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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction Baby #2

Just for fun, I figured we would look into the old wives tales regarding gender prediction. I did the same sort of thing when I was pregnant with Calvin. The totals said he was supposed to be a girl haha, so we know this is all just for fun!


Morning Sickness - yes - GIRL

Baby's Heart-rate - 160 - GIRL

Cravings - Salty - BOY

Sleeping on - left side - BOY

Beauty - Glowing - BOY

Skin - soft - GIRL

Headaches - yes - GIRL

Attitude - Pleasant - BOY

Chinese Calendar - GIRL

Mayan Calendar - GIRL

Ramzi Method - GIRL

GIRL - 7
BOY - 4


I've personally been feeling GIRL lately, even though the moment I knew I was pregnant I was convinced it was a boy. 

We should have our Sneak Peek results this week. I know there are conflicting thoughts on the validity of that test, but we will have to see! I guess nothing is confirmed until that baby pops out. :)

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

Saturday, August 26, 2017

8 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Aug 22, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Announcing to the Internet:

We waited until pretty much the first trimester was over with Calvin, but this time around, I just didn't want to keep it a secret so long. So after our first ultrasound, we figured it would be time. I wanted to be able to document my journey in as close to real-time as possible for my social media accounts, etc. since I'm super bad with secrets anyway.

+1 pound
Officially using the rubber band method on my pants. 

Behaved myself this week.

Getting an extra hour of sleep super duper helps! Nine hours is the perfect amount.
Overall, I would say the fatigue was a little less intense this week though. Maybe it's just because I've been trying to go to bed earlier.

Physical Symptoms:
Extreme hunger. I feel like a newborn. I must eat every two hours on the dot!
Total decrease in sex drive. I don't remember that when I was pregnant with Calvin. Maybe it's simply because of the fatigue, I just want to sleep all the time.
Headaches have been better.
My right shoulder's been bothering me. When I was pregnant with Calvin my left shoulder hurt and I had to go to the chiropractor to get it back to normal. I was farther along when it happened with Cal though.

Gathered up some "healthy" snacks at the grocery store this week to have at work. When I'm hungry the morning sickness kicks in. Greek yogurt, watermelon, apples, canned fruit. Hope this works out.

Sleep & Dreams:
Had a dream I died. That was weird. Haha.
Struggled a little with sleep this week. Calvin also had a couple bad nights. I just can't seem to get comfy some nights.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Ultrasound day was Thursday (7 wks, 2 days). We both got to take the whole day off even though the appointment was only at 8:30 am.
Then being able to announce to the internet after our ultrasound!
Baby measured 7 wks, 5 days. 1.4 cm big. :)

What I Miss:
Being comfy in my pants at work. Haha.

Random Thoughts:
I can't wait to figure out baby's sex! We ordered a blood test on Amazon called Sneak Peak that you can take at 9 weeks, that's just right around the corner! I'm so excited! My bets are on boy, but I seriously do not have a preference either way. Everyone keeps asking what I want, but I legit would be just as happy either way. Every time I tell Justin a new symptom that's different from my first pregnancy, he says it must be a girl. Haha. :)

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

Monday, August 21, 2017

7 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Aug 15, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

7:30 am, this is why Calvin and I both look super tired haha

We wanted to keep it a secret longer than with Calvin (a couple days past 5 weeks). We planned to wait until the first ultrasound which isn't until next week. But we ended up making a bunch of plans and seeing pretty much the whole family this weekend, so we just decided we could tell one week early. I would have liked to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound and been super sure of everything before we announced, but at the same time I am so bad with secrets, this has been driving me crazy! Haha.

So we had Calvin wear his cool "Promoted to Big Brother" shirt for all of the announcements this weekend.

Friday night we went to my niece's birthday gathering with my side of the family. It took 15-20 minutes before anyone noticed his shirt. He was sitting across the table from my sister Ryann and she was like, "what's his shirt say? You're pregnant?!"

Saturday morning we walked to Justin's mom's. She noticed the shirt after just a couple minutes.

Later on Saturday we went to one of Justin's brothers' house. Calvin was kind of afraid of him and just stood at the front door for awhile, giving him ample time to read his shirt. So he noticed right off the bat.

Sunday morning Justin's dad came over to visit. He was over for maybe an hour or 1.5 and he didn't notice. He was about to get up to leave and Justin said, "I guess since you're not very observant, look at Cal's shirt."

We told others through pictures of Calvin wearing his shirt.

The bloating is just dumb. I didn't start giving in to maternity pants until I was 11 weeks with Cal, I wonder how long I can last this time.  

Been trying to behave myself better lately. Trying to think before I speak.

Soooo tired. Having a toddler is already exhausting, but the first trimester fatigue on top of that? Holy crap, it sucks.

Physical Symptoms:
Morning sickness is kicking in. When I'm hungry I start to feel sick.
Acne starts popping up in stupid places. Outer thighs, shoulders, upper arms. Why?!
Headaches. I hope they cut it out soon. And they're like attack headaches too, they just appear out of nowhere!

Cravings start to increase. I just think of random food and need it immediately.
But I think I've been good so far in not increasing my calories. I have to remember my first trimester mantra: "I will not gain 7 pounds in the first trimester, I will not gain 7 pounds in the first trimester, I will not gain 7 pounds in the first trimester!" It's hard though because (as was the case in my first pregnancy too), once the morning sickness kicks in, I feel sick with an empty stomach, so I resort to more frequent snacking.

Sleep & Dreams:
I am so tired at bedtime, yet sometimes I have trouble falling asleep. All mornings I never want to get up, I want to sleep an extra hour.
Some nights I get up to pee in the early morning hours and can't fall back asleep for an hour or two. Stupid.
This week I had a dream Cal stopped nursing. Like one night we just forgot to nurse before bed, then he didn't want it anymore and I couldn't remember the last time we nursed and I wanted to keep that memory but couldn't imagine it and I was sad about that. (can you tell this momma isn't ready to wean yet? haha)
Had a dream a tooth fell out. A bottom molar. It just wiggled right out and I remember thinking, I don't think you're supposed to lose grown up teeth. Lol.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Getting to tell everyone!

What I Miss:
Having energy.

Random Thoughts:
Sometimes I think about weaning Calvin. I think about going to bed at 6:30 and not having to stay up to nurse him before bed. I think we might have to switch around our nighttime nursing session and make it a little earlier, then convince Calvin he wants to go to bed earlier too haha, if only.
Everyone keeps asking if we're hoping for a boy or girl and I can totally honestly 100% say I do not care either way. Justin says he doesn't care either. We want to have four kids, so I figure we'll get one of each eventually (hopefully, maybe?) haha. I'd even like to have one baby without knowing the gender one day (not this time though haha).

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

Sunday, August 20, 2017

6 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Aug 8, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

This week hasn't been fun, even though it was my birthday week and it was supposed to be a good week. I experienced some spotting and called the doctor's office. They had me come in two days apart for blood work. The waiting sucked. I was nervous the whole time. And I didn't hear back from them at all in this week.

what's in calvin's mouth?

Feeling a little more bloated this week. I had to retire one pair of my regular jeans.
I treated myself to a couple maternity items since it was my birthday this week. Went to Ross and found a cute pair of jeans with some embroidery on them, a shirt that says "mom life is the best life," and another cute top with some floral details. :)

I have definitely gotten more snotty this week, getting upset over little things, and overall just having an attitude. I try to tell myself to take a breath and calm down.

Fatigue is definitely here. I want to nap every day.

Physical Symptoms:
Experienced another moment of spotting, so I called the doctor and made an appointment to get some blood work done.
Some c-section spot aching. This is different from cramping. It almost feels like your abs the day after a hardcore ab workout. Like the muscles are sore, but super low in the abdomen, where my scar is.
Peeing in the middle of the night. Every night.
Sore gums one morning.
Stuffy nose, cold-like symptoms one day.
A few headaches this week. Nothing too terrible, but they would just attack all of a sudden in the evenings usually. Perhaps my body trying to tell me to rest a bit.

Had my first aversion. I was starving to death so I made myself a piece of leftover blueberry croissant breakfast casserole but I totally didn't even want to eat it once it came out of the microwave. Like the juicy blueberries were totally grossing me out. Haha.
Also had my first craving. I wanted cottage cheese before bed and we had none and I even texted my sister who lives down the street and she had none either! 

Sleep & Dreams:
I had a couple dreams I had a miscarriage, that was sucky. Otherwise, I've been sleeping well.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Calvin was tired and rolling around all over, refusing to sit still because that meant he might fall asleep. So as he was trying to scoot away from me, he slid down my belly to get off the couch and paused for a second and it looked like he was hugging my belly and I said "aww, he's hugging his baby brother or sister." :)

Least Favorite Moment of the Week:
All day leading up to my first doc appointment to draw my blood I was so nervous and afraid. First of all, I hate getting my blood drawn. And I'm prone to passing out. Secondly, just the uncertainty and perhaps seriousness of it all. When I was in the hospital with Calvin, I was worried about him of course, but I didn't worry that he wouldn't live. I worried he might be in the NICU, but I didn't worry that he wasn't going to make it. Right now I worry for my teeny tiny unborn baby because they're so little and helpless at this stage and there's nothing we can really do to help them.

What I Miss:
Not going to lie, I was only 5-10 pounds from my goal weight and I miss working on losing the weight (not that I've been trying very hard the past couple months lol). It would have been nice to have been within 5 pounds of my starting weight with Calvin, but instead I'm about 10 pounds heavier.

Random Thoughts:
Why don't my boobies ache? I don't want to jinx myself but I've heard from so many breastfeeding moms that they had to stop nursing when they got pregnant because it hurt so bad. I have had some nipple sensitivity but really not anything more than like around ovulation or my period. I just wonder when it's going to strike!

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

Saturday, August 19, 2017

5 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Aug. 1, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Sometimes I don't even feel like I'm pregnant. I forget about it. With Calvin, I thought about it every single moment of the day, it seemed. I don't know if it's because this is my second go-around, I'm too busy with my little toddler, the fact that I haven't told anyone outside my little family yet, or what, but in that regard, it seems so different than when I was pregnant with Calvin.

We announced to immediate family at exactly 5 weeks with Calvin, but we're hoping to make it until the first ultrasound this time around. Not necessarily for risk of miscarriage, but because when I was pregnant with Calvin I remember mentioning that I wished we'd kept it our own little secret longer. I go back and forth with this everyday though. One day I want to tell everyone, and the next I tell myself  I like being one of only three people who know. It's tough. And I'm so bad at keeping secrets.

And another thing that seems different is that the doctor doesn't even want to see me until it's first ultrasound time at 6-7 weeks. With Calvin, they immediately had me come in. Our first ultrasound is scheduled for August 17. It seems so far away now! It's still July! It's July 26, my mom's birthday, as I'm typing this segment.

Less bloating than the week before, it seems, so yay. :)


Physical Symptoms:
Fatigue finally started to set in. Hit hard at 4 weeks, 4 days.
Only a couple instances of light-headedness early in the week.
Got a zit in my mustache area.
I did get a yeast infection for like three days, they say they're more common in pregnancy, but I didn't have any with Cal.
Got a couple middle-of-the-road headaches. Stupid.
I had one little moment of very light pink spotting, but since I didn't have any cramping and it was only once, I decided not to worry much about it.
Nipple sensitivity is off and on. Started having some tingly sensations and aches in the boobs on the last day of this week.

I've been having a salad everyday for lunch at work. I get all paranoid and think my coworkers know I'm pregnant because I'm pretty sure I haven't had a salad every day since I was pregnant with Cal.
No aversions, no cravings yet. 

Sleep & Dreams:
I had a scary dream, but can't remember it.
Definitely having more vivid dreams. I'll wake up and genuinely question whether I dreamt something or it was real.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Over the weekend Calvin was playing with a little yellow ball that jingles with our cat Yuna. He was throwing it around the kitchen with her and laughing his butt off. He thought it was hilarious. I told Justin, if he's having this much fun playing by himself, just wait til he has a baby brother or sister to play with!

What I Miss:
Cookie dough. Already. I love cookie dough.

Random Thoughts:
I feel like I am more worried about miscarriage this time around. I really don't think I gave it much thought when I was pregnant with Calvin, but for some reason I'm more worried about it this time.
I kind of want to tell everyone (including social media) after the first ultrasound on August 17. By then the risk of miscarriage (according to http://spacefem.com/pregnant/mc.php?m=08&d=10&y=12) is down to 3%. Justin really wants us to wait to tell but I don't understand his reasoning behind it. 

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

Friday, August 18, 2017

4 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending July 25, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

To baby #2:

Little tiny baby who lives in my belly, I am so excited to meet you! You are only just the size of a teeny tiny poppy seed but I can't wait to see you! I hope you look like Mommy, because your brother looks just like Dad.

I pray you are growing so perfectly in there.

please, i am so sorry for the dirty mirror, forgive me!

I took my first pregnancy test this cycle on Friday 7-21-17. I could not believe my eyes when I returned to the bathroom to see it was positive! I was totally not expecting it!
Justin and I started trying in May and we went through two cycles with no luck.
I know that's nothing compared to so many women out there and it only just gave me a tiny glimpse at the heartache they must experience month after month.


I seriously can't believe I'm back here typing up these updates once again! It feels like just yesterday I was this totally naive mommy-to-be! Haha. 

Bloated. I'm interested to see how quickly this bump shows up since everyone says it shows faster after the first go-around.

Maternity Clothes:
No way! Not yet!
But I can't wait to wear them again. I have already been browsing online. I don't need more, but it makes me excited just to think about styling the future bump!

I've been surprisingly good. Had zero crazy meltdowns. Unlike at this point when I was pregnant with Calvin. I had two before I even got my first positive with him. :)

"I will not gain 7 pounds in the first trimester, I will not gain 7 pounds in the first trimester, I will not gain 7 pounds in the first trimester!"

Sleep & Dreams:
Been having more vivid and numerous dreams since a couple days before my positive test. Dreamt about cigarettes once. I dreamt about drinking and smoking when I was pregnant with Calvin like all the time haha.

Actually pretty good so far.

Physical Symptoms:
Slight light-headedness, but much less than I remember with Cal.
Some light cramping, but much less than I remember with Cal.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Seeing the positive test and running downstairs to tell Justin before he left for work. And telling my sweet Calvin he was going to be a big brother!
Taking a family photo on the back porch and knowing we secretly had four people in the picture!

Baby Purchases:
Well I did buy some more Buttons diaper covers with the excuse that we'll have two in cloth come next spring haha.

What I Miss:
Not having to keep a secret. Ah!

Random Thoughts:
I already feel guilty for forcing Calvin out of his only child position.

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Our Big Announcement!

Calvin is going to be a big brother!!!

We are expecting baby #2 April 3,2018!

I can't believe I'm typing this again, it feels like just yesterday, but...

Alaina & Tiny Baby!

Our announcement video is here!

TWW Symptoms Baby #2

Here are my symptoms during the two week wait for Baby #2!

stomach ache overnight, very low intense abdominal cramps and soreness, spotting (one little spot), bloated, starving (never experienced that one before, I legit was absolutely starving to death for about two days, and I felt like I was getting sick, my stomach hurt so bad)
CD15 - O Day?*
sensitive nipples
CD16 - 1 DPO
dull low cramping like round ligament pains
CD17 / 2 DPO
CD18 / 3 DPO
some lightheadedness afternoon (I noticed in my previous cycle I had lightheadedness after ovulation too, so I can't call that a pregnancy sign)
CD19 / 4 DPO
CD20 / 5 DPO
increased cm pm
CD21 / 6 DPO
woke up feeling happy, had a dream about cigarettes (when I was pregnant with Cal I had dreams about drinking and smoking a lot haha)
CD22 / 7 DPO 
felt like I was getting a cold, short of breath
CD23 / 8 DPO 
lightheaded, abdominal twinges pm, hairline zit, loss of appetite
CD24 / 9 DPO Implantation Day?
had many dreams overnight, left side backache early am, left side abdominal twinges and ache am, another hairline zit (this is the day I convinced myself I was pregnant, also told Justin it was totally a boy)
CD25 / 10 DPO 
I got a positive test! A faint, but totally there positive and I was genuinely surprised by it!
I didn't plan on testing so early, but I just couldn't seem to help myself. It was my first test of this cycle, so I'm not sure how much earlier it could have showed up. It's just interesting to me that I also got my first positive with Calvin at 10 DPO, but it was much fainter than this one.
CD26 / 11 DPO 
bloating begins, minor nipple sensitivity and aching in sides of boobs
CD27 / 12 DPO 
slight fatigue 

*According to an app I use. I wasn't temping or using OPKs so I really don't know exactly when I ovulated.
Thank you so much for joining me in this new journey!

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Adventures in Budgeting

I understand everyone's financial situation is unique. We are a family of three living in the St. Louis, MO area. This is just what we do and I thought the numbers might be helpful for someone out there.

I've never tried to stick to a real budget ever before in my life, but Justin and I have made it a goal this summer to do so. Starting in May, we've set out this general budget for our family each month. May was the first month and that was the only month we went over (-$23).

We started this with the intention to use it as practice for once I am a stay at home mom (still probably a couple years down the line), just to see if we could make it work. It has been our little experiment for the summer. We're unsure if it's going to become part of our everyday life or not.

Some stuff to note:

We did some concrete and yard work over the summer, but we did not include any of that in the budget. We considered that a one time cost and not an everyday thing.

We also don't include our mortgage, which is probably strange to most people. The mortgage is not just another bill to us. It is the primary payment we make. Everything extra goes toward it.

We have no other debt. No student loans, no credit card debt, no car payments, etc.

Here are our general categories, but we don't strictly stick to them, they're just a way for us to kind of monitor what's going on, more like guidelines.

$400 groceries
$250 gas
$130 power
$155 entertainment
$100 car insurance
$65 internet
$50 water
$50 gifts
$50 kid stuff

"Total survival budget": $1250

It just really goes to show you how much we were spending on totally unnecessary junk. Reading a lot of minimalism articles and tidbits on Pinterest has helped me change my outlook too. We are not minimalist, I totally don't ever think I could do it, but the concepts have really helped me in this time of change.

Since implementing the budget, I feel like we both think more about our purchases. I do not feel like we're missing out on life by sticking to this. We still get out and do things. For me personally, I ask myself if something is truly necessary before buying. I still treat myself every once in awhile, but I'm not heading to Target "just to walk around" when I'm bored anymore.

I hope this is helpful in some way. I hope it helps to see actual numbers, even though it's different for every family and location.