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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jordana Made To Last 24 Hour Pencil VS. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

The NYX pencil has a more intense, pigmented white color to it, but that's not to say the Jordana is not pigmented.  The jordana still shows up very well but blends out to have less pigmentation than the NYX pencil.  

The Jordana pencil sets to a very solid state and does not budge, whereas the NYX pencil never really sets, it stays tacky and is still smudge-able after several minutes.

Lasting Power:
The NYX pencil will crease on my eyes with and without primer.  The Jordana pencil does not crease at all, with or without primer.

As a Base:
Both pencils hold eyeshadows very well and work excellently as bases to make colors pop. 

As you can see in this blended out picture, the Jordana pencil had already started to set in just the moment it took for me to take the picture of it unblended.  The NYX pencil blends out more smoothly.

Overall, I would recommend the Jordana for anyone who has oily eyelids or hooded eyes that crease easily.  NYX is still a great product if you can find a way to keep it from creasing on you.  For me personally, I can only make the NYX last a few hours before creasing, whereas the Jordana pencil lasts all day.
I hope this was helpful.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes - Champagne Shores - Trollop & Pris Swatches & Review

(pictures above are 1st: a mixture of Pris and Trollop, 2nd: Trollop alone)

I love using Pris as a highlight in the center of my lips for so many different colors! However, sometimes it can wear off strangely.  Sometimes Pris leaves behind chunky glitter on the lips instead of a nice sheen.  And it doesn't take long for it to get that way either.  Not even a couple of hours in, Pris will start to look too glittery and less shiny. 

 I don't find that the primer does much to help this particular lip product stay put or last any longer.

The color lasts a long time, however, this product tends to bleed outside the lip lines for me personally.  

They are both beautiful colors but I still need to figure out a way to keep it from bleeding and stay looking nice throughout the day.

Overall, I'm unsure if I would recommend this particular pack of OCC lip tars.  It is my first purchase of OCC products, but I'm somewhat on the fence about them thus far.

Let me know what you think, have you tried this particular set?

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bite Beauty Vivid Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo - Palomino & Violet - Review + Swatches

Palomino is a beautiful dark pink-red.
Violet is a bright purple.

These both leave a stain behind on the lips and last super super well.  They also feel really comfortable and moisturizing on the lips, and that's really saying something, coming from a girl who is addicted to lip balms and cannot stand most lip products for over three hours.

Overall, I would certainly recommend these lipsticks and these colors are just stunningly gorgeous!
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Flower Beauty Ultimate Makeup Brushes : Review : Pictures : Lip & Powder Brush

When I saw Flower Beauty post a picture of these new brushes I immediately went on the hunt to find them!  Not finding much information on them online, I knew it had to go pick them up and try them out for myself.

I picked up the lip and powder brushes.

I skipped out on the angled liner brush because I have plenty of those.

I skipped out on the foundation brush because I have plenty of those too and I just simply do not enjoy using those types of brushes for foundation.

I also skipped out on the eyeshadow brush because 1) it was gigantic, I probably wouldn't even use it for eyeshadow, and 2) I already have a couple giant eyeshadow brushes anyway.

So now we're down to the two brushes I did pick up.  I wanted the lip brush because I only have one other lip brush that I really don't find to be the best thing ever.  And I also did not own a big ole powder brush, so I thought I'd check that one out too.

I have mixed feelings about these brushes.

I love Flower Beauty!  Pretty much everything I have tried, I have absolutely fallen in love with.  These ones, not so much.

The lip brush I enjoy more than the powder brush.  The lip brush distributes product evenly and smoothly.  However, I think I've already stained mine, there's no getting it out.  I used a Velvetine from Lime Crime, which are super potent.  Maybe not the best decision.

The powder brush is a little flimsy, which I understand is necessary to an extent in order to keep your other face makeup or foundation in tact when you're completing your makeup's finished touch of powder.  But for the price, to me, I wanted this brush to have a little more something to it.  They are both soft and easy to use, but I think the Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush set that I purchased a couple of years ago is better quality and way more affordable on a brush-by-brush basis.

Have you seen these?  I had to travel a bit to find them and they were sold-out online.

What do you think about the brushes, how are the other ones I didn't pick up?

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