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Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Secret Diary Post - Week 10 - 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

So this is the picture caught when Justin says "be happy" Haha. 
Week 10 - Nov. 13-19

I think my bump has been the same since 7 weeks. It was cute at first seeing something happening, but now I just feel fat. Also, I don't know if I've mentioned this before but pretty much since the beginning, I have had random moments where this one little spot, maybe the size of my thumb, on my stomach to the upper right of my belly button feels numb. I've been reading that it either has to do with nerves or stretching of the muscles, but it doesn't seem to be anything too out of the ordinary. I felt it a lot right when we found out I was pregnant, and now it's back again this week. It's so weird how these symptoms come and go!

Weight: 134 lbs (+7 lbs)

I don't think I've had any aversions this week. Tuesday night I had my first really bad craving! I hadn't felt the immediate desire to get food so far, until then. I saw a commercial for pizza and I begged Justin to order me a pizza even though it was already 7 pm and I usually head to bed right at 8. Haha. I got my pizza and I was happy. I seriously was gonna cry if I didn't get that darned pizza.

Morning Sickness: 
I only got one wave of it on the last day of week 10 right around lunch time. I think I'm one of the lucky ones getting off this easy with the morning sickness. Looking back, it really wasn't that bad. I only had maybe 2-3 instances where I really thought I'd throw up, but I never did. I just felt gross and uncomfortable, but not as bad as so many ladies out there. And it only lasted a little over a month, so I'm very fortunate and thank God it wasn't as bad as a lot of others experience! If you're suffering with terrible sickness, I'm so sorry and I hope this post doesn't make you angry.

Maternity Clothes: 
Went shopping with my sister over the weekend for clothes and Christmas decorations. The only clothes I got were tank tops, so I think I'll be set for that. They're all really long and stretchy, so I think they will work out well with my growing belly. I still can't find any reasonably priced and decent maternity pants though! I bought one pair of dress pants that feel like sweatpants from Walmart, hopefully they'll survive a couple of weeks with the amount of stretch they have. Pants are my biggest issue right now and I hate paying full price for clothes, so this is a real struggle for me. Ha.

Before I knew I was pregnant, I kept having this melancholy feeling some days. I would just feel sad and unmotivated. I've been feeling like that again this week. Sunday I just wanted to lay in bed all day and I attribute that more to my emotions than to fatigue. It's also the reason why I didn't get to film my "9 Weeks Update" and will be combining my 9 weeks and 10 weeks update at the end of this week.

Sleep is good. I only have been getting up to pee, but at least I can fall back asleep pretty easily after that. I either wake up ready to go or I never want to leave my bed, I don't have any in-between days. I feel like I sleep soo much. I'm not napping, just going to bed an hour earlier than usual. And I'm getting pretty good at just passing out as soon as I hit the pillow. Haha.

Dude, this one is a good one: I dreamt that I ordered my friend Amy (http://makeupandbeautybyamy.blogspot.com/) the Loreal La Palette Nudes to send to her in Ireland. When I got the palettes, one was regular and one was called the "La Palette Extraordinaire" and it had extra shadows and it was really large. Haha. That's the beauty junkie in me coming out in my dreams ha.
I dreamt something that felt really real and perhaps scary Sunday night but I can't recall it.
In one dream I remember I was pregnant and drinking alcohol. Like hard liquor, I'm pretty sure. I remember Justin looking at me with the, "are you freaking crazy?" look and I just shrugged it off. Wow. I had a dream I was smoking last week, now I'm drinking?! What is going on in my head? Haha.
I also had a dream involving Justin's favorite band.

Physical Symptoms:
Little bit of cramping Friday. Fatigue is back after not being an issue for a couple of weeks. I'm starting to get headaches again this week, which have been pretty absent since around the time I found out I was pregnant. (I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I get migraines and headaches pretty frequently).
Last week I was complaining about pimples on my scalp in my hair. I started washing my hair regularly every other day instead of trying to make it three days and that's fixed my problem! The pimples are almost completely gone! Just after less than a week of washing my hair every two days. Yay, one pregnancy annoyance down! But did I just trade head pimples for headaches?! I'd gladly trade back!

Baby's Gender/Sex?:
Alright, first of all, I understand that "sex" refers to the actual physical sex organs, whereas "gender" is based on behavior, etc. Yes, I've taken Soc. classes, I know the difference. However, it's just more common to refer to it as "Baby's Gender" than "Baby's Sex" so you may see me use the terms interchangeably. Just a head's up.
I want to know our baby's gender so stinkin' bad I don't know how women handled this for thousands of years before ultrasounds! Like, seriously. I don't care what it is, honestly. I can think of a million reasons in favor of one or the other, but I just want to know! I think it will make it feel more real and I can start hoarding more baby things! Haha. I've thought since the beginning that it's a boy, but I really can't say one or the other at this point. My family is full of girls, I have two sisters and two nieces. A couple friend of ours just had a baby girl and apparently they don't know many other friends with babies, so they're hoping we have a girl who can play with their girl. I'm used to girls, girls are just so precious, but perhaps it's time for a boy in the mix! Haha. I just want to know so bad! Let me know your guesses in the comments section!!! I can't wait to do an old wives tales gender reveal video on my YouTube channel once the time comes!
But later on in the week, I was thinking: what if we don't find out what our next babies' genders are? I know I could never do it with our first, being new parents and not knowing what we're doing, I'd feel way more unprepared not knowing if the baby is a boy or girl! But what about next time? I know it's weird to be thinking about our next baby when we're only 10 weeks along with our first, but I was just wondering, could we really handle that? Haha. I bet Justin could. But I like planning and that might drive me nuts!

Sunday Justin wanted to make a baby gate, so we headed to Home Depot and looked at wood and hardware. He wants to make a cute barn style door that is attached to the wall and permanent. Although we didn't get the things to make it, we were just browsing really, it made me happy when Justin offered up that activity for the day, especially since I wasn't having a very good day and otherwise would have just laid around doing nothing all day.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Shopping with Ry and finding the cutest little stuffed fox in the Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby, buying it for "Christmas" purposes, but really wanting it to go in the baby's room! Just Christmas shopping overall because it's our first Christmas in our own home and our first Christmas with baby on the way!
I tried to hold out until after Thanksgiving to decorate because that's what Justin wanted, but I just couldn't help it. We started decorating Monday night. We still don't have a tree yet, but I put up my stained glass Christmas village my mom made for me, our stockings, garland, and some little decorative items. I still want to get some more decorations for our kitchen though!

Thanks for reading,
Alaina and Tiny Baby


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    1. Haha. The dreams have been pretty strange already lol.