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Friday, June 27, 2014

ELF Studio Mineral Infused Tone Adjusting Green Color Correcting Primer : Review

This has a very wet feeling to it, it feels slick on the skin.  It does absorb well and glide on smoothly.  It doesn't leave any sort of sticky or tacky feeling, no sheen either.  It does pretty well at mattifying the skin.  Like most primers, it creates an awesome foundation for the rest of your face makeup and makes everything glide on smoothly and nicely.  I find that when I use this primer I use less foundation because it just makes everything go the distance.  Whereas, when I use no primer, I always have to go in for a second pump of my usual foundations.  However the one downside, which is supposed to be the selling point of this product, I don't find that it cancels ANY of my redness... like at all, but it also doesn't leave a greenish cast to the face either, so that's good.

It doesn't prevent any type of creasing or reduce the size of my pores.  I wore it on half of my face to compare between skin with primer and skin without, but both sides looked essentially the same and didn't wear any differently throughout the day.  Without touching up with powder, I was still shiny and oily by the end of the day, so this primer is not any sort of lifesaver by any means.  I enjoy that it allows foundation to glide on smoothly so you will use less product.

While testing it on half of my face, I did notice my blush/bronzer was still super intense on the side "with primer" by the end of the day, while the other side had faded a bit.  Maybe I just didn't apply as much on the "no primer" side first thing in the morning, or maybe it really did help the rest of my face makeup look awesome all day.

I believe I used to own the original version of this, but the pump broke in no time and I threw it out.  The formula of that original mineral infused primer was thicker and felt more like a gel, whereas this tone correcting one has a more liquidy feel.  It has an almost mousse-like texture but it feels wet when applied.

-makes the skin look matte
-helps you use less foundation
-helps foundation blend smoothly over top
-maybe helped my blush/bronzer stay strong all day

-not color correcting
-doesn't reduce pore size
-doesn't control oil
-doesn't really help foundation look or last any better by the end of the day versus "no primer"

Overall, I would not recommend this if you are truly looking for a color correcting primer.  However, if you just want an affordable primer to help your makeup apply and look better, maybe try it out.

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