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Thursday, June 19, 2014

June Ipsy Glam Bag Pictures, Swatches, & Mini Reviews

I'm actually pretty impressed with the mascara.  It's a drier formula, which I enjoy.  It's pretty volumizing, though not so lengthening.  I really like the size of the brush for my smaller, hooded eyes.  It works and looks awesome on my lower lashes.

The eyebrow pencil is just not a good eyebrow pencil.  It is way too creamy to use on the brows.  It does not set, so you can smear it around or even remove it if you touch your brows.  Not cool.  It won't even be great as an eyeliner because it doesn't set, it will just smear around and simply not look good.  I would also not call this "universal" at all.  I think it's very dark for blondes. This one was definitely one of the duds this month.

The beach spray is just like any other affordable brand of beach spray I've ever tried.  The only one that has ever worked with my hair is the Healthy Sexy Hair one.  Others just don't really give me any kind of wave.  My hair has naturally become straighter and straighter as I've gotten older, but if you have already naturally wavy hair, I'm sure it would work fine.  It does give a ton of texture, so if you're looking to create a hairstyle where you need an extra little bit of dirtiness to make your hair stay put, this would be an awesome product to spritz in first before you go styling your hair.

I enjoy the NYX Butter Glosses, even though I'm usually not a huge fan of gloss.  On windy days, my hair just gets caught on my lips and that's really the number one thing I hate lol.  Plus I like to apply lip products I don't need to worry about, and glosses just never last long enough for me.  However, these glosses are not sticky and yucky feeling and they actually last a little longer than many other drugstore glosses I've tried.  This one in particular is a pinky nude color.  It's still pigmented like the other Butter Glosses, but it's just a nude color so it may not really look like it.

I'm not a big perfume wearer, but this one is a scent I would go for on that once in a blue moon occasion that I wear perfume. My mom can't handle the scents of perfumes, they're too strong and give her headaches, so I've been raised to not use them in the house or anywhere around her, so I'm not a big fan myself.  Sometimes strong scents will give me headaches too, so I just stick to body sprays and lightly scented stuff. 

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