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Friday, June 20, 2014

Sally Girl Single Shadows Review + Swatches - Mint, Onyx, Wine

Everyone has been nuts over these little eyeshadow singles lately, so I thought I'd pick them up as well.

Colors Left to Right:
Mint, Onyx, Wine

Mint: a minty, light aqua color with silver shimmer.
Onyx: a deep matte charcoal.
Wine: a deep black-based plum with golden shimmer.

The packaging is cheap, to be expected, but it is a cool concept to connect them into your own little custom palette.  They are not crap by any means, but they can be somewhat difficult to work with under certain conditions.  For the price, go check them out.  They have a pretty wide color selection so if you see one that looks good, go for it.  For $.99, it's not a terrible investment.

These are very soft and somewhat crumbly, so fall-out can be an issue with these if you try to work too quickly or use sweeping motions with your brush.  However, they are very pigmented.  They remind me of Wet n Wild eyeshadows because of their high pigmentation and soft texture.  They can be somewhat chunky though and difficult to blend.  The matte one in particular is hard to blend.  They are only $.99 so it's hard to expect perfection, they do take a little bit of extra work but they are beautiful colors.

By the way, I was just thinking, maybe the chunkiness has to do with the wavy design on them.  Maybe if they were just flat, it wouldn't be such an issue.  I guess we will have to see after I have worn them down enough to flatten them out.

Without primer, these shadows can be patchy and difficult to blend.  On top of a sticky base such as a cream eyeshadow, they look gorgeous, but you just have to make sure you extend that base to wherever you will be putting shadow.  If you get to the border of a cream shadow, they aren't going to perform as pigmented on the outer edge without that base there to support them.  Even using my typical primer, these do not come off any better. If you go in with your finger instead of a brush, you can get great full color like you can see in the swatches.  It's just so surprising that they swatch nicely, yet don't perform well at all under typical eyeshadow application circumstances.

They are not the best eyeshadows in the world, but for the price, they are pretty nice and as long as you like to use bases or at least primers, they're going to turn out just as nice as many other shadows.  For $.99, go check them out and see what you think.

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