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Saturday, December 30, 2017

26 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Dec. 26, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Doctor Appointment:
Calvin was not having it at the doctor appointment this week, so it wasn't a long, enjoyable ultrasound. Cervix measured 3.9 which is still super. :) Didn't get a weight measurement, which was disappointing.

I was watching and reading my updates with Calvin and around this time he was already up in my rib cage. Every once in awhile I feel Eren up there like if I'm bent over and squishing the belly, but overall, I think he stays pretty low, so I'm grateful for that so far.

Been trying to do more yoga and stretching for my hips and back, I can't decide if it is helping yet or not though.

Physical Symptoms:
Headaches seem to be returning. They're not super terrible, but just a little annoyance.
Feet swelling is beginning. They don't look super puffy just yet, but by the end of the day you can definitely tell there's some swelling going on.

Week of Christmas. Didn't eat the best.

Sleep & Dreams:
Restless nights, hard to get comfy, hard to fall asleep.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Christmas was this week. This year was much more exciting with Calvin than last year. He was just too little to understand last year so it was cool to see him get excited about opening gifts.

Random Thoughts:
Less than 100 days until Eren is due!!!

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Saturday, December 23, 2017

25 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Dec. 19, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Calvin distinguishes between me and brother in my belly. He will pat my belly and say "bubber" then pat my leg or my chest and say "mom." He even came over to give brother some chips. He placed them on my belly, waited a moment, then ate them himself lol.

Took an extra walk this week, so I felt a little productive exercise-wise. Even when I wear my support belt, walks can really bother my hip and low back. I know that movement helps, but perhaps walks aren't the answer. Maybe some stretching and yoga are the better way to get my exercise in.

Physical Symptoms:
Zits everywhere. Dude wtf?! Looking back at my 26 weeks update with Calvin, I had some bad zit face going on then too, so I guess we've just reached that point in pregnancy. Haha.
Hip and back ache, blah blah blah.
Restless legs.

Baked cookies.
Baked some poppy seed bread at home. The recipe makes two loaves...
Mom baked a big cinnamon roll and brought it in to work.
Went out to dinner and the movies with Justin.
Just all over, too much unhealthy food and snacking this week!

Sleep & Dreams:
Acid Reflux kept me up in the night once this week.
Keep getting what feels like the start of a calf cramp but it never fully turns into a cramp, especially in the the night.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Went on a date night with Justin to see the new Star Wars in theaters. We saw the last one when I was pregnant with Calvin. Sitting in the theater was legit super uncomfortable, and it's one of those cool theaters with the recliners. I could not get comfy, it sucked. But the movie was good lol.

Random Thoughts:
I hope I'm not jinxing myself here, but I feel like I was way more emotional when I was pregnant with Calvin. Like little comments would set me off. But they don't seem to bother me much this time around. 
Also this week it totally feels like pregnancy is too long! It feels like I've been pregnant forever and why isn't Eren here yet?! I don't remember it feeling this long with Calvin and I spent five weeks in the hospital waiting on him! I just can't wait to meet him and I want to see him sooo bad! :)

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Green Mountain Diapers Review & Comparison : Muslin vs. Birdseye Flat Diapers

We have recently switched to using flats much more often. My husband still enjoys our snap-in inserts, but for the most part, flats are our go-to since Mr. Calvin has turned from an average wetter to some kind of super pee-er.

Birdseye (left) Muslin (right)

Flats are awesome for your wallet. They are affordable individually, plus they dry super fast so you don't need a large stash in order to get through laundry day. Plus they can hang dry overnight, saving you money not using the dryer. Flats are just super and I say it all the time, but I totally should have just started out with them in the very beginning!

Birdseye (left) are much more trim than the Muslin (right).

When I was first looking into flats, I would have loved to see a review and comparison between these two. I know everyone loves Green Mountain Diapers, they are THE go-to, so I knew they were the brand I wanted to try first. I originally purchased the Birdseye flats because they were cheaper and they were my first flat diaper purchase, so I didn't even know if I was going to enjoy using flats. Once I learned to love these versatile diapers, I had to go back and pick up the ever-praised Muslins.

Birdseye Diapers 6 pack Organic One Size $15.95, 29x29 inches
These are trim. I'd say they would totally work from birth to potty.

Muslin Diapers 6 pack Organic One Size $19.95, 28x30 inches
Because these are so fluffy and plush, I think they would be pretty bulky on a newborn. They're pretty thick for pad-folding on my 29 pound toddler.

They stay square!
Muslin underneath, Birdseye on top. (Muslin may be ever so slightly larger)

Both stay very square after washing and drying, which makes folding much easier.

I put them to the absorbency test by pad folding and laying them both on the counter. I then added water concentrated in one spot (like a real diaper being peed in) and poured until I saw water starting to leak or pool from the fabric onto the counter.
The muslin diaper held 1 cup of water.
The birdseye weave held 3/4 of a cup.

I would recommend them both. More specifically, if you're starting out with a newborn, I'd say go with the Birdseye. And if you have an older baby, try the Muslin. And if you have a heavy wetter, perhaps skip the birdseye.

Thanks so much for reading.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Imagine vs. Nicki's Bamboo Flat Diapers Review & Comparison

$25.95 6 pack
32x32 inches
55% bamboo, 45% cotton

Nicki's Diapers
$21.95 6 pack
32x32 inches
55% bamboo, 45% cotton

Imagine might be ever so slightly larger

Judging by the stats listed above, you may be saying, "holy crap these are the same thing but one costs more than the other." That's what I thought at first too. Having heard awesome things about bamboo flats, I started out with the Nicki's brand first because they were cheaper. I loved them so much that when the Black Friday sale came around and the Imagine were the same price as Nicki's, I figured I'd give them a go and see if they were really worth the extra $0.67/ea.

Why bamboo?

First of all, bamboo flats are soft. If you line dry and are always finding your cotton flats to be a little stiff, I would totally recommend checking out bamboo flats. They feel so good! Straight off the line, they are soft, but out of the dryer they feel luxurious.

And they hold so much pee. I don't think I have ever taken one off my son that was over halfway saturated. Most of the time they don't even feel 1/3 of the way saturated after our usual every two hour diaper changes.

How do they compare?

After testing them out for a few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that the Imagine could actually be worth the extra money. And honestly, I was very much anticipating finding no difference between the two.

The Imagine do feel softer than the Nicki's brand. I will have a pile of flats ready to fold, fresh from the dryer, picking them out one at a time, and I can always tell when I've just grabbed the Imagine brand, they just feel extra soft and dreamy.

Neither stay perfectly square, but I think that's just the nature of the bamboo.

As far as absorbency is concerned, I put them to the test by pad folding them, laying them on the counter, and pouring some water on them to see which could hold more. I concentrated the water pouring in one spot, trying to mimic an actual diaper in use and measured it once I saw the first sign of leaking or water spreading onto the counter from the fabric.
Results: the Imagine held ever so slightly more water than the Nicki's brand diaper!
1 1/4 cup for Imagine.
1 1/8 cup for Nicki's.

So overall, Imagine actually does have its perks. It's not simply an overpriced version of the same Nicki's Diaper bamboo flats, like I was honestly expecting. Perhaps one will last longer than the other in the long run. With baby brother Eren arriving this spring, I will keep an eye on it. :)

both birdseye weave

I hope you enjoyed and I really hope this helped someone trying to decide between the two!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Flower Beauty Reviews : Lipstick, Blush, Foundation, Brows

I picked up a few new items from Flower Beauty recently. Some of these are old favorites and some are brand new products that I've been dying to try! Enjoy. 

Miracle Matte Liquid Lip Color
Cooling effect
Whipped texture
Super lightweight
Long-wearing without looking dry and yucky
No feathering 
Transfer resistant - I wouldn't call them totally transfer-proof because I do get a slight residue on my water bottle, for example
Yet easy to remove - the bold shade does leave a bit of a stain, but overall they aren't a big pain to remove like other liquid lipsticks where you need to pull out an oil to get that color off

Melon Pop, direct window light

Overall, they are awesome, affordable liquid lipsticks. I just wish they had more colors, especially bright, unique shades, maybe some purples? I also feel like their online shades aren't super true to color, I definitely had to look up a swatch video on YouTube in order to figure out which ones I wanted to try.

Rosewood, indoor office lighting

The shade is a little red-brown for my liking. I prefer a cool toned brown. Opaque, can totally work all on its own. It doesn't really have any hold though, it's pretty much just color. The wand is a little large. 
Probably won't repurchase this one. I really like the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Espresso. 

I have enjoyed these liners in the past and this color in particular is my very favorite natural, deeper, "my lips but better" kind of lip color. However, I feel like these newer liners are more creamy than the formula I first tried from Flower. I actually preferred the older, dry ones. Although the new one glides on the lips like butter, it doesn't help things stay put, which is kind of an important part of a lip liner. Still a pretty color but I swear the formula is different. 

About Face Foundation
I love this as an everyday foundation. It's light coverage and doesn't look intense or cakey. It's very comfortable and doesn't get oily or heavy throughout the day, even with my super oily pregnancy skin. It's just overall a really nice foundation and I'll continue repurchasing it.
The only downside is that it can be frustrating to use with a sponge. Sponges are my favorite method of foundation application, but because this is already such a light formula, it seems to get soaked up into the sponge a lot and it feels like you're wasting product, you end up using a lot more than if you were to apply with your fingers.

Petal Pout Lip Color
I picked up the lightest of the matte shades, Naked Blush. I love a matte lipstick. This is creamy, pigmented, and feels super comfy on the lips. The lid is clear plastic and gave me the first impression that it would be cheapy, but it's actually pretty sturdy and feels a lot nicer than it looks, if that makes sense. And the formula totally makes up for any bad first impressions based on packaging.

Flower Pots Powder Blush
I've been eyeing these blushes for awhile. I mean just look at it, it's adorable! I picked up Warm Hibiscus, a rosey blush with a sheen. Which is totally not what I normally go for. I am usually all about matte blush, I don't want anything to make my skin look oilier than it truly is. But holy crap, I am sooo glad I chose this one. It is so gorgeous.

You don't need to wear any highlighter to get the most perfect sunkissed glow with this baby. It's just beautiful on the skin, I love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this informal review of some new stuff from Flower Beauty. I'm so glad I was able to pick up a few items because it feels like I haven't bought makeup in forever! #momlife 

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

24 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Dec. 12, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Doctor Appointments:
I was totally was not looking forward to seeing how big my bump is measuring, but I met with the midwife, not the doctor and she's much more relaxed so she didn't make a big deal out of it. She did say I was measuring big, but I didn't bother to ask how big. It feels like Eren could be up into my rib cage in the next week or so. I don't remember that this early with Cal!
I had a MFM appointment and my regular OB right afterwards. Justin was able to stay home with Calvin so I didn't have to worry about dragging him along, which was nice. I got to enjoy the ultrasound time.
Cervix is measuring at 3.8 cm, which is awesome. Eren is estimated to weigh 1 lb, 7 oz now, which is ahead, but not unexpected because he's been about a week ahead the whole time, plus Calvin was a big baby. The midwife says Eren will probably be over 8 pounds too, but that's no surprise.
Got some cute profile shots of little Eren and my sister is convinced he has our nose, so he's going to look like me, not Justin. Calvin is totally a Justin twin baby, so of course I'd be happy to see what a little me baby would look like. Lol.
I heard Eren's heartbeat at the MFM ultrasound and recognized it as about the same tempo that Calvin's was at. I spent weeks 32-37 in the hospital with Calvin listening to his heart rate being monitored twice daily, so the 138-143 bpm range sounded super familiar to me. It was cool to recognize it and remember listening to Calvin like that many, many times.

Ordered a support belt. It can be irritating to wear constantly all day, but I do think it's helpful. It definitely helped on a walk.
Otherwise, the belly doesn't really look that giant, I guess, but it sure feels huge. 

Chasing around a toddler is hard work man. Plus my hip and back hurt a lot lately, so chasing a toddler when you feel like an old lady is super hard.

Physical Symptoms:
My left hip hurts pretty much every day and it sucks. Why do I feel so achey already? And it's not only in the evenings, it can be achey in the middle of the night when I get up to pee and first thing in morning when I roll out of bed. It's sucky. I was actually reading back through my updates with Calvin and I was feeling achey at this point last time too, which surprised me to read.
I've had my first leg cramp the last day of this week. I was stretching in bed in the night and it was just a split second but it reminded me of how sucky those leg cramps are! Haha. I thought I was going to get away without having them this time.
I've had a couple zits this week on my chin, which is pretty unusual for me.

I haven't been as good as I have been in the past. Instead of coming in with 100-200 calories left each day, I've been using up every little bit and sometimes going 50-100 calories over. Not a good habit to get into, especially since we're still in the third trimester here.
As I've experienced pretty much this entire pregnancy, there are just some days when what we have planned for dinner totally does not appeal to me and we have to switch things up. I might have looked forward to this meal for a couple days but when the moment actually comes, I don't want anything to do with it. Haha. Crazy hormones.
Justin and I stocked up on some ice cream we both like. Lately, we have been going out to get ice cream maybe once or twice a week, but at least this way we will be spending our money a little better by eating at home. I love cookie dough ice cream with Hershey's chocolate syrup. I even added some crushed up Keebler Striped Fudge cookies. Yummy!

Sleep & Dreams:
Sleeping on my side is getting easier. This belly is just getting so big.
Had some super weird dreams this week but can't seem to remember them all. I feel like it's been awhile since I've had some weird ones.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Seeing Eren on ultrasound and chatting with my sister about how he might possibly look like us instead of another Justin clone. I'll probably have my hopes up this entire time that he's going to look like me, then when he's born, he's totally still going to look like Justin and Calvin lol.
I actually told Justin this past weekend that I thought Calvin was looking to have a little more of me in him as he's grown up. I think he has my chin. I always joke with Justin that we're going to have the best looking kids in town. We live in a pretty small town, but that does not detract from my statement! Haha.

Random Thoughts:
Been wearing more makeup this week. I got a few new products and have been excited to try them out each day. It's nice to get back into that sometimes. We've been really good at budgeting and not spending money on random stuff this year, but it's nice to just treat yourself sometimes. 
I looked back on my 4 weeks pregnant post and remembered how bad I felt in the beginning for removing Calvin from his only child position. I felt so guilty, like I was ruining his whole world. But I am so glad I don't feel that way anymore. I cannot wait to see these brothers interact. I hope they grow up to be just as close as me and my sister are. I hope they learn to forgive each other and always have each others' backs and are the best of friends. I am so happy they are both of the same sex and they get to be so close in age. I really just can't wait to see them grow together. 

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Sunday, December 10, 2017

23 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Dec. 5, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018
that boy looks too grown up here! 

How big is this bump going to be in a month, or in four months for that matter?! I feel like it's already absolutely huge.
Also, why does it feel like Eren is trying to tear out my cervix? 

Calvin's been sick, got everyone else sick too, so energy has been crappy all around.

Physical Symptoms:
My hips/low back hurt pretty much every evening.
Some shirts feel like they are so tight they are suffocating the bump!
Restless legs for a couple weeks now in the evenings mostly. It's not super terrible yet, but definitely there.

No big cravings. Watching myself and counting calories, making up for the terrible Thanksgiving week, but it doesn't seem to be helping because I'm up another two pounds this week. That brings us to a total of 23 pounds in 23 weeks. Now if I could end up at a total of 40 pounds for 40 weeks in the end, that would be totally cool, but I know from my first pregnancy, at some point here soon, I'm bound to start gaining a steady two pounds per week and that's not going to lead me to only 40 pounds at this point! I guess all I can say is I tried. :)

Sleep & Dreams:
Learning to sleep on my side better. I did it with Calvin, I can do it again.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
I know it isn't pregnancy related, but this made me super happy. Calvin went poo on the potty! He came over to me, said "poo poo," so I put him on the potty and he went! Ah! Pretty exciting.

Random Thoughts:
These updates seem to be getting shorter each week lol. 
I can't wait to see Justin and our two little boys together. 
I can't wait to see what Eren looks like. I keep envisioning him looking totally different from Calvin.

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Sunday, December 3, 2017

22 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Nov. 28, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

MFM Doctor Appointment:
Calvin came along this time, and although he did super awesome at the last ultrasound, he was not having it this time around. Therefore, the ultrasound tech worked as quick as she could and we didn't get to just stare at baby brother and marvel in his cuteness like we sometimes do. Haha. Since Calvin wasn't having a good time, I totally forgot to ask how my cervix was measuring, but I did get a glimpse at the screen as she was taking the measurement and it looked to be over 3.5 cm, which is good. Everything else seemed to check out fine.

Should I get a support belt?
Should I buy more pants?
Why are these pants already driving me insane?
But in other news, Eren feels like he's already newborn size. He is so strong. There are times he kicks where it literally scares me because he's only supposed to be this tiny little one pound baby and yet he can really pack a punch. It seems as if he went from just fluttering around in there to trying to claw his way out in a matter of days. Some days it totally feels like he's trying to dig through my cervix. I remember Calvin would always be up in my rib cage with his little feet and I thought that was bad, but holy crap, stabbing my cervix is way worse. Haha. 

Calvin tires me out man. But I will say, it's great motivation to try and not gain a million pounds. I can't imagine what chasing two of these boys is going to be like!

Physical Symptoms:
Hips ache, back hurts some days, heartburn, all the fun pregnancy stuff.

This was Thanksgiving week. Let's just say the whole counting calories thing was totally thrown out the window and the scale showed it!

Sleep & Dreams:
Weird dreams are still occurring.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Calvin had so much fun at his great grandpa's in the country this Thanksgiving. He loves it down there. Being outdoors is the best thing for that kid. He hadn't napped all day but was still a joyous little boy. If we had been couped up inside under those circumstances, there would definitely have been a meltdown.
Calvin woke up early on Tuesday this week, so we laid in bed together for a couple minutes. It's the only time this guy will cuddle with me, when he's super tired. He is usually constantly on the go. It was nice to just lay with him, knowing we won't have many moments just the two of us like that in a few months time.

Random Thoughts:
Seriously, how am I going to be able to keep up with two crazy little boys?!

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Friday, November 24, 2017

21 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Nov. 21, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

I think now's the time when everything is going to really start flying by! The second half of this pregnancy runs through the holidays and I can already feel time going by so fast.

It's getting itchy! I've started applying more lotion and oils. No stretchmarks yet, but I think they are on their way with all this itching!

Tired again. But perhaps it's the restless sleep lately.

Physical Symptoms:
One bad migraine that lasted overnight into the next day. Those are the worst. Usually sleep is the best cure for a bad one, so when you wake up the next morning and it's still there, it super sucks. But it was the first headache I'd gotten in several weeks, I'm pretty sure, so I guess you could say that it's not so bad.
Light headedness seems to be making a comeback. It's very light, but it's definitely popping up.
I also think the relaxin hormone is starting to kick in. My hips have felt more achy and loose here lately.

Counting calories and behaving myself is still going well. I feel like I'm either having less cravings, or not letting them overtake me so much lately. I still have snacks, but I'm not being ridiculous about it and watching my serving sizes.

Sleep & Dreams:
I've been sleeping somewhat crappy. A couple nights this week, I just couldn't get comfortable.
Had a scary dream that involved my smart watch being some kind of bug or something. It kept making scary sounds and it was somehow making the lights in the house unable to come on. I had Calvin with me and he was carrying a hammer so I decided to use his hammer to smash the watch, then everything was better. Haha.
Also dreamt about getting a shot from a nurse who seemed like she had no clue what she was doing haha.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Justin felt baby from the outside for the first time. He doesn't have a lot of patience for that, so he was lucky Eren happened to kick just a few seconds after he put his hand there.
My mom mentioned Eren by name. She made a hoodie and was saying Eren could wear it this time next year. It was weird to hear someone else saying his name, but very exciting too. :)
Caught Eren moving on video this week!

Random Thoughts:
I want to meet this baby so bad! I do not remember feeling like this with Calvin, I think I was too nervous to experience life with a newborn. This time I cannot wait to hold my little baby and see what he looks like! I know we're only halfway there, but the last couple weeks I just can't shake this desire to see him!  
Justin and I were discussing the newborn days before bed one night. I feel like the newborn days weren't that bad. The nights are sucky, waking up all the time, but really it's not that bad because they nap all the time during the day. I was telling him crazy toddler Calvin is more work than newborn Calvin was. I hope I'm remembering correctly! Haha. In reality, I think they each have their own unique challenges. 

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Sunday, November 19, 2017

20 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Nov. 14, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Can you believe we're at the halfway point?! And I truly, truly hope this actually is the halfway point. I don't want this little guy coming too early like his brother tried to do!

My uterus is measuring ahead, it's like way above my belly button, which is where they say it should be at this point. And I can sure tell. I can't believe we're only halfway there and this belly is taking over!
Pretty sure I started feeling hiccups for the first time this week. It's just way too rhythmic for it to simply be kicks or other movements.

Doctor Appointment:
At MFM, I had my ultrasound and the doctor told me things were looking "better than great." My cervix was measuring 4 cm, which he said was awesome. I'm super happy about that. I even brought Cal to the appointment and it was a good 45 min. ordeal and he was super well behaved until the last two minutes when he was just totally fed up haha. I was so proud of him! :)
At my regular doctor we saw that baby is measuring about a week ahead and my uterus is measuring 22 cm at 19 weeks, 2 days. Baby Eren weighs 12 oz, they say. I know I'm technically measuring ahead, but I'm actually pretty happy with it. They say within 2 cm of your number of weeks is normal. So if baby's measuring a week ahead at 20 weeks, 2 days, and my uterus is at 22 cm, I'm going to technically call it normal. :)
Justin gave me his first injection of Makena and it actually went really well. We didn't like freak out about it for five minutes beforehand. I did put an ice cube on the spot before to help numb it a little but he totally shot me above the spot lol so that was pointless. 

Got my flu shot at my doctor appointment and I was feeling pretty sluggish afterwards.

Physical Symptoms:
Finally starting to retire some bras. They're getting too tight and driving me crazy but it's kind of a stupid situation too. I don't want to spend money on non-nursing bras since we'll be nursing soon enough, yet I want to be able to enjoy these few months of non-nursing bras. I just can't decide what to do. Why does the idea of wearing nursing bras when I'm not nursing bother me? Not like anyone else is going to notice...

Behaving myself better and tracking my calories. It seems to be paying off so far. I'm actually really proud of myself over this week.

Sleep & Dreams:
Dreamt Justin shaved Calvin's head. Man, was I pissed!
Dreamt about Calvin and Eren. Eren was less than 6 months old and Calvin was a big boy and we were trying to take a family photo. It's all getting so real!

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Justin puts Calvin to bed 99% of the time and let me just say he's the best ever. This week he began a new bedtime ritual where they walk to the bottom of the steps like they're going to bed, but then Justin tells Calvin to go give mom a kiss. So he runs over to kiss me, then goes back to the steps like he's going to bed, and Justin tells him to give me a kiss and he runs back again, back and forth a few times. It's pretty hilarious. Calvin will hesitantly start climbing the stairs, because he knows Justin's going to tell him to come back. Haha.

Random Thoughts:
I just can't wait to see my baby! I keep imagining what he'll look like. I imagine his hair color and eye color. If he's another baby clone of my husband or if I'll finally get a baby who even kind of looks like me. Haha. 
top is Calvin at 28 weeks, bottom is Eren at 19 weeks

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Personal Update : Fall 2017

Here's just a random little rambly update about my own personal life, without really talking about the children. Sometimes it seems like my only identity is as a mother, but I'm my own individual self too, man!

I know we're only halfway finished with pregnancy #2, but I am excited to have this baby and get my body back. Since we planned on having our first two pretty close together, I have to be honest in saying that I wasn't super motivated to get my body back to pre-pregnancy weight super fast since I felt like I was just going to hop right back into pregnancy and all the weight gain that comes along with it soon enough. I was about 10 pounds heavier with baby #2 than when I started off with Calvin baby #1. Now, at least for the time being, we want to take a break from baby making for a few years before we start trying for #3. And that gives me some kind of motivation to get fit. I just can't wait to work on my body again and feel confident at a weight I am happy about. By the end of this pregnancy, it will be close to three years since I had the body I wanted.

And it has motivated me (at least lately) to watch myself better during this pregnancy. The less weight I gain in these next four months, the less I have to lose once new baby arrives. The better diet I get myself on now, the easier it will be to eat reasonably once baby is born too.

I didn't track my weight gain after the first trimester with Calvin. And this time around I am holding myself accountable by announcing the weight gain in my updates. I am teaching myself that it's all about moderation. I don't need cookies every single evening before bed. I can have cookies as a treat once or twice a week instead. And although it's only been about two weeks that I've been watching myself better, I can totally tell a difference. I am counting calories and trying to chose fruits over sweets and adding more veggies to dinner, etc. Taking walks in this cold weather is 0% appealing, but I've begun yoga once a week and hope to gradually get myself up to three workouts each week.

In the meantime, I'm excited to just be a mom of two for now. I'm excited to be a hot mom, honestly. I'm excited to just be content in what we have at the moment. To be content with two babies for now. I've always wanted four. And I know one day, we'll complete our family, but it's exciting to just settle down for a little bit.

And it may sound crazy to even be thinking about all of this when we still have 20 weeks to go before we even meet Mr. Eren baby #2, but I'm just excited for the future.

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

18 Month Old Toddler Update : Calvin Lee

Language has been perhaps the most exciting thing in these last 6 months. Around 16 months he had this huge explosion of language. All of a sudden he just started saying all kinds of stuff. He'd just choose random words from our sentences and say them. Anytime we say "say ___," he almost always tried to say it. 

The two words that really made me happy were "bus" and "breakfast." We try to watch the school bus come by on mornings I get to take him to grandma's. He points them out in books and on tv all the time now. They don't even have to be yellow, he still knows what they are. It's really cool. He kind of thinks breakfast can refer to any food, he uses it a lot, not just in the morning, but it's still such a big word, I was so proud of him for using it. 

In the past month or two Calvin has finally come around to story time. Before he would wander around or try talking over you the whole time you read to him. But one day it all just clicked. He sat down on my lap and listened and looked at the pictures and actually cared about story time. He would then grab books off his shelf and instead of simply throwing them all over his room, he would open them and look at the pictures and point out things. I was astounded and so glad we kept reading even though he didn't seem to care because it's all worth it now. I love story time with him.

He likes to brush his own hair. We're letting it grow out. I'm not sure what our end goal is, but I've only been tidying up his bangs so they don't get in his eyes and his neck just to make it look a little neater. His hair totally doesn't want to part on the side yet though. I keep hoping one day there will be enough there that we can part it, but without the use of barrettes, I'm not sure what his hairstyle is going to end up like in the future. 

He enjoys chewing on his toothbrush. He has so many teeth! We're just waiting on one little fang to come in. 

Around 17 months, he started making more noises when he plays with his toys, like he's actually trying to imitate the sounds those objects make. 

He's learning to be nicer to the cats. He pats them more gently these days. He's friendlier to dogs. He used to be afraid of them. 

He sounded like he was singing the other night. He definitely had a tune to his voice and what he was talking about. That makes me happy. I enjoy singing and it's cool to see that perhaps that's rubbing off on him, environmentally or genetically.

We're back to working on potty training. Around 9 months, we went through a phase trying to familiarize him with it, but there were some consistency issues so we pushed it off until a later time. He's been showing a lot of signs that he's ready to learn again. For now, we sit on the potty occasionally at diaper changes or when Calvin pulls the potty out and acts like he wants to use it. We're not pushing it just yet, but our goal is to really get involved after the new year. 

But he is still a boy. He is rambunctious and adventurous. He has only just learned how to sit still when it's time to calm down for bed. Otherwise, he is bouncing off the walls all day long. If he's having a bad day and every little thing seems to be getting to him, we try to get outside. Being outside can totally turn his day around. Even though it can be hard to get him to come back inside once he's been outside. He just loves to be outdoors. 

He's still only taking one nap per day, it's moved from 11 to more like noon. On our days off, he sometimes sleeps in until 8 or 8:30 am. He has to get up at 5 or 6 am with Justin and I during the work week, so I know that time difference messes with him some days. Bedtime has recently moved from 7 to 7:30 pm during the week or 8 pm on weekends. We like to put him down "early" so Justin and I still get some us time. We both agree that the extra hour or so after he goes down is necessary to keep us from parental burnout. 

He is great on the stairs. We live in a two story, so he was learning to do the stairs before he was walking. We have gates at the top and bottom and do still use them, but he's pretty confident in himself and Justin and I both trust him. It's not the end of the world if we leave the gates open. They're more for our convenience just so we know he isn't roaming free and getting into stuff he shouldn't. 

He still has days when he'll eat as much as a grown-up, then take three bites of dinner the next day. The doctor claims it's normal, but it drives me crazy some days! 

Every day I say he literally could not be any more handsome, yet he gets cuter every day! Seriously. I keep saying I don't know what we're going to do when he's a teenager, then Justin says he'll raise him to be nerdy and he won't get any girlfriends and that will solve our problems. Ha. 

It is unbelievable to look at pictures of him a year ago knowing that it's the same person! You don't see the changes on the every day when you're with him, but looking over time it is hard to fathom. I can't wait to see more and more of his little personality as the months go by. And I can't wait to see him as a big brother come springtime! :)


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Average Wetter Turned into a Heavy Wetter Overnight : Cloth Diapering our 17 Month Old Boy

What happened?

Everything was going smoothly.
Cloth diapering was going awesome. It was super easy. Everything worked.
Then all of a sudden, totally out of nowhere, some little mister started peeing like crazy. Instead of an insert 1/2 or 3/4 of the way full at 2.5-3 hours, we had leaks before the two hour mark even came. And the inserts were totally soaked. I mean dripping wet, no wonder it leaked, absolutely soaked front to back! I had this giant stash of inserts that looked to be totally useless now! We use Buttons diaper covers with Best Bottom, Buttons, and homemade snap-in inserts.

Buttons Pine (seasonal print fall 2017) aka cutest diaper ever, totally my new favorite

So I started using our trusty flats and sure enough, they work great. Yes, sometimes I do miss the convenience of an insert snapped into a cover when I have a squirmy wormy toddler on my hands at diaper changing time, but they last and they aren't leaking on us!

I like to use them both pad folded and wrapped around little mister like an old school flat diaper (hopefully pad folded at poo time haha).

We use Green Mountain Diapers birdseye (6) and muslin one size (6), and Nicki's bamboo cotton flats (6) in size large for a total of 18 flats.

And I had around 40 of the snap in inserts! That's a big investment!

Although it sucks because I naively expected them to last until potty training, at least I know those little inserts will work for baby brother Eren this time next year. :)

Nicki's bamboo flat w/ Snappi
Another lesson learned, and another reason I totally should have just started out with flats! Haha. They save so much money. They're cheaper per item ($3-4 vs. $5-7) and they dry on the line overnight (unlike the inserts which take a full 48 hours on the line). For that reason, I don't need such a big stash. With inserts, I needed essentially 4 days worth of diapers (even though I had almost 6 days worth haha) because they take two days to dry. With flats, they dry while we're sleeping, so I don't need as many.

So I'll probably end up buying another pack or two of flats and call it a day. I can't decide though if I should buy the Nicki's bamboo that I love so much or try something new. I do like experimenting, maybe I'll find it in the budget to get some hemp flats? :)

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

19 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Nov. 7, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

+15 pounds.
Belly is already getting to be in the way. It's harder to get off our low couch and I'm much more aware of the belly this week. I feel like it literally doubled in size practically overnight. Lol.
Eren is moving around like crazy everyday.
I'm already feeling him kick above my belly button which I am not too happy about. I feel like it's a sign that my uterus is measuring big again, meaning I have a lot of fluid, which is the same thing that happened with Calvin and makes me worry things are going to go the same way this time around. :( I hope it's not all directly related, but it still makes me worry.
Braxton Hicks contractions are starting. I can feel them during/after walking or moving around a lot. 

Physical Symptoms:
Backache. And we're not even halfway there. :(
Seeing the chubbiness already. Engagement ring is getting pretty tight, so I switched it out for another ring. I'm on the verge of loosening my watch band too. Too early for that crap!
Peeing all the time! I feel like Eren gained 3 pounds overnight and I have to pee at all times now.
Some cramping this week.
Feeling some pressure down there this week. Some things I read say it's normal for subsequent pregnancies, but others say it's worrisome when you have cervix issues (which we're hoping isn't the case). So I plan to bring it up at my next doctor appointment.

I've been snacking like crazy these past couple weeks, but I have also realized that I am getting hungry quicker too. The super pregnancy hunger seems to be finally arriving this week. I feel like I do need more food, but I need to focus on healthier choices.

Sleep & Dreams:
Another dream about feeling baby's spine through my belly. So weird.
Also dreamt my sister was pregnant but she wouldn't admit it. Her belly kept growing but she would deny that she was pregnant.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
I had a doctor appointment to get my Makena shot where they were explaining to Justin and demonstrating for him so that he can administer my remaining shots at home. On the way home Justin said he admired how much women had to go through to have babies and I thought that was pretty sweet. However, I found it funny that it took seeing me getting stabbed in the butt with a second pregnancy for him to make such a statement. You know, going through 20 hours of labor and then being cut open to have baby #1 pulled out, then being attached at the boob to this baby for the next six months didn't cut it, but getting a shot in the butt for baby #2 did! Ha.

Random Thoughts:
On a less positive note, I have been feeling so worried and overwhelmed lately. I realize we are very fortunate in our journey, there are many others who have struggled so much more in their journeys to become parents. However, I have to be honest and just say that all of the stuff we're doing to help prevent something bad from happening is overwhelming. I don't feel comforted that we're doing all we can, instead I feel overwhelmed like every little possible thing that could go wrong is now on the table. I took the first 32 weeks of my pregnancy with Calvin for granted. When everything seemed as if it were normal. I want a normal pregnancy. I don't want to worry like this. I want to be excited for stronger kicks and seeing my belly move and not worry what would happen if my water broke before 24 weeks. And even so, what are the real chances once we hit 24 weeks? I am more aware of what could go wrong this time around and it's very intimidating and worrying. 
I used to worry about something being wrong with the baby. Some genetic issue that could cause miscarriage or something like that. It never occurred to me that my own body could reject a perfectly fine baby. My water could break, I could go into labor too early. I never imagined those possibilities until I met with the MFM doctors and had all of the bad shit laid out right in front of me.  
My baby is a person. He has a name. I've envisioned what he looks like. He is real. He's not a blob. If something happened to him, I don't know what I would do. And those kinds of thoughts never really crossed my mind with Calvin. 

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Saturday, November 4, 2017

18 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Oct. 31, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Ultrasound to check cervix. 3.2 cm. Doc says if it gets down to 2.5, it's worrisome, so we're doing well so far.
Also got to see baby is indeed a boy.
She measured the heartbeat twice. It was from 150-160 bpm.
He has lots of room in there because he started out and ended the ultrasound in two different positions from sideways to head down. I didn't realize just how much room they have at this point.
Got my first Makena shot. I hate needles, drawing blood, shots, etc. but they give it in the butt so at least I wasn't watching haha. The shot wasn't bad, it just takes a little while to inject because it's a thick liquid. Afterwards for a couple hours it did ache a bit though.

Pretty sure I am feeling him from the outside now! I laid in bed with my hands on my belly for a good 20 minutes Sunday night while he was moving like crazy and I felt it a couple times. :) So exciting!!! Definitely feeling him everyday, several times.
Justin put his hand on my belly the other day and said he felt him, jokingly lol.

I got to be home all day with Calvin Friday. We went to the grocery store and to the doctor to get Cal's flu shot. When we got home I made him lunch before nap time and I literally thought to myself, holy crap, your energy is back! It just all of a sudden occurred to me, I felt like I was back into my normal mom groove and it was awesome. I should have been exhausted after running errands with Mr. Cal, but all was great.

Physical Symptoms:
Increased perspiration. I don't know what that's about. I did have this issue postpartum with Cal, but I don't remember it at all whiile I was actually pregnant.
Don't want to jinx it, but it seems like the headaches are finally calming down in the last couple weeks, right as I was about to have a breakdown if they wouldn't ease up.

Still too much snacking. I've had a bad sweet tooth. We need to keep the flour and sugar locked away so I can't just make cookies whenever I feel like it. Ha. I have been craving some damned Oreos though.

Sleep & Dreams:
Dreamt about donuts.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Finally feeling our little boy from the outside! :)

Random Thoughts:
Sex confirmed via ultrasound this week, so we officially announced the name.
The ultrasound confirmed our Sneak Peek results. It is indeed a baby boy in there. :)
And we're trying really hard to use his name much more. We announced the name officially to Facebook and YouTube. I had already put it on Instagram a few weeks back.

In case you missed it, his name is Eren Michael.

Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Monday, October 30, 2017

Baby Boy Name Reveal + My Favorite Name Choices for Baby #2

Baby brother's name is Eren Michael.

Eren was a name my husband and I were actually able to agree on. A common name with unique spelling.
We like to use family names for middle names, so we pretty much listed out all the male family member names we could use and Justin liked Michael best. It is after my great grandpa on my mother's side. He came to America from Croatia, so we don't actually have record of his written name. He just have census records, which are super unreliable, and the fact that he was called Mike. So even if it wasn't Michael exactly, he's still named in honor of him.

Our close second name option that was very close in the running was Charlie Ray, but I felt like that was not this baby's name. I would like to use it on a future baby boy, but right now I just didn't think it was right.

Here are other names I liked too:


Did you and your husband have an easier time agreeing on a name?

Thanks for reading.
Alaina & Baby Brother Eren

Saturday, October 28, 2017

17 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Oct. 24, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Getting better, I think. I stayed up til like 10:30 over the weekend. :)
But Calvin's been teething and has been having rough nights this week, so that sucks.

Physical Symptoms:
Nipples are starting to darken already.

Too much snacking this week!
Can't tell if I'm actually more hungry or just being bad and snacking more often.

Sleep & Dreams:
Super weird dream. We were sitting on the bank of a creek but it was in the location of the street in front of my parents' house. It was me and Justin, his nephews, and Justin's ex brother-in-law and maybe some others, I can't remember if Cal was there. It was also like we were on vacation staying in a cabin and I was going through Calvin's cloth diapers while sitting on the floor, but he got a new diaper that I had never used before, a different brand and everything. I don't know how these two events were connected. Ha. Pregnancy dreams.
Had kind of a creepy dream about being able to feel baby from the outside. You could look at my belly and watch his little spine move very clearly. I even woke up laying on my back with my hand on my belly too. Ha!

Favorite Moments of the Week:
I know it's not pregnancy related, but something very cool happened this week. Calvin finally started to care about story time! We've been reading bedtime stories since he was teeny tiny and he usually just runs around his room and ignores us or tries to talk over us. But all of a sudden this past week he will sit with you and look at the pictures and actually listen! It's amazing! I'm so glad our relentless reading finally paid off.

Random Thoughts:
Back on the whole "what if baby's a girl" thing. Lol. I couldn't help but think it was a girl in the very beginning but now I'm unsure about the Sneak Peek results and I'm wondering if we can even trust the results and shouldn't have announced the sex already.

Alaina & Baby #2

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Random Thoughts : VBAC vs. C-Section Decision

The goal here is simply to express all the thoughts running through my head regarding the possible ways our newest little one is going to be brought into the world.

Calvin was born via c-section after 2-3 hours of pushing

Positives of a planned repeat C-section:
Baby's birthday is pretty much planned.
Knowing I won't have to go through labor ever again.
Being prepared for the c-section instead of failing at a vaginal delivery and having things cascade into the same sucky situation as last time.

Positives of an attempted VBAC:
I tried. I know I gave it my all.

Negatives of a repeat C-section:
Feeling cheated for not getting to try for a vaginal birth again.
Recovery time is long.
Risks of complications are higher.
The fact that I will now have to have c-sections for all future babies.
Possibility of limited family size due to too many c-sections.

Negatives of an attempted VBAC:
Feeling of failure again.
Risk of flashbacks to my traumatic first birth.


Of course a successful VBAC would be my #1 pick. That's what we all want! But I have to be realistic and look at all of the possibilities.

I think I will be able to accept it if I try for a VBAC and fail. At least I gave it a go.

But I have to prepare for the possibility of a planned c-section too. That's the scenario that's going to be harder to accept.
My doctor wants me to try for a VBAC, but she also made it very clear that we will know more the closer we get to my due date and it may end up making more sense to just go ahead with a c-section if baby is looking really big or if other complications arise. And that's the part that I have to learn to accept, if it comes down to that. It will be hard to live with the fact that I didn't get to try again for a vaginal delivery. It will be hard to accept that all of my babies will be born via C-section and I'll have never given birth "the right way."

Thanks for listening.

16 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Oct. 17, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

I need to start applying more lotion. I've been kind of slacking on that this time around. I pretty much doused myself in lotion every single day from the moment I found out I was pregnant with Calvin. Not that it helped... I still got one million stretch marks lol. On the last day of this week, I felt baby moving a ton first thing in the morning and realized just how much stronger the movements get each and every week!

Some days I feel like my energy levels are getting back to normal, then I'll have a day when all I want to do is nap and I question whether this is simply part of the exhaustion of parenthood and it's here to stay forever!

Physical Symptoms:
Haven't had morning sickness in a couple weeks.
Spoke with a nurse at the Maternal Fetal Medicine office about my migraines and she pretty much told me there was nothing I could take to help them, even though I told her Tylenol does jack. So that's super. I guess here's hoping they go away magically (like they did with Calvin at like 10 weeks)! I've been working on staying more hydrated, almost doubling my water intake. Yes, I am peeing all the time even more! But so far... it seems to be helping my head.
Little bit of heartburn.
Nose is still stuffy/runny/doing weird stuff.
Hairline zits feel like they're increasing again.
Maybe I'm getting a couple cold sores this week.
After going for walks, my wedding ring is feeling pretty tight.
The cats have been so clingy lately! I loved it when I was pregnant with Calvin, but I am not a fan this time around, I don't know why.
I keep forgetting to mention this, but it's been like a month now, ever since Calvin gave up nursing, I don't know if that's just a coincidence or what... but my nipples have been super sensitive. I remember they were sensitive in the very early weeks with Calvin, but totally not this far along. And I feel like they're way more sensitive than they were when I was pregnant with Calvin.

Having moments where I really don't want what's on the menu for dinner, not feeling hungry but knowing I have to eat or else I'll snack too much before bed, etc.
Egg-less cookie dough. All you have to do is replace your eggs with milk. Makes cookies just as good. In our recipe, I end up adding about 4 tablespoons of milk.

Sleep & Dreams:
A couple more nights of restless sleep, kept waking up a lot, but at least I could go back to sleep quickly.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Seeing baby brother on ultrasound when I totally wasn't expecting to have one at that appointment. He was moving around like crazy! He's so little, yet so much bigger than the last time we saw him.
Also getting to spend another date night with Justin. We went mini golfing, out to dinner with my sister, then on a ghost tour in old town St. Charles, Mo.

Random Thoughts:
It finally is starting to feel right calling new baby by his name.

Doctor Appointments:
It looks like we're going to be spending a lot of time at the doctor this pregnancy. They are recommending I take progesterone shots every week and have ultrasounds every other week to check cervical length.

Here's a more detailed post about it.

The doctor who delivered Calvin never mentioned anything about having to have these doses in future pregnancies, my current doctor said it was unlikely I would need to, then I go to this specialist and he highly recommends it even though he said it only gave about a 20% reduction in chance of preterm labor.

I know it's all for the best to help reduce the risk of PROM happening again. And visiting the doctor every week is way better than spending 5 weeks in the hospital again, but it still just sucks. I just want a normal pregnancy.

I feel like I just hit a brick wall in this pregnancy. Everything was going great and all seemed well and even though I know this is all just-in-case stuff and it's really not a big deal, it all just seemed super sucky at the time and I cried the whole drive home. I guess it all just boiled down to me feeling like I'm not even supposed to carry babies if shit is always going to go wrong, plus we want more kids, is it really worth it if we have to do this every time, plus I've always heard about insurance problems with this medicine so what kind of battles are we going to have to fight over this?

Sorry to leave on a somewhat negative note, but this week was just kind of sucky.
Alaina & Baby #2

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pregnancy Update : Repeat PROM & Preterm Labor Concerns

I feel bad for getting so upset over it all. It seemed so daunting at the time, but when I think about it now, it's not such a big deal.

I went to a new doctor last week and received some news I wasn't entirely expecting. My regular OB set up an appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors who specialize in higher risk pregnancies. So this was my first meeting with the high risk doctor.

I had borderline high amniotic fluid levels with Calvin. And at 32 weeks I had PROM, premature rupture of membranes. My water was slowly leaking. It is suspected it could have been caused by the high fluid levels. I was in the hospital for 5 weeks. My doctor in the hospital wanted me to get to term, despite the fact that anyone else would have delivered Calvin at 34 weeks, which is the medical standard, I am told. I thank God we had the specific doctor we did! Calvin spent time in the NICU, but he was perfect.

The high risk doctor I just saw is concerned about PROM happening again and the possibility of preterm labor.
He is recommending I take hormone shots every week from 16 wks forward.
He is also having me go in for ultrasounds every other week to monitor my cervical length from now until 28 weeks.

That doesn't sound too bad, right? It's not. There are plenty of women who have way tougher pregnancies. But I cried the whole way home from that appointment. I felt so bad. I felt like, once again, I wasn't fit to carry a baby. I wanted so bad to have a normal pregnancy this time!

And that's all on top of the fact that I want to try for a VBAC so bad. But it seems each additional complication puts that further and further from my reach.

It also brings up the question, is it worth it if we have to do this for each additional pregnancy too? Is it selfish?

My husband and I want four kids. I've always wanted four. We've always talked about four. And yet these complications (or rather possibility of, because nothing is going downhill yet!) make us question that.

And I know that these are all just precautions to prevent the same thing from happening this time around. I know that driving to the doctor all the damn time is better than being confined to a hospital room away from my home and family for weeks! And I know there are plenty of women with way bigger concerns than I have here. I should be so grateful!

And I shouldn't even be worried right now. Nothing bad has happened. We're simply trying to prevent bad things from happening. I shouldn't worry about the what-ifs. Everything is good so far. New baby is growing right on track and, even though it is still early, my fluid levels and cervix are looking good.

But we're extra keeping an eye on things this time. Looking back, we could see the warnings. This time we will know better what's going on if things start to go downhill.

So although it is scary, I know we are doing our best and handing everything else over to God.

Thanks for reading.
Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

Sunday, October 15, 2017

15 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Oct. 10, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Dude, this is going by way too fast!

Officially up 10 pounds. :(
This is the week my bump really popped with Calvin. I feel it's happened this time around too.
Finally feeling some real movements more consistently, not just the little flutters.

This is the week my energy started to return with Calvin. I think it's starting to return a bit this week, but I'm still not right back to normal. I don't just want to pass out as soon as 8 pm rolls around and I can stay awake for TV time with Justin better.

Physical Symptoms:
Slight, slight heartburn might be starting in the evenings.
Migraines are still a thing and I'm about to lose my mind over them. I can't stand them! I'm just so tired of having them all the time and nothing works to fix them! Had a couple really terrible ones this week.

Perhaps I've been slightly more hungry. Went to the grocery store this week and picked up a lot more produce than usual, trying to stay on the healthy track. Justin hates pretty much all vegetables, so it's really just for me and maybe Cal if he's feeling adventurous.
Back at the beginnings of the year I went through a phase where I was trying to reduce our meat intake and up our veggies, so I'm trying that again.

Sleep & Dreams:
One night of restless sleep. It was hot and I couldn't decide if I wanted the covers or not. I just kept waking up so many times throughout the night. I was able to go right back to sleep, but I just kept waking up!

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Date day/night with Justin. Even though we didn't get to do everything we wanted and it actually turned out somewhat uneventful, it was still surprisingly nice to spend with day just with Justin and not having to worry about Calvin. He spent the day with Grandma. Then I slept in until 8:45 am Sunday! Holy crap. I literally don't think I've done that since Justin and I got married. It was actually nice because, unlike every other time I've left my baby, I didn't really miss him or feel guilty, I was able to enjoy the day without all that extra burden in the back of my mind.

Anything I Miss:
Sometimes I look back on my first pregnancy and laugh because it was so easy peasy to be pregnant and not have to worry about a toddler. Ha. Pregnancy is exhausting and having a toddler is also equally exhausting. It really is hard work!

Random Thoughts:
Calvin's running out of big kid clothes. I just cleared out all his 18 mos and under stuff and he now has a very minimalist wardrobe lol. With the change of the season upon us (mother nature still can't decide if it should be 90 or 60 out), I wanted to go through his stuff and see what cool weather clothing he may need. So we bought him a couple pairs of soft jeans. He has a bunch of traditional, stiff jeans, but to me if I was a little dude, I'd rather have stretchy jeans, so that's what we got him.

Alaina & Baby #2

Saturday, October 7, 2017

14 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Oct. 3, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Yay! It's the second trimester! Let all the joys of pregnancy begin! Haha.

Just waiting for this little bump to really pop! It happened at 15 weeks with Calvin.
I've started feeling what I first described with Calvin as a low, light rumbling this week. It feels like your tummy is rumbling but it's super low in your pelvis and it's very, very light. I remember it distinctly from Calvin because it was some of the earliest movements I felt with him. It's only a matter of time before I really start to feel this little guy!

Still not feeling back to normal yet.
Finally got some fall-like weather so we were able to venture to the park this week and hang out outside a lot more.

Physical Symptoms:
I know I was a bitch in the beginning, but I'm pretty sure I've been behaving well lately. :)
Allergies or other nasal issues due to pregnancy? I remember having nasal issues with Calvin too in the beginning but it was also a similar time of year, so it's hard to exactly blame it on pregnancy.
Morning sickness, what are you doing? Got a couple days of it this week. Pretty intense actually.
Cramping this week. Kind of intense and with a backache and achey hips some days. Up until now it really hasn't been a big issue so far.
Round ligament pain seems to be happening a little more frequently. Maybe once every couple days.
Hairline zits seem to be increasing. Got a couple pimples on my face too. Super.

I wanted ramen noodles after dinner one night but didn't feel like making them so I got over it. Justin wouldn't make them for me either. :(
Also really really wanted pizza for dinner Friday night so we ordered that.

Sleep & Dreams:
I've been really awesome at actually remembering my dreams this week!
Had a dream an old childhood friend died and we had to attend her funeral.
Also had a dream about some other childhood friends and their house was falling apart and the son just kept walking around inside as this place was about to collapse.
Dreamt I was driving along the road like I was leaving Justin's parents' house when he still lived at home and it was all flooded and I ended up running off the road onto this embankment where I had to abandon my car and I was going to walk back to Justin's and I had to walk along this cliff which totally doesn't exist in real life.
Had another freaking dream about smoking. I was at a bar with an old friend and I was smoking and offered her a cigarette and she was like, only if it's nicotine-free and we laughed. Like we both knew I was pregnant and smoking... what the heck?

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Watching Calvin play with the laundry basket in the living room. He was having a really good time climbing in and out of it and picking it up and carrying it around and putting it on the coffee table and pushing it on the floor. Like why do we even have kids' toys when you get this big of a kick out of the laundry basket? Ha.
Going to the park and taking lots of pictures with Calvin. It finally felt like fall and it was a beautiful morning.

Anything I Miss:
Not feeling like a super hobo who can't stay up past 8:30.

Random Thoughts:
I feel like the working mom guilt is getting a little better this week. The blog post I wrote seemed to help me be able to sort through my thoughts and work up the courage to speak with my managers about going back down to four days per week. In a couple weeks we'll be able to have that schedule back. I really think that will help me gather my sanity again. Ever since I got pregnant, I've had some serious working mom guilt and sadness, like I want to call in sick all the time, and I've just been dreading going to work and leaving my baby boy, and just not wanting to be there. I hope the schedule change helps. It's been 5 months now of working 5 days per week and I know it's getting to me.

We have known baby's name for awhile now, but finally decided to post it to social media and let our close family know this week. His name will be Eren Michael. And actually, posting his name really makes me worry that he's not actually a boy and we're going to have to go back and make separate announcements once we get the ultrasound haha!

Alaina & Baby #2