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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sample 9 Month Old Breastfed Baby Boy Schedule

Here's a sample of Calvin's feeding/napping schedule during the day at 9 months old.

I'm home with Calvin on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, so here's a sample of our schedule for days I get to spend home with Calvin:

6:00 am - Calvin wakes and we nurse
7:30 am - breakfast for Calvin
8:30 am - nurse to nap
9:00-10:30 am - nap
11:00 am - nurse
12:00 pm - lunch for Calvin
1:00 pm - snack - (this is the nursing session we are currently cutting out)
1:30-2:30 pm - nap
3:00 pm - nurse
5:00 pm - dinner for Calvin
6:00 pm - nurse
7:00 pm - bedtime

Breakfast examples: 1/3 egg & 1/3 banana, or 2 oz yogurt & 1 oz fruit
Lunch examples: 2 oz cottage cheese & some bites of our lunch, or 2-4 oz baby food
Dinner examples: 2 oz baby food (usually a veggie) & several bites of our dinner
Snack: handful of puffs & yogurt bites & water - this Wednesday I placed them all around the coffee table and he just walked around in a circle eating them

He doesn't always seem to eat a lot, but will still stay content until a nursing session. He especially struggles with veggies at dinnertime. He would rather eat what we're eating. Seasonings (garlic, onion, ginger) help sometimes. He also seems to like it better when you feed him by hand instead of with a fork. I guess that's just a quirk of his lol. Our pediatrician has recommended cutting out purees and giving chunkier foods and what we're eating. I send chunky purees to the grandmas, but we do try to incorporate more grown-up food while we're with him.

I am away from Calvin from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm Mon and Tues, 5:30-5:30 Thursdays, and 5:30-4:30 Fridays. My pumping schedule has been the same since I went back to work at two months postpartum.

Here's a sample of my schedule for work days:
5:00 am - wake Calvin and nurse
7:00 am - start work
8:15 am - pump 15 min
11:00 am - pump 15 min
2:30 pm - pump 15 min
4:00 pm - off work
5:00 pm - feed Calvin dinner
6:00 pm - nurse Calvin
7:00 pm - Calvin's bedtime

All babies are different. My little boy loves to nurse, but I'm intentionally trying to wean us down to just a couple feedings after he turns one, so that's the schedule that's been working for us.

He was at 6-7 feedings, but we're working on 5 per day now. The plan is to spend the month of March working on 5 feedings, April down to 4-5, and May 3-4. His birthday is May 27, so hopefully by then we'll be down to about 3. That way I'll only have to pump on my lunch break at work until we get down to 2 sessions and I can stop pumping at work (summer is our busy season, so it will be harder to find time to pump too). Plus Justin and I want to start trying for Baby #2 around Calvin's birthday. If my period isn't back/I'm not prego after a couple months of two nursing sessions per day, I might have to consider weaning Cal completely. We'll just have to see how it goes.

Nap times are not super regular. Usually he has one good 1.5+ hr one, then the other will be short like 30-45 min. Usually the good one is his morning nap, but not always.
Mr. Baby sleeps all the way through the night like a good little boy these days.

So that's it, I hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading!