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Friday, June 12, 2015

New Maybelline Color Blur by LipStudio Cream Matte Pencil & Smudger Review, Swatches, Photos

Price: $7.73 at Walmart

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The packaging is very true to color.
Applies so smoothly.
Feels very lightweight.

Lasts really well. It somewhat wears away in the center after eating, but it reapplies beautifully and doesn't get cakey or uncomfortable when you just add an extra coat on top of the existing product.
Does not bleed or feather all day, even without a lip pencil, not even in the inner corners of my mouth, which can sometimes be a trouble spot on my lips.
Pretty transfer resistant. It leaves some color behind, but not nearly as bad as so many other lipsticks, including the Creamy Mattes from Maybelline.

At about 5-6 hours, I want to apply some lip balm because they start to feel dry. Applying some balm refreshes my lips but doesn't alter the color. It brings a little bit of a sheen to it, so it's not completely matte anymore, but it doesn't tone down the color or make the product behave strangely. There are some products out there that just act differently if you add a balm on top, I'm so glad to say that this is not one of them. Adding the balm does make it less transfer resistant though.

When I purchased this product, I thought the smudger on the end was just silly and gimmicky, I didn't think it would be necessary or useful. BUT I actually really like it. Usually I just use my finger to smudge out lipstick that I want to be more sheer, which leaves me with a stained fingertip because so many lipsticks these days are intensely pigmented and stain the skin (this one is no exception, it is intensely pigmented). This smudger is a nice shape and it's soft and comfortable to use. I like that it's just plastic and you can wipe it down and clean it, unlike a sponge-tip that just gathers product endlessly.

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