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Monday, June 16, 2014

Wet N Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Color Lipsticks Review

     These are great quality lipsticks, especially for the price.  Wet n Wild once again delivers for awesome prices.  These are super opaque lipsticks that will leave a stain behind.  This is something I enjoy from a lipstick if you want to wear it all day.  It's not going to fade badly, the stain will help your lips keep quite a bit of color even once the actual lipstick has worn away.

     Fuchsianista is a semi-metallic finish cool hot pink & Ferguson Crest Cabernet is a dark wine color.

     They do fade a tad bit on the inner portion of the lips if you've been eating or drinking a bunch, but like I said, the stain left over still looks good.

     They will feather a tiny bit on their own, but that's nothing a lip liner won't help you out with.  They faded a tad on the outer edges of my lips without any primer or lip liner, it honestly wasn't anything bad though.  However, beware that if you put a gloss on top, they're gonna feather bad.  I tried it once with a Bare Minerals Moxie lipgloss and will not do it again.  I don't usually like a glossy look anyway, but after seeing how badly these lipsticks feathered with a gloss on top, it was bad, I'll just leave it at that.

     These lipsticks wear comfortably.  They don't feel dry whatsoever.  I enjoy the Wet n Wild SilkFinish and MegaLast lipsticks as well, however, I find them both to be drying after a couple hours, so it's great that with the Fergie Lipsticks, you get the same awesome color payoff, plus they feel good on the lips.

     My only complaint, as with many Wet n Wild products, is the packaging.  You can just tell that it's cheap and isn't going to hold up for as long as you are still using the product.  This is, of course, a big pain in the butt, but I'm sure it's also a reason why we get these great quality items for such affordable prices.  Sometimes you just have to settle for some give and take.

     I would recommend these, especially if you find them on sale at Walgreens or CVS, there are always deals going on if you just wait a week or two.

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