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Monday, June 22, 2015

Loreal True Match Lumi Powder Review + Swatches

Here's the original haul blog post if you're also interested in the new release of the Le Matte & La Lacque lip products from Loreal too! 

Upon first application, I dabbed the darker sections and used as a sort of blush. The two lighter sections are great as eyeshadows or used lightly as a highlight. I used the largest shade as my highlight, the top shade as my blush, and the right side shade as a shadow all over

It's not too shimmery if you just tap your brush on it. If you swirl the brush, it picks up a ton of product and it looks very obvious even on my light skin. It doesn't quite blend in and look like a natural glow when you use too much. 

It also kicks up a lot of powder if you swirl it (see below picture). This powder is very soft, so I just dab my brush in it. 

After 11 hours on my face, I can still see the glow from this product. The rest of my face is also oily and shiny, but I can definitely tell where the highlighter is. I'm unsure if I like the way it looked when I applied the deeper shade as a blush. I think that it's a pretty color, but the glow that it catches in certain light is not quite the look I'm going for. So overall, this is a gorgeous highlight and I love applying the shades on my lid with a finger for an easy eye look too. 

As for the packaging, I actually quite like it. It has a very large mirror in the bottom and it feels like a nice weight. The brush I haven't used, but I think it would be nice for highlighting since it is thin. The outside rose gold, however, I'm not such a big fan of because it's only an overlay, mine has already been scratched off a bit as I removed the little sticker that seals the product shut in the store. The color is gorgeous of course, but I just think it's going to look worn really quickly. 

Overall, I think the Walgreen's price of $12.99 is a bit pricey, but I enjoy this enough to keep it. If you come across it at a more affordable store like Walmart or Target, I would definitely recommend this!

Thank you for reading!

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