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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash 060 Peach Prism Review & Swatches

I was skeptical about this new little product from Revlon, but as you will see as you read on, I became pleasantly surprised by it and may perhaps purchase some other colors!


I have found that the eyeshadow side does not crease! Yay! You do have to be somewhat careful when you first apply it and keep your eyes closed for a moment while it dries. It actually blends out really nicely and evenly with your finger. You don't just want to apply it with the little sponge applicator and leave it at that, it needs some blending. It's a beautiful color on the lids and I think it's great for those days you don't want to bother with an entire eye look, just slap this on, blend it a bit, and you're good to go.


The eyeliner has less glitter than I would like. It comes off a bit sheer and I would prefer it to have more color payoff and opacity. However, it is comfortable to wear. I have come across liners such as the NYX Liquid Crystal Liners that feel stiff around the eye area and also flake off after only a few hours of wear. This Revlon eyeliner does not have either of those problems. After a full day's wear, you can see the glitter liner starting to "peel up," but I haven't actually seen it come off. And that's only after about 6-8 hours of wear. 

Perhaps the glitter liner applicator could be a little smaller so you can get a more precise application. However, since the liner is somewhat sheer in both color and glitter, I think this larger size works okay for the product. If it were a smaller brush you would definitely not be able to see much color payoff or glitter. I think the glitter liner would also look good applied on top of the blended out eyeshadow to give a little more excitement to a look. 

shadow on top, liner on bottom
Overall I was super pleasantly surprised with this little duo! I really didn't have high hopes for it, I just picked it up because I saw that it was new!
Have you tried any of these? What's your favorite shade because I'm thinking I might go back for more!


In these wear pictures, I have placed the eyeshadow on first, blended it with my finger, waited for it to dry, then applied a thin layer of the glitter liner on top and blended that out with my finger as well. This gives a pretty affect. At first it feels a little stiff, but after just a few minutes, it feels like any other eye makeup.

Thanks for reading.

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