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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Video Up Today

I just uploaded my "Would You Rather...?" Beauty Tag Video!

Check it out here... https://www.youtube.com/my_videos

1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up, or nice hair and no make-up?
2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?
3. Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
4. Would you rather wear the lipgloss/lipliner look or 80's perm?
5. Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
6. Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?
7. Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
8. Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair color?
9. Would you rather have YouTube or Twitter taken away forever?
10. Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Camera + OOTD

I got a new camera from my wonderful boyfriend Justin and we just HAD to film a video! :)
 Items Worn:
Boots – Gordmans
Skirt – Kohls
Necklace – a gift from my bf Justin J
Earrings – Kohls
Scarf – Walmart
Bracelet – Ebay
Shirt – Gordmans
Tights – Charlotte Russe
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Thanksgiving OOTD

Thanksgiving OOTD

This was definitely the warmest Thanksgiving I can remember, so I had the opportunity to dress like it was summertime. lol.
Items Worn:
Dress -- Kohls
Cardigan -- Target
Shoes -- Target
Necklace & Earrings -- Charming Charlie
Bracelet -- Ebay
Watch the video here!
Filmed by my awesome bf Justin! :)

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New YouTube Video - NYX Bohemian Chic Palette

Just put up a new video! You can watch it here...

It is a picture slideshow of seven (7) wearable, matte, neutral looks using the NYX Bohemian Chic Palette.  Check it out if it sounds interesting!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Autumn OOTD - Casual Country Chic


Items Worn:

Booties – Charlotte Russe

Tights – Payless

Shorts – Gordmans

Tank – Old Navy

Shirt – Kohls

Necklace – gift from Justin my bf J

Thanks to my sister Ryann for filming! 
Watch the video here!
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November 18 - OOTD

Items Worn:
Boots - Walmart - I got these FOREVER ago
Skirt - received secondhand, not sure where it's from
Jean Jacket - Body Central - $20 something
Necklace & Earrings - Charming Charlie - a gift from a friend
Bangles - Body Central - $3.90
Shirt - Aerie - not sure on the price, purchased in the spring

My wonderful boyfriend Justin helped me film this video. Please enjoy!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko32OF7lCAc

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Early November Outfit of the Day

OOTD - Early November
Boots – Ross - $17
Jeans – Charlotte Russe - $10
Bangles – Body Central $3.90
Cardigan – Target $10 ? - I remember they were on sale this time last year, not completely sure on the price.
Scarf – My mom made me
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Glitter - Night Out Party Makeup

Blue Glitter - Night Out Party Makeup


I wore this a couple weekends ago for my dad's birthday party.  Some might say, "I wouldn't wear that to my dad's birthday party!" But I enjoy wearing fun colorful makeup often, not just for special occasions or anything like that, so I think it's pretty typical for me.


Products Used:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil – Peacock

Coastal Scents 252 Palette

- Blue Zircon

-Glacier Blue

-White Silver

-Capri Blue

-Opal Black


Hard Candy Show Girl’s Secret Glitter Glue

Coastal Scents Glitter – Mermaid Mist

Milani Liquifeye Eyeliner – Black

ELF Cream Eyeliner – Black

The Balm Body Builder Mascara – Black


YouTube Tutorial Here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Aei5vz3OnM

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OOTD - At The Park

Here is an Outfit of the Day video my boyfriend Justin helped me film a couple weekends ago.  You can check it out here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWSS5Il-xcM). 

Items Worn:
Blazer/Jacket -- Goodwill --This was purchased probably about 7 years ago and cost $7! :)
Boots -- Payless -- This will be the 5th winter I have had these boots. Wow! I didn't even realize how long they've been around! But they are definitelty some of my favorites!
Necklace -- My mom made for me. She is so creative.
Leaf Ring -- H & M -- $5.95
Jeans -- Charlotte Russe -- on sale for $10 a few weeks back.  They are Almost Famous brand and they are actually capris, not full length jeans, but I am short, so they come down pretty low and my boots covered the bottoms. lol. :)
Earrings -- JC Penney --Again, these were purchased awhile ago, maybe 2 years+
Scarf -- Walmart -- around $10 - purchased this season, so they should still be around.
Bangles -- Body Central - These are 2 different sets of bangles mixed together, they were each $3.90.

Thank you and enjoy!

Just Starting Out...

Sooo I've decided to start a blog. I love beauty, fashion, makeup, and all that jazz.  I'm not totally sure where I'm going to end up going with this blog, but I hope anyone who is interested enjoys what I've got to say.
I already have a YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/lainamarie91) where I post videos for my OOTDS + FOTDS, get ready with me videos, makeup tutorials, reviews, etc.  I also have a facebook account (www.facebook.com/lainamarie91) where I share pictures for upcoming videos and links to my videos themselves. 
I hope you enjoy!