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Friday, June 6, 2014

Flower Beauty Kiss Stick Velvet Matte Lip Color Lipstick Review : LS9 Flamingo Flower

Watch the video above to see this lipstick in action.

   This lipstick has pretty nice wear time.  Without eating, you can go about 3 hours without needing to reapply just toward the inner lips.  It just fades slightly and I feel that at the 3 hour mark, it needs a little refresher, but it doesn't look bad by any means.  It leaves a slight stain behind, but after eating a meal or drinking frequently, it's really going to need to be reapplied.

     This lipstick has a thin consistency but it definitely still has great full color payoff. It has a pretty matte finish, but still has dimension.  This one in particular is a bold pink-red which is great for spring and summer. It's not a traditional red but it does have that same bold lip effect that a red gives a look.

     To compare my current favorite lipsticks to this Flower Beauty one...
NYX Matte Lipsticks are awesome, but they have a heavy feeling on the lips.  You definitely know you're wearing lipstick when you have NYX Matte Lipsticks on.  However, with this Flower Beauty Lipstick, it feels super lightweight, you wouldn't even remember you're wearing it... until you get to the 2 hour mark.  At that point Flower Beauty starts to feel dry (keep in mind, I have made my lips addicted to moisture, I am a lip balm lover and cannot go anywhere without one, so if you have normal lips that aren't addicted to lip balms, this lipstick may take on a different feel for you).  NYX Matte Lipsticks don't start to bother me until about the 4 hour mark, for comparison.

*swatch to the left is one pass back and forth
*LS9 Flamingo Flower

    I would recommend this lipstick because of its lightweight feeling and great color payoff.
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