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Friday, December 4, 2015

My Secret Diary Post - Week 9 - 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 9 - Nov. 6-12

Got dressed for work Monday and definitely noticed the bump in my regular, normal, everyday attire, so that was somewhat of a surprise.

132, that's +5 lbs already! Haven't been back to the doctor so I don't know what they have to say just yet, but I feel like I'm gaining weight too quickly and it's making me feel bad. I know in the last two weeks my belly is already growing, so maybe it's just water weight from bloating, etc.

The idea of fried stuff grosses me out, but I had some cheese sticks over the weekend and didn't die. I have been eating these little egg breakfast muffin things for breakfast for over a month, but now all of a sudden they gross me out. What the heck?

Morning Sickness: 
Off and on again. At first it felt like it was starting to let up, but it's back again just like usual this week. I'll have one good day and one kinda sucky day and that's just how it is for now. I do feel like the good days are finally starting to outweigh the sucky days, so we're improving! :)

Maternity Clothes:
Went through my dresser and packed up all the pants that don't fit anymore. That's how intense this is getting lol. Many of the pants already did not fit, so it's really not as bad as it sounds, but I'm pretty much down to about 5-6 pairs that are working right now and I packed away just as many.
Before getting pregnant, I always thought, "who would ever wear those low rise maternity pants?" "why don't you just wear the full panel ones always?" Well I think I know the answer now. I'm not big enough for full panel pants, but I need some kind of solution to the pants problem. The side panel pants will be perfect for the months leading up to a big belly that requires full panel pants. At least that's what I'm thinking right now. It takes a lot for me to buy full price clothing, so this is becoming a struggle. I've been to all the basic stores in town and have found nothing on clearance that works for me. I can see myself buying full price items once I get to that super uncomfortable really pregnant stage, but for this transition period, not knowing how long I'll be able to wear anything, I don't want to spend a lot.

Pictures of babies and tiny baby animals make me so happy I want to cry lately. They are just so adorable!

I go to lay in bed right at 8 and wake up at 6, so I get plenty of sleep. I have been up for an hour or so in the middle of the night several times this week. Always have to get up to pee once too.

I have definitely started having more dreams that I remember. I usually only have maybe one memorable dream per week on average, so this is quite a change for me. Here are some of the ones I remember...
I dreamt that baby was a boy. We were having an ultrasound and they told us.
I also had a dream about an old neighbor at my parents' house who I definitely haven't even talked to since I was a kid.
I had one scary dream this week. I wouldn't call it a nightmare because it wasn't that terrible, but it was still not a good dream.
I dreamt that it snowed! I love the snow.
Also had a dream that I was smoking while pregnant!

Other Symptoms:
Boobies are good, nipples can be sensitive. Sore gums for a few days. Sinuses seem extra stuffy and my throat has been sore (maybe just a cold, not pregnancy-related?). This week is the beginning of the guaranteed pee in the middle of the night thing. Every night. Guaranteed. I also feel like I've been more thirsty at bedtime too. I always need a big glass of ice water and I wake to take a drink a couple times in the night (come to think of it, maybe this is the reason behind the peeing in the middle of the night lol).
The pimples on my scalp (along my hairline and in my hair) are bugging the crap out of me! I have had them since the beginning pretty much and I haven't changed my haircare routine at all (no new products or anything), so I know it has to be pregnancy related. Every time I run my fingers through my hair, I hit one and they are so sore, it hurts! I guess it's better than having pimples all over my face or my arms or chest or anywhere else I guess, for that matter. So I'm going to start washing my hair every other day instead of trying to make it three days and see if that helps. So that will be the experiment for next week. Fingers crossed! This stuff is annoying.
I usually get migraines quite frequently, but since getting pregnant, they have been pretty well-behaved. Until this past week and a half, that is. I've had three in ten days, which is better than before I got pregnant, but worse than the past month and a half since I got pregnant. So that's that.
I have noticed this week that I've had less of a filter: I just say what I want, whereas usually I keep to myself. When someone makes me mad, I tell them. Not sure if this is a good thing or not just yet. Ha. It feels good to just let it out though.

I was actually talking to Justin on Saturday about how good I've been with my emotions and he even agreed and thought I was happier than usual. But then that same night I didn't feel well and was kinda being snotty, so I just threw that good behavior out the window lol.

Favorite Moment of the Week:
Was actually laying in bed early in the morning talking to Justin and him reassuring me that I've actually been quite pleasant so far in this whole pregnancy thing.

Thanks for reading!
Alaina and Tiny Baby

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