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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sleek Face Form Kit - Fair - Contour, Highlight, Blush : Review

I had been eyeing the new Urban Decay Flushed palettes.  I swatched them all and thought about it, and stared at them, trying to decide what to do.  I just wasn't happy with the combinations in any of them.  Half of the highlighters were too dark for my skin, the bronzers too shimmery, etc.  I just wasn't happy with my choices and I wasn't going to pay $30 for something I wasn't completely in love with.  So I started checking out Sleek makeup and found this little palette and I'm sooo glad I did.

What I liked about Sleek over UD...
-Matte bronzer
-Light enough highlight for my pale skin
-Coral blush (one of my favorites blush colors)
-Affordable! :)

All three components of this palette are just perfectly made for light skin tones.  The one I got is in "fair" but that's only because "light" was a couple bucks more on Amazon, where I bought mine.  None of these products are too pigmented or heavy or dark for my skin.  I am super happy with this purchase.  They are not too light either.  They are just excellent colors with just the right amount of pigmentation for pale skin.  I feel like this palette is the goldy locks of all face products I've come across.

Bronzer - not too orange, easy to blend, looks super natural, and just gives a little bit of color.  It may not be dark or pigmented enough for really contouring, but it's great just to give some all over color.  It doesn't have shimmer, it is totally matte, which makes me happy because the other two products have a sheen.  To me using a shimmery blush, bronzer, and highlight would have been just way too much.
Blush - not too pigmented, but you also do not have to dig your brush in to get color.  It's very natural and not too shimmery on the skin.
Highlight - very natural and sheer.  When swatched it looks very intense, but on a brush, it doesn't get too heavy and crazy, it looks very natural; however, you can build it up using your fingers or a dense brush to achieve a more intense look if that's what you like.

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