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Friday, May 9, 2014

NEW NYX Macaron Lippies Lipstick Review Swatches Pictures Full Collection Entire Line

Sooo.... as soon as I saw these on Instagram I just absolutely knew I needed to have them and I could not wait for the very slim possibility that any of the Ultas near me would actually get them in stock.  I got online and ordered them that day.

Watch the video!

This one is streak city and really hard to get into because of that downfall.  I think it would look splendid with an orange or coral lip to create a pretty ombre effect though. 

 Key Lime
This one goes on streaky and I haven't quite figured out a way to make i show up as awesome as possible.  Unsure still how I feel about it.   

 Blue Velvet
I have no idea when I will wear this, but as soon as I applied this one I really fell in love with it.  It is just gorgeous, but I still don't know what I'm going to do with it. :-P  It goes on really nicely without being streaky, it has great color pay off and it just looks awesome.

This is almost a minty color which looks beautiful in the tube, but on the lips I'm still unsure. This one had nice color pay-off and it wasn't terribly streaky.

 Earl Grey
I actually really like this one, it's a periwinkle type of color that looks beautiful in an ombre type fashion where it fades back into your natural lip color.

This one is definitely streaky, plus I don't think I like it straight up on the lips, but mixed with others it does well to tone them down and just slightly change up a look.

Love this one.  This is a full coverage color with no streak problems.  It does leave a slight stain on the lips just from the fews moments I have worn it just playing around, so I'm sure the longer you leave it on, the more stain you'll get out of it.

This one is beautiful.  It is a purple with a bit of a bright neon power to it.  Application is nice, less streaky, great pigmention.

This one is not streaky but can take a few swipes to get full coverage from it.  A more wearable color from the line.

This one didn't really fit in with the others when I first glanced at the collection, but after trying it on, I realized how strong of a bright neon pastel tint it has which makes it a pretty unique pink.  Although it's not super crazy and perhaps the most wearable of the bunch, I'm still glad I picked it up because it is very bright and cool. 

 Black Sesame
I didn't expect to like this one and I'm still somewhat on the fence about it, but I don't completely hate it like I thought I was going to.  It looked to me like concrete when I opened the tube, but it's actually an interesting color and I look forward to creating some cool makeup looks with it.  It's not super bold like a black lip but since it is a neutral color, you can really go crazy with a colorful eye or cheek. 

Orange Blossom
One of my favorites.  It's beautiful in the tube and on the lips.  I find this one does not last super long on the lips (although it's really the only one I've worn for an extended period of time so far) but it fades nicely into your natural lips.  It's a beautiful color for summer, in my opinion, and really easy way to start getting into these crazy colors.

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