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Friday, September 29, 2017

Toddlers are Exhausting

Toddlers are exhausting on an everyday basis.
Now give momma the fatigue and nausea of early pregnancy and it feels like the exhaustion is never going to go away!
And it's not just me. Justin passes out at 8 pm right by my side haha. Sympathetic pregnancy symptoms are apparently for real.

And then I think when I'm finished with this whole pregnancy thing, I'm going to have two tiny people to keep alive everyday!

I look back on the newborn phase as not as bad as I thought it was when I was in it. If that makes sense. Babies sleep a lot, then they nurse a lot. Easy peasy, right? Well throw a crazy little toddler in the ring and it's like, what have I done?!

And it's funny because Justin and I want to have several kids.
And I keep telling myself we'll just figure it out as it goes, it's gotta get easier with each one, right?

Good thing we're right on the verge of the second trimester;
the magical part of pregnancy where you get your energy back and your bump is a cute size instead of unbelievably gigantic.

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