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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week 14 - 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 14 - Dec. 11-17
After looking back at my weekly pictures, I can officially say this is the week that I popped!

Welcome to the second trimester, where everything is supposed to be magical and delightfully grand! :) This week Justin got the Harmony test results and in next week's post, I'll tell you all about the gender reveal party!!!

Sooo... what the heck? The bump pic we took at 13 weeks, 1 day definitely looks smaller than the 12 weeks, 1 day pic... Also, I'm tired of this squishy bloaty belly, I just want a real baby bump already! Haha. I thought for sure it would be here by now! But Wednesday night and Thursday I looked down at my belly and said, "yes, this thing is growing!" Which is one of the first times in my pregnancy that I've noticed the belly without having to look at the weekly progression pics.

Maternity Clothes:
My last pair of regular jeans are finished this week. I can't decide if I'm going to try the hair tie trick with them, but they are too uncomfortable to just wear like usual now. (I still have three pairs of softer/stretchier dress pants that should work for a little while longer).
I finally gathered all my maternity clothes and filmed a haul over the weekend. It was a try-on too so it took awhile to film but I should be able to edit it sometime soon-ish, then it's going up on LainasLife.

Remember how last week I said it felt like Justin was thinking more before he spoke to me if I was being irritable? Well I asked him about that and he confirmed that yes, that was the case. Haha. Well thank goodness he's being nice and I'm not just imagining it. He really is just great. I'm so glad he realizes that I'm just a psycho lady at this point and he doesn't want to make it worse. :) I love him.  

Kinda crappy to fall asleep, but I'm not getting up to pee as much! If I do happen to get and pee, falling back asleep sucks! I can be up for an hour or two after that.

I dreamt Justin made a test cake and colored it pink on the inside. I couldn't decide if he used pink because it was actually a girl and he was testing how much food coloring he needed to get the perfect pink color, or if he was trying to use reverse psychology and it was actually a boy. Haha.
I also dreamt I got Justin a little onesie for Christmas and it was pink! But in the dream I felt like I ordered the wrong color like it was supposed to be for a boy.
So those two dreams had me even more confused. I felt like someone was telling me baby was a girl but on the inside I was still really really convinced baby was a boy. Perhaps the dreams are trying to tell me that the doctor will say baby is a girl, but baby will come out a boy! Haha. Or maybe I'm reading too much in to these dreams.

Perhaps it is finally returning? Still can't stay up past like 10 on the weekends, but I'm able to make it past 8 during the week haha.

Justin and I took a walk one day and I went to the gym twice. I actually even started jogging a little at the gym, which I haven't done since I found out I was pregnant. I was almost afraid to do so. I have to be honest, and I know this is irrational, but I just imaged tiny little baby just a couple centimeters big, not being able to hold on to my uterus while I ran and I feared miscarriage during the first trimester. I know, it's so stupid to even think like that, but I couldn't get it out of my head. Now that baby is a few inches big, I think it's a little stronger in there.
I do a warm-up walk for 10 minutes, then jog 2 min., walk 3, jog 2, walk 3, etc. until I'm ready to go, which is usually about half an hour so I can get home at the same time as Justin and we can have dinner.
And I've also started this new thing at work for every time I go to the bathroom, which is like so many times a day it's not even funny. I do lunges back and forth across the bathroom, then calf raises as I'm washing my hands. I must say, I've been able to feel it more and more everyday! Then at home I do a wall sit (I think that's what it's called) while I brush my teeth. I'm just trying to incorporate some little things throughout my day that can hopefully just become routine and I don't even have to think about it.

Got a craving for a French Vanilla MooLatte from Dairy Queen on Tuesday. Also decided to get the 4 piece chicken basket while I was there, ate all my chicken, plus the Texas toast (very unusual, I seriously never eat more than two of the chicken strips), even though I already had the salad I'd packed for lunch that day. Yep, there's the extreme hunger again at play. But, I'm so glad to say that MooLattes have about the same caffeine as a glass of iced tea, so I feel like I'm being good to baby too.
Then I got a craving for cream soda. Remember at the beginning of my pregnancy when I was enjoying A&W Root beer? I usually don't drink soda, like very rarely. Yet, during this pregnancy, it seems to be appealing, which is weird. Lol.

Physical Symptoms:
Hunger always. Nothing new. Zits still, on my face, on my scalp.
Finally discovered what this pain I've been feeling is called. Round ligament pain. When I sneeze or laugh really hard, sometimes I'll get a sharp pain in my low abdomen. This has been going on for several weeks now. It's not constant and it's not every single time I laugh or sneeze, just sometimes. But on occasion I feel like my insides are going to burst. Ha.

Nothing yet, but at times I will sit really really still and try to feel something, anything! I'll press my hands on my lower abdomen and try really hard. I figured since I felt so many different things in my uterus around ovulation and implantation, I could surely be one of the lucky few who feels baby's movements early! But no luck so far.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Shopping with my sister Ryann at Ross for nursery accessories! :)

Got two little baskets for the changing table and a cute little rug to put in front of the crib. I actually caught my cat laying on the new rug the night we put it in there. :) Since then, apparently the cats like to use the rug as a blanket because it's always messed up. Lol.

The Name Game:
Can't wait to find out the sex to call this baby by his/her name! The two names we have picked out right now (and for a couple weeks now) are the official names we are sticking to and don't worry, you will know them both soon enough. You know how in the movies people just fall in love at first sight, that's how I felt with these names. As soon as we discussed them together, I just knew they were the right ones!

Baby's Sex:
Hoping for a healthy little one, it doesn't matter what sex they are! If you want to see the Old Wives Tales post I made last week, click here. We'll be filming a video and including some more "tests" once we know the sex. Then we'll post the video on my LainasLife vlog channel probably next week.
I have a gut feeling that baby is a boy. I just can't shake this feeling. And I wonder if I'm more excited to see if I'm right or just to know who baby is! Haha. It's not like I really want to know if I'm right/wrong because I'm so overly confident or anything, it's just that I've felt this intense feeling pretty much the whole pregnancy and I just want to know if there's any weight behind a "mother's intuition."

Announcing The Sex:
Keep a look out for more details and the announcement in my upcoming vlog channel videos, or just wait til next week's update because I'll talk more about it then (since the party is on Saturday (which is usually the day I publish these posts), which is technically week 15).
We're having our announcement party Saturday Dec. 18. Hopefully on Sunday Justin and I will be able to film the old wives tales/gender reveal and name discussion/reveal videos and they'll hopefully be up later that day. I haven't decided yet if I want them both on my vlog channel or if I should put the gender reveal one on my regular channel to try and let anybody who doesn't yet know/would be interested that we've got baby stuff everywhere on the vlog channel and blog. Haha.
I don't know what we're going to use to announce on Facebook. I plan to film everyone's reaction at the party, so maybe we'll get a good screenshot we could use. :) (also that video will be up on the vlog channel too in case you're interested). We have lots of videos to look forward to for next week!
As I'm writing this sentence here, it's Tuesday (Business day 8 of the wait for Harmony results, and I'm not even counting the day I got my blood drawn because it was in the late afternoon and they probably didn't send the results off until the next day) and I'm worried that we might not get them in time for the party Saturday! :( I know we still have three more days this week but I was totally convinced Justin would have gotten the results by now. The doctor said 7-10 days, so I know we're not even overdue yet, I'm just so anxious!

Harmony Test + a little ramble...
We got the results on Thursday, in exactly two weeks or 10 business days! Baby is low risk for everything so yay! Justin knows who baby is RIGHT NOW! :) I feel so relieved to know that he knows. I want to know but at the same time I want to just live these next 2-3 days still in this little moment of innocence. Now that I know I could know the sex, I almost don't want to know. I don't know if I'm ready for this! Haha. The nurse called Justin, told him she had to call me, then called me and asked for permission and had to call Justin back. I'm like what the heck, he's my husband, just tell him! So the whole little thing took about 15 minutes. I know Justin's heart must have been beating out of his chest just waiting. I know mine was waiting for his text to say she called! :)
I really don't know how to explain it. I really feel like I'm not ready. I kinda feel like I enjoy the mystery of it. But at the same time I am sooo glad Justin is very hard headed and he isn't going to give in to my whining. Because, believe me, as soon as I get home tonight, I bet I will annoy the crap out of him with questions. He's probably gonna get mad and he's probably gonna holler at me at least once before Saturday haha. But it's all good, I trust him and I know he won't tell. That's why he has the honor of the secret keeping, because I suck at it. I told him we could switch places next time, but honestly, I know I'd never be able to hold in a secret for more than like a day.

What I Miss:
Sleeping on my tummy, laying on the couch comfortably, and being able to just hop off the couch or bed with ease.

I'm sure it's really going to set in this weekend seeing all our family's reactions to finding out baby's gender and name! :) Then in just one week, we'll see them and everyone else for Christmas, to make it even more real knowing everybody knows baby's gender and name! I just wish the bump would look like a real baby bump, not just pudge! Seriously, I can't wait to finally dress my bump cutely instead of frumpily (yes, I made that word up).

Random Thought:
I really thought I would have been crazier about what I'm eating/drinking. I always imagined pregnant Alaina as checking every food label and looking up every item online to see if it was okay to eat while pregnant before I ever thought about eating it. Haha. I don't know why but I always imagined myself being this really obsessive pregnant lady. But really I'm just avoiding the stuff my doctor warned me about at our first appointment: raw egg, soft unpasteurized cheeses, etc. I don't usually take a lot of medicine so that hasn't been an issue so far. I thought for sure my eating habits would change dramatically as soon as I found out I was pregnant, but that's really not the case (so far at least). I do watch my caffeine though. I try to get water at restaurants more instead of tea. But I still drink tea, I just try to limit it to a couple glasses. And I know many say caffeine really isn't the big deal that everyone thinks it is, I still want to play it safe in that department, and I know caffeine is addictive. Believe me, I want a salad with real Bleu Cheese dressing sooo bad. I want a real Caesar salad. I want my eggs over-easy on Sunday morning! But I guess those are the things I've chosen to stick to in order to make me feel like I'm doing my best for baby.

Alaina and Tiny Baby


  1. Dear Laina

    Congratulations on having the beautiful baby :), i am constant follower of your blogs and vlogs as i am expecting my first end of this year. Currently about 15 weeks and having loads of zits on my face esp chin area and forhead. I have read that you experienced something similar, did you do something to overcome it, feels very odd and cant see pregnancy glow :(. Please let me know if you have some answer for this. Looking forward for your reply.

    1. I had the occasional few zits throughout my pregnancy. All I can suggest is to keep up on washing your face. I also think gentle exfoliation helps too. I didn't come across a magical product that consistently worked to combat the acne unfortunately. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

    2. I had the occasional few zits throughout my pregnancy. All I can suggest is to keep up on washing your face. I also think gentle exfoliation helps too. I didn't come across a magical product that consistently worked to combat the acne unfortunately. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.