vegetarian or vegan. I've watched plenty of documentaries on Netflix that give me inspiration to eat better. I've definitely added more fruit and veggies and real food to my diet. But the one thing that's finally pushed me over the edge to really give it a go is Ellen Fisher. If you haven't watched her on YouTube, you should. Her editing style is beautiful. Her family is just too precious. She's vegan. And... why can't we all live in Hawaii?! Just asking...

I tried reducing our family's meat intake a couple times, but always found it so difficult with the world's pickiest eater of a husband! Seriously, he's pretty bad, especially about real food. He picks chunks of tomato out of spaghetti and just plain won't eat anything where he sees a single piece of onion, although he likes the flavor. As far as real food is concerned, the only stuff he eats are rice, beans, potatoes, and corn. And so I've incorporated those into some of our dishes for the week.
And I think that's my biggest hang up. I don't want to make two meals every night! And I know if I left him on his own, his eating habits would only worsen. He would have frozen pizza and pizza rolls and fast food for dinner if I refused to cook for him. So what am I supposed to do? Should I abandon him and only worry about me and Calvin (our two year old)? Or should I make meals big enough for us both, only for him to take one bite? Or should I just cook his regular old meals and make myself something else, doing twice the work? Seriously. Someone tell me what to do!

So this week, I've come up with the best compromise I could think of. I found recipes I thought were easy enough to make us both happy. I've included how I'll alter them for us both. I hope this gives you a little inspiration. And for real, if you're vegan or vegetarian cooking for a household that isn't, please help me out. How do you do it?

Mexican Potato Casserole (inspired by THIS)
salsa, beans, corn, small cubed potatoes, nutritional yeast, taco seasoning
cheese for Justin's half

Crescent Rolls
crescent rolls (see other surprising vegan foods HERE) filled with
pepperoni and mozzarella for Justin
hummus and tomatoes for me

leftover casserole
(maybe scoop it into tortillas to switch things up)

Bean & Corn Enchiladas
enchilada sauce, beans, corn, tortillas
cheese for Justin's
(I think I'll roughly squish up the beans so they don't go rolling out)

Flatbread Pizzas
homemade vegan flatbread HERE
tomato sauce for both
pepperoni and mozzarella for Justin
veggies for me

Saturday/Sunday + All Lunches:
Salad - Italian dressing, spinach, tomatoes, etc.
Wraps - guacamole, hummus, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, mixed frozen veggies, etc.
Sandwiches on super seed bread
Veggie fried quinoa
And Justin's on his own (ha!), sometimes we just don't plan much for the weekends, so this isn't unusual.

Breakfast Options:
oatmeal - coconut flakes, cacoa nibs, maple syrup, peanut butter, berries, applesauce, etc.
toast - peanut butter, jelly, chia seeds, etc.
chia seed pudding with homemade granola
homemade granola with almond milk
Homemade Granola guide HERE

seasoned, baked chickpeas
potato fries
Cinnamon roll smoothie HERE
Thanks for reading.

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