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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Loreal Le Matte & La Lacque + True Match Lumi Powder Illuminator : New at the Drugstore!

I just happened to come across a few new Loreal products at the drugstore today and thought I would throw together a simple swatch and photo post for my lovely readers. Full reviews to come, but I thought I'd give a little sneaky peaky today.

Here's what I picked up at Walgreens (And apparently the BOGO 1/2 off Loreal deal does not work on these new products?).

Loreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator Blush & Highlight - N202 Rose - $12.99 
Loreal La Lacque Shiny Full Coverage Lip Colour - 209 Choco-Lacque - $9.99 
Loreal Le Matte Velvety Full Coverage Lip Colour - 108 Matte-R of Fact - $8.99 

(Why is La Lacque more expensive than Le Matte?)

I can already tell the rose gold trim on this packaging is not going to look good for long. As I was peeling off the seal sticker, I already scratched some of the color off. Other than that though, the packaging feels nice. It's not too cheap feeling, it has a bit of weight to it, which I like. 

The four shades inside look beautiful!

It comes with a nice large mirror and one of those brushes nobody uses in the bottom.

Although the product looks gorgeous in the pan, it comes off on the skin a lot more shimmery than I would have thought. The two deeper shades seem to have a nicer and finer texture than the other two upon first swatches.

Just after testing this once with a stippling brush swirled in the powder, I noticed it kicked up a lot of powder, as you can see. 
My full review of the New Lumi Powder HERE!

Loreal La Lacque & Le Matte Full Coverage Lip Colour
See full review HERE!

Loreal La Lacque Choco-Lacque (top)
Loreal Le Matte Matte-r of Fact (bottom)

(above pic) Le Matte Matte-r of Fact on left & La Lacque Choco-Lacque on right 

Loreal La Lacque/ Le Matte vs. Maybelline Color Blur

Here you can see just how much product you are getting (above pic).
As you can see, it looks like the Loreal (left) and Maybelline (right) have the same amount of product (the Maybelline has been used once or twice here).
But in fact, the Maybelline product has slightly more product (see below pic). 
Maybelline = .04 oz, Loreal = .032 oz.

You can see my full review on the Maybelline Color Blur Lip Pencils Here!

The Maybelline (right) also twists completely down into the pencil, as opposed to the Loreal (left) which pokes out a bit at the top. I realize this will no longer cause an issue once the Loreal is used a few times, but I just thought I would point it out. I like that the Maybelline twists completely down so you don't risk accidently nicking the lip product or making a mess on the lid.

I hope this post was entertaining to hold you over until I can fully review these new products!
Thanks so much for reading!

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